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Lower back pain and hip pains are one of the most dangerous disorders causing severe pain and several other issues for the people. It has been noticed that majority of the US citizens are suffered with this disorder every year. The Ergonomic Office Chair or Orthopedic chairs can be useful for the complete control. According to the National Medical Surveys, more than 80 % cases a doctor sees are about the lower back and hip pain. On the other hand, the lower back pain is 2nd most frequent disorder found in the people of United States of America. It is a big fact that most of the people get lower back pain after the age of 30 or 40 years. Is there any special reason behind it? Actually, the spine becomes weaker after the continuous working pressure. Several things play a vital role to develop lower back pain and hip pain.

Orthopedic chairs

  • Pressurized working.
  • Continuous sitting with computer and file work.
  • Sports activities.
  • Sudden jerk or shock.
  • Injuries or wounds.

We spend most of the time in office or workplaces. It has been noticed that sitting on office chair is a hectic routine. It is a prominent fact that using office chair frequently for a longer period of time always disturbs the spinal arrangement and alignment. What should be done to avoid the imbalance of spinal discs? In fact, the pain in lower back starts after the disturbance of spinal discs and their arrangement.


Few tips to choose the ergonomic office chair for a comfortable feeling

Consider seat height:

First of all, the seat should be adjustable. It must keep a Pneumatic Adjustment Lever. It offers an adjustability range of 16 to 21 inches in normal conditions. This height from the floor or ground level is enough to keep your lower back and spine straight. This also helps to maintain the body posture.

Depth and width of office seat:

More depth and width is actually perfect for the body posture. The people who have to spend more time at office should consider the backrest and cushions for the full adjustment. The seat must be adjustable.

Lumbar support:

Well, we can’t ignore the lumbar support when choosing an office chair from the markets. It is very important because it keeps the spine in natural alignment. Our body has an inward curved spine that’s why it is necessary to offer it room for the natural posture.

Backrests and armrests:

It is necessary to focus on the armrests and backrests when choosing the chairs. The Orthopedic chairs or  ergonomic office chair are considered ideal because of the enough backrest space and perfect support for the arms. These seats keep your arms and shoulders in a resting position for most of the time.

Consider recommendations by orthopedics:

They are specialists so they can give you a good suggestion about the selection of office chairs. An orthopedic will definitely recommend idea Orthopedic chairs for back and hip pain suitable for your lower back situation. Here are some considerable products available with detail analysis and feedback.

Recommend ergonomic office chair that best for back and hip pain relief

Herman Miller Embody Chair: Fully Adj Arms – White Frame/Aluminum Base – Translucent Casters

It is a fully adjustable office seat with arms. The seat has been furnished with special White Frames composed of Aluminum Base. Manufacturer has utilized the Translucent Casters for the chair in order to make it more comfortable and attractive. Exclusive and smart design of this chair makes it ideal for the office use. Special considerations have been taken when designing the structure and shape of this chair. The Herman Miller Embody Chair has been recognized among the classic ergonomic office chair present in the markets. This chair is a perfect selection for the executive look at the office.

Features of Herman Miller Embody Chair:

As a matter of fact, it is the set of special features making this chair more adorable and attractive. It is important to focus on the considerable benefits it keeps for the users. Let’s have a general view of the Herman Miller Embody Chair.

  • It has special tendency to stimulate the oxygen and blood in the body. This situation keeps the body in comfort.
  • It is helpful to maintain the body posture. Most of the people face spinal compression because of continuous pressure. This chair will offer a perfect posture and it will keep the lower back pain away from you.
  • The chair keeps 6 Ergonomic Features.
  • The chair has a breathable skin. It allows the users to have a cool and comfortable feeling.
  • This chair is 95 % recyclable. It has been made with the idea of renewable energy. This also increases its life.
  • The manufacturer offers 12 years warranty for the Herman Miller Embody Chair.

Technical details:

  • Weight of chair is 52 pounds.
  • Chair dimension is 28 x 28 x 24.5 inches.
  • Height is 26 inches.
  • Width is 26 inches.
  • Length is 27 inches.
  • ASIN B005 Y0 L43I.
  • Price is $1549 in USA.


Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller: Highly Adjustable w/PostureFit Lumbar Support – Fully Adj Vinyl Arms – Tilt Limiter – Size C – Standard Carpet Casters – Graphite Frame/Carbon Classic Pellicle

Aeron Task is very popular in the industry. This chair has a highly adjustable function allowing the users to enjoy perfect posture. The PostureFit Lumbar Support is another significant opportunity making the users more comfortable at office. Herman Miller has designed this amazing chair with fully adjustable vinyl arms. There is a Tilt Limiter in the size “C” giving the chair a perfect approach. This chair has been included in the list of most reliable ergonomic office chair by the experts. It keeps several functions and features. It is necessary to focus on the standard carpet casters and carbon classic pellicle.

