Lower back pain is a debilitating ailment that can hamper one’s performance of duties and restrict his or her movement. There are several causes of lower back pain, all of which pose a great permanent risk on the back. Regardless of the cause, the pain on the lower back is a universal experience. At one point or another, you will suffer from a lower back pain- whether it is a mild pain that can be relieved by a simple stretch or medication or a serious one that may require the intervention of surgery. best office chair for lower back pain is one of the way that can help you relief back pain.

best office chair for lower back pain - work

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is posture. Remember when we were told by our parents to observe proper posture? Now that we are getting older, we realize how posture affects not only our confidence but, more importantly, our health. Whether we are standing, sleeping or sitting, the wrong posture may cause adverse effects on our back health. While posture or position in sleeping can be simply remedied by an appropriate mattress, it is different when it comes to an individual’s posture while sitting. This is especially so when working for at least eight straight hours at the office. The discs on your lower back tend to compress and may eventually wear out, thereby causing sharp pain. This article intends to help you find relief from lower back pain by introducing you to the concept of the best office chair for lower back pain. We included in this list some of the highly recommended office chairs you should check out.

How to choose the best office chair for lower back pain for you?

Many studies have laid down the negative effects of long duration of sitting. First, it may cause or aggravate existing back and neck pain. Another is the slow down of metabolism, which is why people who spend more time sitting have a larger bottom or are seen to be overweight. Lastly, constant sitting may put your heart at risk. This is the reason why health experts greatly suggest the use of an ergonomic office chair. The question now is how to choose the best office chair for lower back pain that is ergonomically appropriate.

Ergonomic chairs will vary from style to materials to budget. As early as now, it is important to keep in mind that no chair is ultimately the best as our own taste, preferences, and needs, will surely get in between. Among the several factors to consider are the height of the seat from the floor and the width of the seat. This is to ensure that the feet touch the floor in the most comfortable way and so when you work, you prevent the spine to overstretch by the need to slouch or bend. The width and depth of the seat are likewise important to keep the entire body comfortable and properly supported. Moreover, the office chair must come with a backrest and lumbar support. Both are needed, of which they must be adjustable, to prevent the spine and back muscles from too much stress and strain while supporting the natural spinal curve.


Four recommended best office chair for lower back pain

Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi-Swivel Chair

best office chair for lower back pain - Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi-Swivel Chair

When it comes to sophisticated pieces for the office, then this Ergohuman High-Back Mesh Chair is the perfect fit. Not only does this chair look good, but it can also be the best office chair for lower back pain.

Product details

– Dimension- This office chair is 26 inches wide, 40-46 inches high, and 27.5 inches deep.
– Weight- Ergohuman weighs around 64 pounds.
– Material- It comes in a combination of metal and polyester materials.
– Color- This chair is available in different colors like black, red, blue, gray, green, and orange.


–  Stylish
For people who want to maintain a cozy and sophisticated feel inside their office, then this chair is ideal for you. The all-black design plus the mesh on the headrest, backrest, and lumbar support are fancy details that can revamp your entire office look.

–  Comfortable
This office chair is truly designed with optimum comfort in mind. Ergohuman claims this chair as the best office chair for lower back pain for those who are expected to be in it for more than five hours. This chair has a synchro-tilt mechanism, which means that the seat and back are synched so the seat tilt simultaneously as you tilt back to secure proper back alignment. You can adjust the back to different angles while increasing of decreasing the tension. The seat height and depth are also adjustable so its suits anyone who sits on it. And whether you are working behind the desk or on a computer, you can rest your forearms comfortable on its adjustable armrest. The support of the chair to your lumbar region makes your sitting comfortable so you can endure even prolonged sitting.

–  Sturdy
This chair is constructed of metal, which aside from its polished look, can ensure sturdiness on the part of the chair. Plus, the chair has five feet for the base so you are free to move and tilt without danger of tipping over. And while the headrest and backrest are made from mesh, expect that these are durable and do the work as expected.

–  Portable
Another advantage of this chair, which comes as a bonus, is the fact that it is portable. You can move it from one place or another since all its five bases are equipped with wheels so you can move around your space with convenience.


Despite its merits, this Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi-Swivel Chair has also some disadvantages. Among them is the fact that the lumbar support, while it can be adjusted, you cannot do so without entirely adjusting the backrest and headrest. It does not have an independent lumbar height adjustment. Another drawback as claimed by some reviewers is the adjustability of the seat height itself. This is why you should first try on the seat and then check it for yourself.

Serta Executive Office Chair, Microfiber, Light Beige, 43670

best office chair for lower back pain - Serta Executive Office Chair

From one sophisticated piece to another, this Serta office chair is a stylish and fresh way to ensure comfort and safety to your employees while working day in and day out. Out of the typical black office chair is this contemporary piece for your office. So this is one of the best office chair for lower back pain.

