How to Choose Best Shoes for Back Pain

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Human body consists of cells forming tissues and then organs. These organs have joints covering the skeleton. Normally, the skeleton works find when it has strong bones. Loss of calcium is a main cause of bended bones. Weakness in the bones as well as muscles gives rise to pain in the joints. When talking about the pain in body, it is hard to ignore the lower back pain. Why it is so important?  In fact, the lower back pain is one of the most common issues present with men as well as women. The back pain is a basic form of abnormality in the joints, muscles and bones. There are some findings that lower back pain is a resultant factor of sudden shock. However, the regular routine which puts constant pressure on the lower joints and spines is the most studied part. According to the expert orthopedics, more than 100 million U.S citizens have this problem. It shows a dramatic figure threatening the health in the country. The situation is not so good in other countries of the world. To decrease the problem, the people must get knowledge that how to choose best shoes for back pain?

How lower back develops?

There are confirmed results that an orthopedic surgeon sees at least 12 to 15 patients a day. These patients come with the problem of chronic lower back pain. According to the combined effective studies, the most common cause of back pain development is the wrong posture and footwear. What is the connection between a footwear and body posture? As a matter of fact, the feet are ground foundations for our body system. The spine as well as other bones in the body depends on the foot to make a significant posture. Most of the medical experts have discovered that patients with this problem use wrong footwear. This general finding has been studied and confirmed by the U.S Orthopedic Association. It is always recommended that choose best shoes for back pain.

Best Shoes for Back Pain
Schedule a meeting with a physician when you feel back pain that is persistent even after several weeks. Don’t take it easy. The doctor will check condition of your spine. Some doctors also ask about the history of this problem in family. Your job as well as lifestyle also plays a big role to develop this disorder. The doctors may also recommend X-rays if the pain is severe and chronic. Normally, the doctors try to find the most common reasons creating trouble with your back pain. Some prominent but common reasons are given here.

  •  Herniated disk.
  • Spinal infection.
  • Fracture in bone.
  • Arthritis.
  • Cancer.

After checking all these things, the doctors come to a decision and move forward to identify your morphological and physiological habits. They prefer to check the following things.

  1. Posture.
  2. Foot shape.
  3. Shoe choices.

When there is no appropriate reason especially related to health then shoes are considered. In most of the situations the doctors prefer to examine the foot shape and your choices about the shoes. Remember, back pain is a serious disorder that’s why it should be diagnosed and treated early. Otherwise there will be significant health problems such as weight loss. You must get the knowledge about how to choose best shoes for back pain?



how to choose best shoes for back pain

Check the arches first:

Best Shoes for Back Pain - archesCheck your feet when you have confirmation that back pain is not due to the above mentioned reasons. Your arches may be a possible connection so attention must be given. Feet with flat shape are high contributor in the matter of back pain development. Flat feet become more serious issue when a person has a habit to walk more. Remember, the arches are shock absorbers so these are responsible for the maintenance of pressure coming from the upper body. A test known as “wet feet” is commonly used to find the Flat Feet. Just damp feet’s bottom in the water and take few steps on big piece of cardboard. The wet foot prints should be clearly visible. You examine the foot prints carefully. According to the latest studies, women in United States of America have more than 51 % chances of getting lower back pain if they have flat feet. To avoid the problems, it is recommended that choose best shoes for back pain.

Examine your shoes:

In order to proceed with the back pain identification process, check your soles and the shoes you like the most. Normal people walk with a steady foot while putting slight pressure on the heels and edges of the feet. The soles of your footwear can reveal the ground reality. It is very simple to see if you have a wrong posture. You have to check the grooves forming on the soles. The normal walking habit doesn’t create depressions on the sole. However, an abnormal walking habit always creates grooves on the inner sides of soles.
This information will help you to consider the basic reasons how walking habit and shoe type is developing the pain in back. It would be better to study these things in detail with a routine and find the complete knowledge about how to choose best shoes for back pain?