Features of Aeron Task Chair:

Orthopedics and chiropractors recommend this amazing chair. There must be something that makes it an appreciated option in this industry. Herman Miller has included numerous medical benefits and features in this chair. Let’s see some quality health features of this chair.

• It has got a specialized Adjustable Aeron. This Aeron size is “C” with a great potential of posture fitting.
• It is based on graphite and classic pellicle. Carbon is also included in the chair.
• It is a simply put. It has excellent Ergonomic Features.
• Perfect back support, adjustable padded arms, tilt lumbar and forward tilt are some extraordinary features.
• Herman Miller offers 12 years warranty with this chair. The warranty covers moving mechanisms, casters, pneumatic cylinders and tilts.
• High tech mesh has been used to give it a perfect cover. It maintains the simple look of the chair.

Technical details:

It is an ideal chair for the Orthopedic chairs or ergonomic office chair . In fact, the technical specifications of this chair make it perfect for the balanced spines and discs.
• Chair weight is 56.5 pounds.
• Chair dimension is 27.6 x 26.9 x 24 inches.
• This is made in USA.
• The model number is AE213AWCPJG1BBBK3D01.


Zody Chair by Haworth: Highly Adjustable 4-D Arms – Lumbar Support – Back Stop – Forward Tilt – Pneumatic Lift – Black Fabric Seat

Haworth has a big name in the orthopedic chair manufacturing. This manufacturer has offered multiple opportunities to support for back and hip pain. The Zody Chair is a considerable product designed by this company. This chair is equipped with so many sophisticated functions and features. It has a set of Highly Adjustable Armrests. The Armrests have been modernized with the help of 4-D technology. It offers more Lumbar Support as compared to other products available in the markets. The product has got an adorable design and style which makes an office more attractive. This chair can easily make a prominent place in your office while offering ideal health features.

Features of Zody Chair:

The manufacturer has tried to make Zody Chair more comfortable. This has been recognized by the top chiropractors and orthopedics in United States of America. The chair has been given place among the top ergonomic office chair because of the modern technologies and features. Some prominent advantages are given below.

  • The Zody Chair has an ideal back stop.
  • It offers more forward tilt.
  • There is a Pneumatic Tilt making it more comfortable for users.
  • The lumbar support is excellent.
  • Haworth has used a Three Point Tilt Mechanism in this chair.
  • This chair has excellent ability to accommodate more than 95 % of users.
  • It gives excellent performance at office.
  • Haworth has utilized MBDC as well as the Cradle TM Protocol for the chair. It is 95 % recyclable.
  • The Zody Chair is certified as PVC Free and GREEN GUARD.
  • Recommended by American Physical Therapy Association.

Technical details:

  • Chair dimension is 29 x 29 x 40 inches.
  • Chair weight is 55 pounds.
  • ASIN is B004 UBUCL-2.
  • Made is USA.
  • Shipping weight is 58 pounds.
  • Warranty is available.


Sayl Chair by Herman Miller: Basic – Fixed Arms – Fixed Seat – Tilt Limiter

The Herman Miller is among the most popular companies manufacturing Orthopedic chairs or ergonomic office chair . This company has designed a wide range of chairs with orthopedic features. According to the chiropractors and physical therapists always prefer to recommend chairs designed by this company. The Sayl Chair is one of the greatest examples for the users. This chair has a basic set of fixed arms. This chair is very comfortable because of its fixed seat.
Specialized designing of this orthopedic chair makes it an ideal opportunity for the people who spend more time with office chairs. This fixed chair has a Tilt Limiter. Manufacturer has made it ideal for the quick lower back pain relief. On the other hand, the design used for the manufacturing also enables the users to avoid spinal compression. Back of this chair is covered with a mesh fabric. The main purpose of giving a mesh back is to enhance the coolness and comfortableness. The two armrests are adjustable. Users can adjust the armrests as well as the seat height according to requirement.

Features of Sayl Chair:

This ergonomic office chair has a set of considerable features. It is necessary to see how it makes the lower back pain relief. It is simple to get quick relief with the help of this amazing chair. It will be an amazing fit for your office. Following features are present in the Sayl Chair.

• It is adjustable.
• Black armrests make the chair adorable.
• Armrests and chair height is adjustable.
• Seat is cushiony with comfortable feeling.
• It is a revolving office chair allowing easy movement.