Product details

–  Dimension- This Sentra office chair is 24.75 inches in width, 28.75 inches in depth, and 44 inches in height.
–  Weight- It only weighs about 34.5 pounds.
–  Material- As to its construction, this chair is constructed with
–  Capacity- This features a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.


–  Stylish
Take a break from the usual black office chair and experience the comfort and support from a high-end looking chair like this. It comes in light beige color, which is perfect for any office. The neutral color of the chair is a versatile choice to easily adapt to the environment at the office.

–  Comfortable
Yes, this office chair just aced the style factor but wait till you experience its level of comfort and functionality.  The chair is upholstered in soft and durable microfiber, a cozy material perfect for the office. Starting on the headrest, you will find instant comfort on the same since it is pillowed. You might find yourself slowly closing your eyes to sleep because of its plushness. The same goes with the armrest, which likewise has pillow pads. Your back is properly supported especially on your lower back with its contoured lumbar support. To increase concentration and hype you up while working, the waterfall seat edge will help reduce pressure on the legs.

–  Convenient
Not only is this watch comfortable, this is also designed to be extra-convenient for the user. You can easily adjust the seat height by simply flicking the level mechanism. You can also access the reclining feature through a tension knob under the seat. Furthermore, the multi-surface dual wheel casters will enable you to move around your working area easily and conveniently.

–  Durable and sturdy
With its 250-pound weight capacity, you can expect that this chair takes on durability seriously. The five-star base is made durable and sturdy to support body weight so the person gets the comfort he or she deserves.


After learning about its advantages, it is important to look into its disadvantages. First, the armrest is not adjustable. Second, it does not tilt back. Third, it lacks head support in case you want to rest your neck or secure alignment of your neck and back.

Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair, Adjustable Vinyl Arms, Graphite Frame / Carbon Classic Pellicle

best office chair for lower back pain - Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair
One of the most popular and best office chair for lower back pain is this Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair. Built with durability, comfort and safety in mind, this surely is one of the best office chairs for lower back pain.

Product details

– Dimension- The Aeron chair varies in size depending if it is small, medium, or large. Small
– Dimension- The Aeron chair varies in size de
– Weight- It weighs around 48 pounds.
– Material- The chair boasts its use of recycled materials and the woven suspension membrane called the Pellicle.


– Sophisticated
In addition to your list of sophisticated office chairs is this Herman Miller’s Aeron chair. It comes in an all-black design featuring tasteful and modern appearance from the base to the tip of the backrest. No wonder why this has become one of the most popular ergonomic chairs there is.
– Breathable
Skip the foam and fabric chairs, which even though cozy at a cool temperature, can be sticky and contributes heat when the weather is hot, with this innovative and breathable Aeron office chair. It features the Pellicle suspension for the seat and back which dissipates the heat from the chair so you feel comfortable and cool even in prolonged sitting.

– Excellent body support
This office chair comes with the PostureFit and Kinemat mechanism, both of which ensure proper body support. The PostureFit mechanism allows your pelvis to tilt forward giving your spine its natural alignment. Apart from the breathable feature of the Pellicle technology, it effectively conforms to the body while reducing pressure points. It’s very important for the best office chair for lower back pain.

– Environment-friendly
Another thing to love about this amazing office chair is the fact that the chair is made from recycled materials and that it is 94 percent recyclable. Therefore, you sit on this chair taking care not only of your back but also the environment.


This chair truly has limitless benefits with its numerous advantages. However, it also has some disadvantages. First, reviewers have complained about the lack of upper back support. Another disadvantage is when you get the wrong size of the chair. This hardly becomes a fault of the manufacturer, but the benefits of this chair can only be experienced if you use the perfect fit for you.

AmazonBasics High-back Executive Chair

best office chair for lower back pain - AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair
Executive or not, you deserve a comfortable office chair that promotes comfort and support to your body, especially to the lower back. This AmazonBasics Executive chair is one of the best office chair for lower back pain that has ideal piece for your office including home office.

Product details

– Dimension- This high-back office chair from AmazonBasics measures 29.13 inches in length, 25.59 inches in width, and 41.34 to 45.08 inches in height.
– Weight- It weighs around 35 pounds.
– Capacity- This chair can carry any person up to 250 pounds.


– Sleek style
From home, thinking about the workload at the office may be terrifying and already exhausting, but not when you have this reliable and professional looking office chair. The backrest and seat are upholstered in bonded black leather and PVC that is smooth and sophisticated. Regardless if you are an executive or not, you will feel like you are because of its style.
– Convenient
When you purchase an office chair, of course, you want something that will make your life easier. Good thing that this AmazonBasics office chair is fully adjustable. The seat can be easily raised or lowered through its pneumatic control handle that you can pull up to adjust the chair to your preferred height. Apart from the seat height, you can likewise adjust the angle of the chair either you want to tilt it forward and back.

