Have you ever woke up and felt some pain in your back? If you are consistently feeling this, then maybe it is time to check if your mattress is doing you more harm than good. It’s time to ask that what is the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief. Many people downplay the importance of getting a superior quality mattress that is appropriate to our sleep. This article will provide you a better understanding of the relation between a firm mattress and quality sleep. You will likewise find the best mattress for back pain.

History of mattresses

Before we head on to the actual discussion, let us revisit the past by looking into the history of the bed mattress. It was believed that mattresses were invented during the Neolithic period. The old mattresses were then made of grass, leaves, and even animal skin. Over time, several developments were made on bed mattresses. The Roman Empire had the first luxury bed filled with wool, reeds, and feather and often decorated with gold and silver. It was also the Roman Empire that discovered the waterbed. In the late 18th century, cotton mattresses were made available. The coil spring was first used in 1865. In the 1930s emerged innerspring mattresses, while foam rubber mattresses were already sold in the 1950s. In the next decades, the modern waterbed and airbed were introduced. The new mattresses are now concentrated on providing maximum comfort.

How does a mattress cause back pain?

With our busy schedule at work or school, we do not typically pay attention to our bedtime and how important it is to choose the best mattress for back pain for you. In a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 92 percent of people say that a comfortable mattress is vital to getting a good night’s sleep. You might think that after a long day of work, you deserve quality sleep. You do not deserve it; you need it. Apart from eating a well-balanced meal and regular exercise, an adequate number of hours of sleep is equally important. The sad thing is that people overlook the importance of sleep and its effect on overall health and wellness. Lack of sleep or disrupted sleep yields adverse effects on our body and in worse conditions may cause serious complications to our health.

best mattress for back pain - mattress cause back painIf you are thinking of improving your health by achieving a well-needed sleep, you might have to start with the right choice of mattress. When your mattress keeps you up or brings you turning or tossing, you may need to change the same. There are many problems linked to the wrong choice of mattress. It is important to remember that no mattress works perfectly for all people and sleeping on the wrong mattress may cause back pain. Inadequate support from the mattress you sleep on is the primary reason we suffer from back pain upon waking up. This is because it strains our muscles, misaligns our spine, and contributes to a poor sleeping position. More than the size and price, it is important to look into the appropriateness of the mattress according to what kind of sleeper you are to the best mattress for back pain. Getting the right mattress for you will provide an ample and firm foundation to your sleep that encourages proper sleeping posture and one that relaxes the muscles.

Plush or Firm?

One should not underestimate back pain, especially back pain that we get from sleeping. Back pain is our body’s way of saying that something is wrong with the way we sleep, usually the inappropriateness of our mattress. No best mattress for back pain works for everybody.  It is a matter of preference and needs. When you have identified what kind of sleeper you are, it is time to get to know what mattress works for you. Some like it plush while others like it firm. The truth is, just because we like something does not mean it is good for the body.

best mattress for back pain

When you are a side sleeper, a soft to medium mattress will work to your advantage. A soft to medium mattress will easily conform to your body especially when it is in its natural position. Meanwhile, the back sleepers will find comfort from the medium mattress to make sure the back is properly supported. For front sleepers, what you need is a medium to firm mattress, so you do not sink in the bed. In general, if you are suffering a bad back, you do not want a soft mattress as it weakens the back muscles. A firm mattress may also cause back pain because it exerts pressure on our muscles and nerves. This means that both soft and firm mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. It is all about knowing what you need and prefer for your body.

Five recommended product that is Best Mattress for Back Pain

Now that we have learned about the relationship between the mattress and our health, You can find information about Different types of mattresses before. We hope you make good choices for the best mattress for back pain in your next purchase. When you think your mattress is doing you no good, it is time to replace it with quality mattresses you can find in the market. Here are some mattress products that offer a balance of back support and comfort.

Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam MattressThis is the first best mattress for back pain that we want to review. When you feel like your mattress is causing you muscle soreness soon as you wake up, maybe it is time to replace them with a quality mattress that guarantees comfort and wellness. Take a look at this 12-Inch memory foam mattress that is constructed to support the body weight as you sleep. It measures 80 inches in length, 60 inches in width, and 12 inches in height. It comes with 8-inch high-density foam and 4-inch memory foam, which is firm enough to effectively relieves pressure in hips and shoulders, so you feel sore-free in the morning.  As the memory foam releases tension and gives balanced support, the high-density foam ensures proper cushioning for the body. It is finished with a breathable knit cover for a soft and comfortable sleep like nothing else.


Lucid 10-inch Latex Foam MattressLucid 10-inch Latex Foam Mattress

Our bedrooms are supposed to be our haven. After a long day of work, we have to get adequate and quality sleep to restore our body to its full potential for the next day. Our beds should be inviting and encouraging quality sleep. This Lucid 10-Inch latex foam mattress is a must-have in your bedroom if you desire a medium-plush feel that supports your body and at the same time easily puts you to sleep. Its 3-inch natural latex foam receives and properly reacts to your body weight and frame, which provides less sink and more frame than memory foam. Its seven-inch high-density foam beneath provides strong support to your body. It has pinholes that allow movement of air, so it is more breathable and conducive for sleeping. What more is that it is backed by a 25-year warranty. So if you are looking for a mattress with the right softness and firmness, you have found a friend in this one.

Englander Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress, Made in the USA, Beige, FullBest Mattress Toppers for Back Pain - Englander Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress

One of the best mattress for back pain is this 14 Gauge 3-Zone spring Spring Mattress. Measuring, 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, this mattress features a 10-inch three-zone support foam. It comes with an individually wrapped spring system, which works as an advantage to provide support to each area of the body including shoulders, legs, and lower back. It reduces pressure points and relieves the sleeper from lower back pain through its reinforced lumbar region. It has a medium feel, cushion, and support. It uses all-natural wool to keep your mattress moisture-free and cool in the summer or warm in the winter. No wonder why many people have actually loved this mattress. We know you will, too!

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress, 12-Inch, Queen

Included in our list is the revolutionary memory foam green tea mattress from Zinus. Yes, you read that correctly. This mattress is not only the best mattress for back pain but for Zinus also. This mattress has just changed the mattress game with its infusion of natural green tea extract to your bedding. The memory foam as used in this mattress easily conforms to your body for reliable support. The 3-inch memory foam, 2-inch comfort foam, 3.5-inch airflow high-density foam, and 3.5-inch airflow high-density base support foam are the key to providing a comfortable and supportive mattress. The free movement of air and freshness of green tea extract will be your secret for a better night’s sleep. We just know that this would a great purchase for your home.

Classic Brands Gramercy 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

Classic Brands Gramercy 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress
Let’s talk about the last best mattress for back pain. We spend about eight hours each night in our bed. Let us make sure that your bed gives you the relaxation you deserve after a long day and the comfort you need to make sure your body is ready for what’s in store for you tomorrow.  What about dozing off in this Classic Brands hybrid mattress that features a hybrid of cool gel memory foam and innerspring. The 8-inch individually wrapped coils provide support to conform to your neutral position. To ensure that the weight is consistently spread on the mattress, this mattress comes with 13-gauge steel coils. The two layers of gel-infused memory foam helps disperse body heat and keep the mattress cooler.



In furtherance of our objective to be healthy, we should always strive for overall health and wellness. Apart from a balanced diet and regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle includes adequate and quality sleep. Even on the busiest days where we cannot get enough sleep, it is important to get quality and undisrupted sleep. Sleep is supposed to restore our body after a long day of hard work and activities. Start the day right and sore-free by acquiring the best mattress for back pain for your needs.

The best mattress for back pain is more than just an accessory to our bed. It plays an important role in our health. Having a sore or back pain would definitely affect our performance at work or school. Worse, it will hamper the performance of our duties. As mentioned, the first step is determining what type of sleeper you are and how much firmness or softness you need from your mattress according to your body. From here, other factors like price, size, and design would come in. Invest in a good mattress and you are investing in your health and wellness.

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