Best Pillow for Back Neck Shoulder and Hip Pain while Sleep

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A good night’s sleep helps to get up fresh. Quality of sleep depends on the way we sleep. Though a bad pillow cannot cause severe problems, but an incorrect pillow makes the underlying problems worsen and does not let you to take rest healthfully. It is awful to feel pain in shoulder back neck and hip in the morning because it becomes the reason of leg numbness, migraine, sciatica and back aches. As a result, the use of best pillow for back neck shoulder and Hip pain while sleep is necessary.

Reasons of Back Neck and Shoulder PainPillow for Back pain

Usually people assume that neck pain is caused by their mattress. In fact, pain in shoulder and back neck is caused by wrong pillow. Neck has small bones, cartilage, tendons and sensitive muscles. The seven bones of the neck are arranged in a column. These bones are responsible to save the head, central nervous system and help in neck movement. When any part of bone column is pinched or compressed, it causes numbness or pain. To avoid severe pain, it is important to keep the back and head in line with the neck. The best way to maintain the right position is the use of good pillow.


How to Choose the Best Pillow for Pain Relief?

A pillow can be more helpful to avoid different types of pains. People suffering from the back, neck, shoulder and hip pain are suggested to focus on the considerable instructions. In most of the cases the tips provide extra support for the selection of a right pillow. Let’s see some considerable tips to learn how to choose the best pillow for back pain.

Consider the pillow materials:

What is present inside the pillow? The pillows are filled with various types of materials such as husk and feathers. Mostly the pillows with feathers are considered good for the softness. Users who prefer more softness are suggested to choose the feather based pillows. On the other hand, husk filled pillows are great options for the firmness. Pillows with a firm or hard feeling gives support for the back and hip pain.

Size of the pillow:

As a matter of fact, size of a pillow is always ignored by the buyers. Size plays an important role. You have to focus on the size of pillow in order to make it more comfortable. For example, there are lengthy pillows (body size) for the pregnant women.

Height of pillow:

Height is very essential. It plays a vital role to maintain the natural alignment of spine. It would be better to try the pillow before you purchase it. Try it at the store and you will learn how to keep your head and neck in a balanced position to avoid the pain.

Modern pillows:

Don’t forget to see the modern pillows introduced by the manufacturers. The best example of modern pillow is the memory foam and latex pillow. Just like the mattresses, these pillows have been designed by using the memory foam and latex technology.


Type of Best Pillow for Pain Relief:

Pillow selection enables the users to learn about the best ways to get relief. In most of the cases the buyers ignore the pillow types when they visit the markets. It has been noticed that majority of the pillows are designed with special styles. This helps to produce comfort. It would be better to check the pillow types when going to the markets.

Feather pillow:Pillow for Back pain - feature pillow

As a matter of fact, the feather pillows are very special because of the extraordinary softness. These pillows have been designed by using the basic concept of softness for a comfortable sleep. Basically, the feather pillow is beneficial for the neck pain and shoulder pain.

Memory foam pillow:

Pillow for Back pain - memory foam pillowWhen choosing the right pillow for back, neck and shoulder pain, it is recommended to consider the Memory foam pillow. This type of pillow has been originated with the help of memory foam. Just like the memory foam mattresses the memory foam pillows are very special because of foam based materials.

The flexible and highly comfortable pillow helps you to sleep in any position that you like. It is just right for back, stomach and side sleepers. The pieces of foam have airflow that keeps the shredded pillow cool, whereas bamboo fabric improves the level of comfort, coolness and won’t take in the moisture. In addition to comfort, the memory foam pillows have hypoallergic material. As compared to cotton pillows, the memory foam maintains its shape and can adjust according to the body position. On the other hand, cotton or down pillows get flattened and cause neck pain, migraine, lower back pain and tingling in feet or hands.


Down pillow:
Pillow for Back pain - down pillow

These are supple and soft. The down pillows are considered best for luxury. The best example of down pillow is the latest European white Goose. This pillow has a filling power of 600 or more feathers. However, the down pillows are not best for the support.

Micro-bead pillow:

The term micro-bead is used for the pillows having a hard support structure. These pillows are small but these are offered with EPS beads.

Bucket Wheat Pillow:

The pillow is designed with special husk. Actually, the Bucket Wheat Pillow is a natural opportunity with hard support structure. Usually, the manufacturers include husk from the seeds in the Bucket Wheat Pillow.

Neck support pillows:Pillow for Back pain - neck support pillow

As the name indicates, these pillows are best for the neck pain.  A specialized baffle is utilized for the development of this pillow. This directly supports the cervical spine. Unlike traditional pillows, the neck pillows have more support for the users. People having back problem should consider this type of pillow for quick relief.

Pregnancy pillow:Pillow for Back pain - pregnancy pillow

There are two types of pregnancy pillows in the markets. The first one comes with small wedges. This pillow supports the belly after the second trimester. Second type of pillow comes with a long body style and it is beneficial for the pregnant women after the 4th trimester. These are used between the legs for the quick support.

Body pillow:

The body pillows are good for the back pain and leg pain. These are used between legs in order to support the backbone and spine. These are also beneficial for the people who want to use pillows for hug during night.

Lumbar support pillow:Pillow for Back pain - lumbar support

Lumbar support pillow are very supportive for the lower lumbar area. These are designed to create a natural alignment between the legs and hip.