– Comfortable
As it has been emphasized in this article, finding a seat that will ensure proper alignment and relaxation of the back is the topmost priority. This chair will answer your back health needs with its butterfly seat plate and curved contour. It provides sufficient support to your back while you work. Moreover, the padded cushion both on the seat and the backrest enhance proper comfort and support.
– Mobile
Furthermore, this office chair has durable nylon casters that promote mobility even in your workspace. The chair swivels 360 degrees allowing you to multitask.


This office chair has also some disadvantages. First, while this is a high-back chair, it may fall short as one for taller people. This means that they may not be able to rest or relax their neck when needed. Second, the armrest is not adjustable.

What is an ergonomic chair?

In general, ergonomics is highly important to provide the workers or employees a work environment that is safe, comfortable, and efficient. Whatever job there may be, we always use our body. Whether it is an awkward or permanent or repeated posture, an ergonomic chair in the office is always a requisite. When a work is repetitive, intense, or performed for a long period of time, your work is likely to result in an injury.
When you are involved in an office work, you are most likely to spend the majority of your time sitting while working on some papers, computer works, and answering phone calls. Not only that, you travel to and from work while sitting, eat while sitting, and watch television while sitting. By now, you would have probably realized that you may have been spending a large portion of your day sitting. Long duration and frequent sitting can hurt your lower back. Prevent or alleviate back pain by furnishing your space a comfortable and beneficial ergonomic chair. If you are on the quest of finding the best office chair for lower back pain, then you are on the right page.

What are the benefits of ergonomic chair?

Many people do not realize that banking on the health of employees is one factor to achieve growth in the company as well as productivity. A company cannot accomplish its goals alone as it needs labor or workforce. An employee can only perform in accordance with what is expected of him only if he is provided with a safe and efficient work environment. One leading cause of absences and poor performance from employees is back pain and most often, they are the result of a wrong choice of an office chair. Whether it is a home office or not, an ergonomic chair is a must-have. To let you know why you need to furnish your employees the best office chair for lower back pain, here are the benefits you would want to consider.

best office chair for lower back pain - sitting

Prevents injury

This is important function for best office chair for lower back pain. Experts have previously said that long duration of sitting is jus as harmful as smoking, which is why taking breaks from your chair is highly recommended. Similarly, sitting for a prolonged period of time can cause injury or worsen an existing back pain. When you sit for a long duration, you tend to slouch, which may overstretch the spine and ligaments. At the same time, it adds pressure to the back muscles and discs which surround the spine, thereby straining the same. Eventually, this may damage the structure of the spine and aggravate pain. Do not be deceived by the fact that sitting is a low-impact activity, since this static movement is among the biggest threats to your lumbar region.

Less costly

You might have just raised your eyebrow upon reading this second benefit of an ergonomic chair. Now, you might ask yourself how and in what instances can a provision or acquisition of an ergonomic chair beneficial? This is particularly related to the preceding number and all the succeeding benefits of an ergonomic office chair. While the purchasing of office chairs entail a cost for the company or employer, this is actually an investment or a good cost. Rather than paying for work-related injuries or compensation claims incurred by your employees, which may have adverse effects on performance of their job and productivity, to invest in the best office chair for lower back pain is ideal. Management costs over the health of the employees are either directly or indirectly. Direct costs would necessarily include insurance premium, medical intervention or treatments, and medications. Indirectly, you would need new workers and replacement of workers would sometimes require additional cost for advertisement, orientation, and training. Considering the increased absences of employees, you would have to pay for overtime services rendered just to meet the company demands.

Improves comfort

Not all chairs qualify as office chairs. The latter is specifically designed for certain features to eliminate stress and strain on the body. Ergonomic chairs are generally constructed with high-quality materials, which provide comfort and support to the body of the user. Most are adjustable to meet the specifications and demands of every specific person. A comfortable seat leads to better focus and performance. As abovementioned, prolonged sitting creates a tendency for a person to slouch with the spine overstretched and unnaturally curved and the back muscles strained and stressed. So this is one important thing for best office chair for lower back pain .

Boosts productivity

Crucial to the company’s growth is its productivity. Whether it is an office-based job or not, productivity is the end-goal of the employers. After learning the danger and the adverse effects of prolonged sitting, providing your employees the right office chair will make a difference. Ergonomic chairs will provide proper support to specific portions of the body and the same time, it reduces discomfort. Thus, there is increased concentration, efficiency, and productivity. It’s worth to invest in the best office chair for lower back pain .


One should not ignore a lower back pain. This could hamper your work routine and in worse condition, may cause serious and permanent damage. Whether it is a home office or an actual one, you should provide yourself best office chair for lower back pain or good ergonomic chair that will provide support and comfort to your back, while ensuring spinal alignment, relaxation of muscles, and reduced pressure. With the right office chair according to your needs, you can endure working even while sitting for a longer duration. It is, however, of great importance to remember that ergonomic chairs are only designed to minimize or reduce the risk of lower back pain. To completely relieve yourself from the pain, it is important to move around and take breaks in between. There are even low-impact chair exercises you can perform to ensure overall health and wellness.

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