Role of foot and footwear:

Broadly speaking, the shoes or other products you use are directly and indirectly responsible for the development of lower back pain. The foot is considered a focus point where all the body weight accumulates. When studying the structural distribution of back pain, it appears that heel, sole, forefoot ball and toes are taking the pressure. Check your foot point on ground and you will see the portions holding the body pressure. It means that you need to concentrate on these portions in order to avoid the development of lower back pain.
So we get a point that foot should be covered with a perfect shoe. Do we have any justification? In fact, shoes are responsible for the foot posture and stabilization. If you are wearing wrong shoes then your foot will feel uncomfortable. It is required to have a best shoe that fits your feet. Main the structure and there will be more comfort for the feet. It is not that difficult. All you have to do is very simple. There are some instructions to choose the best shoes for lower back pain. Let’s see how to make it simple and how to choose best shoes for back pain?

Buy shoes if they fit correctly:

Best Shoes for Back Pain - fit correctlyA considerable number of people use shoes having no potential to fit well. Some people prefer to choose fashionable products. Basically, the feet shape and walking habit should be considered when buying the shoes. It is also necessary to use shoes that
correctly fit in your feet. The shoes should be fit in length as well as widthwise. Using the shoes without care could be a reason of several health issues such as callus, bunions and
blisters, but they can decrease the steadiness and negotiate with the biomechanics. This type of shoes always initiates the pain in back as well as joints. Purchase the fitted shoes. Avoid the shoe selection especially when there is swelling in your feet. It is not necessary to purchase larger shoes. You have to fit your feet in footwear that allows complete adjustability.

Always prefer supportive shoes:

Best Shoes for Back Pain - supportive shoesAnother point; how to choose best shoes for back pain? The arch support is very important in all cases. Wearing the supportive shoes offering extraordinary arch support always offers more benefits. Supportive shoes are best for the flat feet. In fact, these shoes allow the users to feel comfortable whether they are walking or participating in a race. Remember, the supportive shoe alone is not enough to reduce the back pain. The cause of back pain is also important in this case. For example, if you have back pain due to a sudden shock then supportive shoes will remove it quickly. Significant arch support, spacious toe box, compact heel offset and an elastic sole can be the most valuable features a person should notice when buying the shoes from markets. Athlete shoes are considered more efficient in the matter of back pain reduction. Buy quality shoes for feet and try to avoid fashionable look.

The flat sandals, slip¬ons and flip flops are good options for the poolside parties, beach parties and summer walk but these are not good for exercises, office use and other purposes.
Avoid shoes having higher heels. A heel of 2 inches is enough to create pressure on your heels and toe. The size of 1/2 inch is enough to cover the health feet.

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Evaluate before purchasing runners:

People who go for jogging regularly should think about the feet type and shape and how to choose best running shoes for back pain? Evaluation of the running style, shoe type and other features is necessary. You don’t need to have big experiments for this evaluation. It is easy to evaluate the perfectness of shoes at the store. Just wear the shoes and take few steps. This will reveal the ground facts.
Normally, the modern shoe stores and companies hire people who know about the basic factors related to shoes and feet. They always try to consider these important things with the help of gait, feet shape and shoe wearing patterns.
No doubt, these persons are not certified experts or doctors but they know what is good for a person who wants to buy shoes to reduce the back pain. They can easily judge the right options helpful to minimize the chronic back pain. The people who are regular runners should change the shoes after three months. Using shoes more than three months will disturb your gait and posture because of the deterioration in sole. Assessment can be done by using some modern methods. For example, you can try the specialized video games, jogging machines and other options. People who want to be a good runner should focus on the importance of high quality shoes and recommendation is choose best shoes for back pain. There is no need to take risk about your health.

Find a custom made pair of orthotics shoes :

People with over¬pronate or flat feet should focus on the custom made shoes. New shoes will not be helpful to maintain the posture and gait. Orthotics shoes are usually made with special considerations. Manufacturers make them semi¬-rigid products in order to improve the biomechanics while giving a freedom to walk, run and jog. By giving cushioning, soft insoles and shock absorption features, the manufacturers try to cover the important parts of feet. They usually focus on the following parts.