Technical details:

  • Herman Miller offers warranty for the Sayl Chair.
  • Weight of Sayl Chair is 38 pounds.
  • Chair dimension is 26 x 24.5 x 37 inches.
  • Height is 35 inches.
  • Width is 25 inches.
  • Depth is 17 inches.
  • Length is 21 inches.
  • Shipping weight is 44.6 pounds.
  • Model number is Sayl Chair by Herman Miller.
  • ASIN is B004 L05 NZ2.
  • Price is $499.


Serta 44186 Back in Motion Health and Wellness Mid-Back Office Chair, Black

Serta has produced so many specialized chair models for the people who want to avoid lower back pain. According to the latest surveys and reviews, the Serta 44186 is the most valuable chair model. This product is famous for the Back in Motion Health. This is also considered ideal because of Wellness Mid-Back feature. Finding the ideal office chairs is no longer a difficult job. All you have to do is focus on the Serta 44186. This chair has a considerable design allowing the users to feel more comfortable at office. It is perfect for the long period working at office without going out.
The muscular design of this chair has included it in the list of famous ergonomic office chair being used nowadays. Manufacturer has considered the modern medical standards when giving it a sophisticated shape. In this way, the Serta 44186 has got a specialized design as well as health status. This chair is more useful to avoid the lower back pain. It offers a huge backrest and armrest giving cool sensation to the users.

Features of Serta 44186 Ergonomic Office Chair :

As a matter of fact, this chair is ideal for the lower back pain and hip relief. It contains numerous health benefits and technological features ensuring the quick relief from lower back pain and hip pain. Let’s check the prominent features of this orthopedic chair.

• The chair has a BIM Active Lumbar Support. It helps to give more support in the movement around.
• There are pillows with this chair. These are Ergo Layered and Deep. This is why the chair gives tranquil seating feeling and serene to the body.
• Stylish and attractive push buttons have been used. These are for the armrest modification.
• The chair has Ergonomically Positioned. It has lockout functions as well as pneumatic lift.
• It is a heavy duty chair.
• Chair is certified by BIFMA standards.
• Eco-friendly leather.

Technical details:

• Chair weight is 51.4 pounds.
• Dimension is 30 x 27 x 40.8 inches.
• Model number is Serta 44186.
• ASIN is B00 EUU 5GFK.
• Price is $233 in USA.


Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black

Alera has been recognized as the most reliable chair manufacturer giving special ergonomic office chair. This company has produced a list of chairs with orthopedic features. The biggest advantage of using the chairs produced by this company is quick relief from the lower back pain. It would be great to focus on the special orthopedic features present in the Alera Elusion. This product contains ideal Mid-Back Swivel Mesh. Alera has designed it as a Tilt Chair in order to offer more comfortable experience.

For the people who are suffering with lower back pain and hip pain, the Alera Elusion is an ideal selection. In fact, this chair has an orthopedic design. It has been given special armrests and backrest. The adjustability is another impressive function making it more acceptable. The chair is perfect for different types of users. This chair supports the people who work for regular eight hours at office. This chair has breathable mesh for the cool sensation. It has premium fabric and comfortable seat cushions.

Features of Alera Elusion Ergonomic Office Chair :

As a matter of fact, the features included by the Alera make the Alera Elusion an ideal option for the people who are looking for top office chairs to avoid back pain. We have collected some prominent features in order to discuss health benefits of this orthopedic chair.

• The Alera Elusion has an Ergonomic design.
• It is suitable for various types of users.
• It is attractive and cool because of black mesh.
• Alera has utilized contoured cushions for the seat.
• A premium fabric has been used as upholstery,
• The waterfall edge enables the users to avoid pressure on the legs.
• It is a revolving chair offering easy movement.

Technical details:

• Weight of Alera Elusion is 46.7 pounds.
• Dimension is 26.2 x 24.4 x 14.6 inches.
• Weight is 46.5 pounds.
• Shipping weight is 47 pounds.
• Shipping is available in USA.
• ASIN is B0046 H56 JS.
• Model number is ALEEL 42 BME 10-B.


Gm Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome Base With Headrest, Black

GM Seating presents numerous considerable lower back and hip pain relieving chairs. The Gm Seating Ichair is a Hi Swivel Chair. It has been given special Chrome Base. The chair also has a headrest allowing the users to avoid the pressure on neck. It has been observed that chairs with little lumbar support always protect the users from lower back and hip pain. The Gm Seating Ichair has been designed according to the physical therapy standards.

This special chair is normally recommended to the people who have faced neck and spine disc pain.The Gm Seating Ichair is among the top rated Orthopedic chairs or  ergonomic office chair. An ideal combination of health features make it more attractive for the lower back pain patients.

