Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Impact

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When we talk about back pain you might have heard about the term “Backbone.” It is usually used to show the importance of something. For example, we used to say that high literacy rate is the backbone of development and progress. Similarly, the backbone present in the human body is the spine starting from shoulders and ending towards the hips. Lower back or lumbar portion is one of the most important parts of the body. It is believed that it provides support to the body for movement and stability.

Lower back pain has been recognized one of the most common problems. Our health and fitness depends on the accuracy of different parts. Lower back usually provides essential support to stabilize the body. On the other hand, it also supports the body while movement. It is believed that back pain starts in the body when discs are misplaced. Disc misplacement usually results after the accidents or sudden shocks. Physical shock is a common cause of back pain. The pain could be present in any side or part of the lower back. For example, the people feel pain in upper back as well as pain in lower back.

back pain

Maintaining the health and fitness depends on the accuracy of organs and systems. Bones or skeleton parts are very important for the fitness. Several factors cause deterioration in the bones. For example, the fractures and cracks due to accidents normally create pain in the bones. The lower back or hip bones are very sensitive to the shocks. These are responsible for the maintenance of pressure. There is continuous pressure on the bones so it is necessary to have a stabilized lower back. Let’s see what back pain is and how it happens.

back pain general information

Are you suffering pain in lower back? It is very important to visit the physician in order to get the treatment. People with back pain usually suffer high pain and irritation. Remember, the lower back or hip bone is responsible for the stability, movement and rhythm. In most of the cases the pain starts in the back when it has a physical injury or shock. Lumber pain starts when there is no stability in the bones. It is very important to consider the symptoms and causes of back pain in order to get the right treatment immediately. Those who feel upper back pain should consider it a starting point. Basically, it is a starting point that indicates the patients to take immediate actions.

Our body heavily depends on the strength of spine. This spine is a series of small bones and discs connected with each others. Normally, these discs and bones provide stability and support to the body. However, they also feel continuous pressure because of the body weight. Athletes and bodybuilders involved in heavy workouts are the most vulnerable victims of lower left back pain. In fact, the athletes and bodybuilders may face this potential issue when they lift the heavy weights such as dumbbells. The pressure maintains at the lumber that’s why it is necessary to have a stronger back with spine.

Importance and severity

Back pain is very dangerous. It makes the people useless until they get treatment. With the passage of time, pain in back has become more common. Severity of the pain is increasing due to unhealthy lifestyle. It is believed that low back pain can be treated before the critical stages. There are several stages of back pain including the following.

Back Pain - importance and severity
  • Lower right back pain
  • ​Lower back pain right side
  • ​Pain in lower left back
  • ​Lower back pain left side
  • Back muscle pain

According to the national health reports, more than 60 % of the Americans are suffering from the various stages of back pain. It has been observed that one out of five patients visit the physician for the backache treatment. This disorder is being common among the adults, men as well as women. In most of the cases the backache starts after the age of 40. However, there are reports showing that people from age 18 to 30 also have this problem.

Who is at risk?

According to the fitness experts and orthopedics, the people with heavy body have high chances of lumber pain. It has been observed that 40 % of the patients were obese. Back, hip and knee pains are common among the overweight persons. As a matter of fact, the spine has to face extra pressure when someone walks, moves, runs or climbs. This pressure disturbs the natural balance of bones and joints. The factors increasing the risk of chronic back pain are given here.

  • Trauma
  • Injuries
  • Physical exercise
  • Age
  • Athletic activity

Causes of back pain:

Frequent Causes of back pain

Lower back pain is severe and common that’s why it is necessary to learn about the causes. Information about the causes of backache can help the patients to identify the right treatments. In most of the cases, the causes are ignored. This leads to development of chronic pain in back. You are suggested to collect more information about the backache and its causes. Temporary back pain is different than the chronic back pain. Most of the people experience temporary back pain because of any injury, shock or accident. The temporary back pain removes automatically. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 weeks but it persists then you should contact with the doctors. Prolonged pain in back could be an indication of chronic back pain. Let’s see some potential causes of back pain.