Waterbase Mediflow Pillow :

Waterbase pillow offers required back and neck support and comfort while sleep. Water chamber is adjustable therefore gives the right level of thickness and support, regardless of sleeping position. The outer layer of Mediflow pillow has hypoallergic, durable and clean polyester that can be washed easily in the machine.

Cervical Tri-Core Pillow

Pillow for Back pain - Cervical Tri-Core PillowThe specific design of tri-core cervical pillow is created to give neck support during sleep. It does not matter whether you have stomach, back or side sleeping position as the edges have thick pads to support the back area. There are three different sizes of cervical pillow in order to give pain free sleep to all age groups. The center part of pillow has deep depression, which is created to avoid pain in different sleeping positions. Side by side, there are two levels of firmness that makes easy for buyers to choose gentle or standard pillow as per their requirements.

Best Pillow for each Pain Type:

Best Type of Pillow for Neck Pain:

Choosing the best type of pillow for neck pain is very simple. Actually, the users can select the pillows for neck pain with the help of basic information. We have selected some considerable products for the buyers.

Micro bead pillow:

The microbead pillows contain special microbeads. These beads are helpful to create a pressure division structure. These pillows provide hard support to the body. It will keep the head above and user will sleep with comfortable.

Neck pillows:

We have discussed above that neck pillow have been designed with a considerable baffle. This baffle creates a unique level of support for the cervical spine. It would be better to use the neck pillows rather than traditional pillows. The neck pillow offers basic support to the head and neck according to the natural manner.

Best Pillow for Back Pain:

Choosing the best pillow for back pain would be an easy task. You have to consider different features in order to make a right selection. Following examples are available for the ease of pillow buyers.

Down pillow:

These pillows have been prepared for the softness. Yes, the down pillows are very soft that’s why these are considered best for the back pain. Users can place the down pillows under the stomach when sleeping on one side.

Best Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain:

Do you have pain in neck and shoulder? Side sleepers usually face this issue. It is recommended to find the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain in order to make it easy.

Memory foam pillow:

Using a memory foam pillow would be more excellent because of the considerable softness. Side sleepers facing pain in neck and shoulder are suggested to use high quality memory foam based pillows. This will divide the pressure equally between the neck and shoulders. This will help you take a deep sleep without any pain.

Micro bead pillow:

These pillows are based on a latest technology of micro beads. The micro beaded pillows contain special beads for the natural distribution of pressure. Bring the highly rated micro beaded pillows if you want to have a comfortable night.

 Best Pillow for Neck Pain Side Sleeper:

Side sleepers face the neck pain commonly. In fact, they have more pressure on the head and neck. Using the wrong pillow may increase the intensity of neck pain. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the given options to choose best pillow for neck pain side sleeper.

Bucket Wheat Pillow:

The buckwheat pillow has been designed with a supportive layer. This pillow has a moldable structure that provides adjustable height. Purchase the high quality buckwheat pillow in order to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Orthopedic Pillows for Neck Pain:

Yes, it is an amazing option for the people who want to use recommended pillows. The orthopedic pillows are available in the markets. Choosing the orthopedic pillows always reduces the pain in different portions. These pillows have been designed for the neck, hip, shoulder and back pain. It would be better to purchase an orthopedic pillow recommended by your chiropractor.

Best Pillow for Hip Pain:

Selection of a best pillow for hip pain depends on the pain intensity. For the mild level of pain, you can select a soft pillow. People with severe pain in hips should consider the firm pillows. Actually, you need to have a support that can maintain the alignment of body. Side sleepers should always choose the pillows after checking the level of firmness.

Waterbase Pillow:

This pillow can be placed between the legs or under the back. Side sleepers should take support of water pillow to avoid the hip pain. Using a water pillow improves the spine alignment and structure. It also provides a sensational feeling during the night.

Best Body Pillow for Hip Pain:

Pregnant women always prefer to use the best body pillow for hip pain. Actually, the body pressure and spine alignment is getting disturbed with the passage of time. The body is growing and stomach is moving outward. This is why you need to have a body pillow. A body pillow can be used as a stomach support or back support to avoid the hip pain.

Best Leg Pillow for Hip Pain:

Do you have a spine alignment problem? It can be solved with the help of a best leg pillow for hip pain. Actually, there are two connections of lumbar with the hip bones. It is necessary to maintain the height of both connections in order to avoid pain. The leg pillows can provide support in this matter. Using the leg pillow can improve the hip bone alignment and structure


How to Sleep with Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatica is of the most important problems related to the human health. It has been noticed that patients having sciatic pain are increasing worldwide. Nowadays, it is increasing in United States of America. There are so many reasons why it is getting common among the people but the wrong sleeping position has been identified as a most serious cause. Let’s see how to sleep with sciatic nerve pain.

Sleeping on side:

As a matter of fact, most of the chiropractors recommend sleeping on one side in case of sciatic pain. Sleeping with this common style helps the people to avoid the pain. In fact, it is related to the treatment of sciatic pain.

Sleeping on stomach:

Well, it is recommended to sleep on your stomach in order to avoid the severe sciatic pain. It has been noticed that sciatic pain can be treated with this style because it divides pressure of the body equally. It would be better to keep a pillow under your stomach for the balance.

Sleeping on back:

This style is common but it is good for the people who are facing mild sciatic pain. It is recommended to change the mattress as well as pillow for the complete comfort. You are also required to take pain killers in order to have a good sleep during night.

While buying the best pillow for back neck and shoulder pain while sleep, select four to six inches height to align the neck and head area.


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