Features of Gm Seating Ichair:

• The chair has been given pure leather upholstery.
• It has a highly adjustable backrest. Height is also adjustable.
• The armrest is equipped with 3D function. Users can adjust the angle, height, back or forward and positioning.
• A specialized Lumbar Support System is present in Gm Seating Ichair.
• Tilt tension and seat slide adjustment.
• Headrest is also adjustable.

Technical details:

• Price is $689 in USA.
• MP and model number is GMVAPLB.
• Dimension is 30 x 28 x 20 inches.
• Chair weight is 45 pounds.
• ASIN is B0108 ZQ EN-8.
• Shipping weight is 69.2 pounds.


Balt Butterfly Executive Chair

The Balt Butterfly Executive Chair reminds us Age of Stars. This is a modern chair with special design. Balt has utilized a modern design in order to make the chair more comfortable and cool. The designing and structuring of this orthopedic chair is perfect according to latest medical standards. The manufacturer has tried to give it a shape that is more helpful to avoid the pressure on legs and back. There is a headrest that allows the users to stay in a comfortable position. The lumbar support is very helpful to give you a natural posture.

The three sectioned structure of Balt Butterfly Executive Chair makes it among the excellent ergonomic office chair. This type of structure is more valuable to keep your lower back, hip pain, spine and shoulders in a resting position. This chair is perfect for long sitting experience. The pure mesh back covering allows the users to have a comfortable and cool experience. It would be best to focus on the adjustable features allowing the users to modify the set height, width and armrest position.

Features of Balt Butterfly Ergonomic Office Chair :

• It offers a breathable and stylish mesh.
• It is adjustable with tilt lock.
• Tilt tension control, synchro-tilt control and pneumatic cylinder are some considerable features.
• Curved headrest makes it more attractive.
• It has a 5 star base.
• Dual wheel casters.

Technical features:

• Price is $622 in USA.
• Weight is 49 pounds.
• Model number is 34729.
• High back size.
• Shipping weight is 65.8 pounds.
• Shipping is offered in USA as well as outside USA.


Leaders Executive Office Chair Fabric: Synthetic Leather

The Duorest has produced an amazing opportunity for the lower back and hip pain patients. The chair has been composed with 100 % Synthetic Leather. This chair has got a special design making it more attractive. It has a modern design that’s why it fulfills the medical requirements. The chair has been certified by the American Physical Health Association. This product has two prominent sections giving proper backrest. This backrest has been divided into two sections in order to keep the spine properly aligned.

Features of Leaders Ergonomic Ofiice Chair:

This chair is considered impressive because of the considerable features. The features making it a suitable opportunity for the users are given below. This will tell us why Leaders Executive Office Chair is among the most reliable ergonomic office chair or orthopedic chairs.

• An elevated headrest.
• Two sectioned backrest.
• Specialized armrests.
• Cushioned seat.
• Pneumatic tilt.
• Triple Y-6 leg base for excellent stability.
• Ergonomic features such as adjustability and individual fitting.
• Tilt tension, pneumatic seat, removable armrests and dual backrests.

Technical details:

• Price is only $400 in USA.
• Free shipping in USA.
• Shipping weight is 48.9 pounds.
• ASIN is B004 YQNT-40.
• Actual weight of chair is 48.9 pounds.
• Dimension is 22 x 25 x 50 inches.
• Model number is DR 7500-G SL.


Boss Multi-Function Mesh Task Chair

Boss is among the most reputable and reliable chair manufacturers in the world. It is considered a producer with specialized ergonomic office chair for the lower back pain patients. They have designed a considerable product known as Boss Multi-Function chair. The chair has got multiple functions. This is why it is called Multi-Function. The main idea behind the designing of this chair is to offer great comfort at office. This chair has been designed for the intense office work. People who spend most of the office at office especially with computer work are required to see the Boss Multi-Function chair. The chair is equipped with special mesh back. This mesh back has two prominent segments. Each segment offers resistance against the lower back pain.

Features of Boss Multi-Function chair:

• Exceptional back and lumbar support.
• Helps to avoid moisture and heat buildup.
• Adjustable armrest, active lumbar support and ratchet back.
• Tilt mechanism with three paddle multifunction system.
• Adjustable with locking system.
• Pneumatic Gas Lift Option is present with tilt tension control.

Technical details:

• Price of Boss Multi-Function chair is only $208 in USA.
• Chair weight is 51 pounds.
• Dimension is 27 x 27 x 40.5 inches.
• Model number is B-6338.
• ASIN is B006 OA-8 EQ2.
• Shipping weight is 69 pounds.
• Shipping is free in USA.
• No international shipping.

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