back pain - Causes of back pain
  • Osteoarthritis : Usually, it is caused by the degeneration of bones. Bone generate with the passage of time. However, it could start after a physical injury. Osteoarthritis results into joint destruction, pain and inflammation of the hip bones.
  • Tendinitis : It is among the most common lower back pain causes. People who experience tendinitis feel more pain when they climb. Taking stairs becomes more difficult due to huge pain in the front of the lumber.
  • Gout : This is a type of lumber arthritis. Normally, it starts after the high concentration of uric acid develops in the body. Injury of the backbone or spine may also result into gout.
  • Dislocation: It is a simple situation but it is very painful. Dislocation of the discs and bones results into disturbed pressure distribution. Dislocation of the bones or discs can be treated with the help of surgery.
  • Torn ligaments: The hip or lower back bone may face a crack due to sudden shock or accident. This crack makes the hip bones unable to afford the pressure coming from the upper body. Torn ligaments can be identified with the help of X-rays. However, it is necessary to visit the orthopedics in order to have initial aid.
  • Back muscle strain: It is among the most frequent causes of back pain. Usually it causes left side back pain. Fitness experts recommend lower back pain stretches in order to remove the pain. Initially, the back muscle strain causes mild back pain but the pain will continue and it will gain a frequent form if left untreated. It is important to focus on this cause when finding the most frequent back pain causes.
  • Sciatica: As a matter of fact, sciatica is very prominent in the matter of causing pain in knee and lower back. Normally, it is considered responsible to cause back of knee pain but it also causes pain in hips and lower back.
  • Lumber herniated disc: Do you feel pain in lower right side? Normally, it happens when the discs are dislocated. On the other hand, physicians believe that lumber herniated disc is also responsible for this pain.
  • Compressed nerve root: It happens accidently. The nerves are covered with the muscles but a sudden jerk may compress the nerves around the lumber. Usually, it happens when the sciatica is left untreated. This situation causes severe pain in the legs, buttocks and feet. In pregnant women, back pain in pregnancy appears when sciatic nerve is pressed in the later stages.
  • Wrong movements and positions : You need to improve your lifestyle in order to get rid of chronic back pain. People with wrong movements and positions have high chances of getting pain in the back.
  • Degenerative disc disorder : Remember, it may start in the age of 20. The degenerative disc disorder has been found a common cause of deteriorating bones and discs. It also causes breakdown of the nerves and muscles joining the bones. This situation may lead to muscle spasm, sciatica and lumbar pain.
  • Accidents or injuries : As a matter of fact, the injuries are result of accidents. The patients may face sudden jerk or shock after an accident on road or in the play ground. Athletes and sportsmen frequently face the injuries causing left lower back pain.
  • Continuous sitting : Do you have a prolonged sitting routine? People who work at office usually use chairs for the computer based jobs. It has been noticed that prolonged sitting is a basic cause of severe back pain as well as pain in back of knee. The alignment, height and foam of the chairs should be perfect in order to avoid these two problems.
  • Isthmic spondylolisthesis : The vertebra moves frequently. However, this movement is restricted so discs and nerves don’t get the harmful effects. In most of the cases the vertebra moves forward without any restriction. This condition is called Isthmic spondylolisthesis and it is a reason of chronic lower back pain.
  • Sacroiliac Joint disorder : In most of the cases the Sacroiliac Joint disorder causes pain in the lower back. It has been observed that it results because of the extra movement of Sacroiliac Joint. These joints are responsible for the connection between sacrum and spine.

Less common causes

The above mentioned causes are more frequent. On the other hand, you may face the back pain due to some other factors. Normally, these things don’t cause this pain but continuous ignorance may lead to mild back pain. These causes are given below.

  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Infections
  • Spinal tumor
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Coccydynia

Symptoms of back pain

Do you know what happens when someone experience back pain? As a matter of fact, pain in the lower back is a general feeling and there is no need to be conscious about it. You are a victim of mild or chronic back disorder if there is pain. People facing difficulty in movement should visit the doctors immediately. Other symptoms are given here.

back pain - Symptoms of back pain
  • Standing pain : You may face pain while standing and doing nothing. The lower back is getting extra pressure and it is unable to afford. This is why it will exert more force to divide the pressure equally. This struggle will cause pain in lower back.
  • Moving pain : Do you feel pain in groins? Your lower back is going to have severe pain if there is mild pain that moves around the upper thighs, groins, buttocks and knees. In most of the cases this pain doesn’t go below the knees but there are reports about the pain in feet and ankles due to this reason.
  • ​Dull but achy pain : Are you experiencing continuous pain? In most of the cases the lower back pain starts in a dull but achy form. This is an indication of problem in the lower back.
  • ​Muscle spasm : It is another common symptom of lower back pain. People with repeated muscle spasms are suggested to visit the doctors in order to have immediate treatment. Muscle spasms may lead to paralysis and other disorders. This is why it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible.
  • Local soreness : Is there soreness around the lower back? Local soreness is a symptom of muscle disturbance. The soreness may be caused by the muscle strain or a sudden injury.
  • Pain in lower portio: The patients of lower back problem may face pain in the lower portion of body. Pain in the thighs, legs and ankles should be taken seriously. Actually, the lower back is responsible to divide the pressure equally but this balance is disturbed when joints and bones are unable to perform normally.