  1. Ankles.
  2. Knees.
  3. Toes.
  4. Hips.
  5. Spine.

Health experts who create custom orthotics always consider the valuable factors when designing the structure of shoes. Podiatrists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists and physicians usually produce the custom made shoes for back pain relief. You must also gain knowledge that how to choose best shoes for back pain?

Remember, the orthotics can’t bring the original condition of back bone back but they will support to minimize the pain. It is recommended to have an appointment with your orthopedic surgeon and get proper therapy to get back original shape of joints and bones. However there are many orthotics shoes that you can find from if you don’t want to custom made.

Changing the sole and insoles:

Best Shoes for Back Pain - Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe InsolesAs a matter of fact, both techniques are good but efficacy of these things depends on the level of understanding. It is obvious that changing the soles is very difficult. On the other hand, it sounds very simple to change the insoles. You can choose the second option if first one is not applicable in your case. There are so many considerable products available in the markets. The insole selection depends on the features it contains. It is a normal routine that manufacturers add company made insoles in the shoes but you can change these insoles by purchasing a quality product from the online stores such as Amazon. This is very important to know that how to choose best shoes for back pain?

Choosing the best insole strictly depends on your knowledge and experience. Fame of a manufacturer and quality of the product is also important. Let’s see what features should be present in the insoles.

  1. The insole should be soft and sleek. It must offer a comfortable feeling to the users.
  2. The insole must fit inside the shoes. Lengthy or short insole may give rise to instability. Your feet need a stable positioning in order to offer a perfect posture to the body.
  3. Gripping potential of the shoe insole must be extraordinary. An insole should grip the feet in order to avoid slipping and sudden jerk while walking or running.
  4. It must contain technical features. The design and structure of insole should be according to the standards set by chiropractors.
  5. Always purchase the certified insoles.

Good examples of how to choose best shoes for back pain?


Women’s Walking Shoe by Orthaheel

The Orthaheel walking shoes have been designed to support heel and ankle. According to the experts, the shoes are purely based on high quality leather. Only manmade sole has been used in order to give it stability. These are also known as action walker shoes for women. Shock absorbing, flexible rubber for outsole, polyester upper and EVA mid sole are some prominent features of this product.


Women’s Super Walk Athletic Shoe:

It is one of the best examples of best shoes for back pain. These shoes are also known as Gravity Defyer. With the passage of time, the shoe has obtained attention in the health industry because of outstanding benefits. It helps to reduce the lower back pain in women. The manufacturer has prepared these women walking shoes by using synthetic materials. Manmade sole, fabric upper, breathable mesh, Web-Last technology and VS-2 TM sole makes it ideal for the women. In order to make it more durable, a removable insole has been placed. It enables the users to change the insole whenever required. It also provides an opportunity to improve the insole.

New Balance Men’s MW928 Leather/Mesh Walking Shoe

This is another good example of best shoes for back pain. These are purely leather shoes prepared for the men. The design gives more pleasure and comfort to the users. Rubber sole enables the users to feel more comfortable from the ankle side. Manufacturer has incorporated specialized ROLLBAR technology. It stabilizes the feet and offers perfect posture. The midfoot cushioning technology known as ABZORB is a prominent opportunity in this shoe. These are odor resistant and Phantom Liner. The outsole is based on quality materials. In order to produce light weight shoes, the manufacturer has utilized fine mesh and fabric.

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe


The Gel Tech Walker Neo is one of the most valuable walking shoes for back pain relief and one of the best shoes for back pain. These shoes have been designed with the help of quality materials. This ensures durability as well as comfortable feeling. Manufacturer has utilized the synthetic and fabric materials to give it a comfortable look. A high quality rubber sole is present support the posture and feet positioning. These are light weight with a fine mesh allowing the air to pass through the surface. The mesh panels consist of padded tongue. Insoles are removable so users can change them anytime.

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoe

This is another excellent example of best shoes for back pain. These shoes have been designed for the special needs. The manufacturer has considered amazing designing and structural modifications in order to make the product more comfortable and valuable. The leather and man-made sole of this shoe helps to reduce the back pain. The forefoot and rear Hydro Flow supports the functions of shock absorption and cushioning.


Another solution for back pain relief while exercise



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