Back pain during pregnancy:

Pregnant women have higher chance of back pain development. According to the medical studies, the pregnant women get pain in the lower back after the second or third trimester. Actually, the baby continues to grow inside the womb and it gets more weight with the passage of time. This process needs more space that’s why the fetus moves towards the spine. This situation leads to continuous pressure on the backbone. Increased weight and growing fetus may result into back pain pregnancy. On the other hand, the women with lower back pain early pregnancy period should take immediate notice in order to get relief.

back pain during pregnancy

The lower back pain pregnancy creates trouble for the women. It is recommended to focus on the duration of pain reported by the medical experts. Most of the reports suggest that pain during the pregnancy doesn’t last more than 2 to 3 weeks. Doctors always take care when suggesting medication for the back pain during pregnancy. It is required to take high care if you feel pain during this period. Never take pain killers because back pain can be treated with some other options such as changing the mattress, pillows and lifestyle.

The orthopedics and chiropractors can be more helpful to treat the back pain in this period. You can ignore the pain for a few weeks but prolonged pain should be given attention. There are several methods to get comfort during pregnancy.

  • Utilize best mattresses and pillows for back pain.
  • Change your sleeping positions.
  • Don’t lift heavy objects.
  • Avoid extra running and movement.
  • Keep drinking water to burn extra fats.

Types or stages of back pain:

Just like other disorders and diseases, the back pain has several types of stages. The stages are categorized according to the pain level. The stage will be considered chronic if pain is high while it will be considered temporary if there is mild pain in back. Understanding the level or stage of the disorder enables the patients and doctors to identify the right treatment. There are some common types of back pain disorder.

back pain - Types or stages of back pain
  • Chronic back pain :
    It starts with mild pain but gets intensity with the passage of time. Patients with chronic back problem feel more pain and irritation because of the dislocated discs. Normally, the chronic back pain occurs because of herniated discs, dislocated discs and injured discs. Spine health should be given more attention in order to avoid the chronic pain. You should treat it as soon as possible with the help of a qualified chiropractor.
  • Disc pain :
    As the name indicates, this is a localized pain in the discs of the bone. This pain becomes more frequent if neglected for longer. According to the orthopedics, the disc pain is more irritating because it causes restriction in daily activities. Extreme condition of the disc pain results into herniated disc.
  • ​Lumbar pain :
    Those who feel lumbar pain are experiencing the early stages of backbone issue. In most of the situations the lumbar pain starts when the spine or backbone is injured. Usually, this happens after an accident or sudden physical shock.
  • ​Back pain pregnancy :
    It starts in the period of pregnancy. There are many causes of back pain pregnancy. According to the physicians, the back pain during pregnancy starts because of the increasing weight of growing baby inside the womb. This pain should be treated as soon as possible in order to comfort the mothers.
  • ​Spinal stenosis :
    Well, it is a common type of back pain frequently occurring in adults. This pain becomes more intensive if left untreated. In most of the situations the young adults get this problem when they are injured during any sports activity. The pain lasts for several weeks.
  • Facet joints :
    This is another backbone related issue commonly present among the adults. This problem starts because of the degeneration of cartilage present between the facet joints. It is required to visit the orthopedics in order to get the immediate treatment for the facet joints.
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis :
    The pressure distribution plays an important role. Lumbar spinal stenosis is a condition in which pressure is placed mistakenly on the nerves. The nerves are pressed by the pressure from the point they emerge. The nerves emerge from the spine and the point of emergence is very important for the functional response of the nerves.
  • Leg pain :
    It happens due to continuous back pain. Actually, the legs are getting pressure from the lumber that’s why it is essential to have a balance. The pain starts when this balance is disturbed. Your legs will suffer extreme pain so it is necessary to focus on the reasons and treatments.
  • Spinal compression fracture :
    This situation occurs because of a fracture in the spinal bone. There is a point where all the spinal discs are compressed. Fracture in this point always creates huge pain. It also causes irritation because of the poor balance. In most of the cases, this problem starts after the age of 50 years.

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