Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

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Sleeping on your stomach sometimes have a negative effect, and it leads to pain in the neck area, poor sleep, and indigestion. It is highly prohibited by many doctors. Although it is not very easy to change your sleeping position because it tends to be more comfortable than sleeping on your side or back. However, if you choose not to change your sleeping position, you should reduce the curvature of your neck as much as you can. Problems caused by stomach sleeping are caused by the use of the wrong pillow. The most suitable stomach sleeper pillow is those that helps to maintain spine alignment and lessen neck pain.

Pillow types for Stomach Sleepers:

stomach sleeper pillow

Even though this sleeping position is not very common, nevertheless, different people usually switch to this position while they are asleep.

Take a look at these different pillows types for a better sleep on your stomach:

1. Putting a hard pillow beneath your hips or stomach helps to relieve you of some of the strain on the lower back and neck if you are the type that lies on your stomach.

2. Place a firm pillow at a downward angle beneath your while lying on your stomach. However, having a hard pillow beneath the hips or the stomach does not also require a neck or head pillow.

3. For those who adopt this position, you can also place (if you chose) a pillow beneath your ankles to provide extra and better support for the spine.

You must, however, note that sleeping on one’s stomach is usually not recommended because they can cause you more neck pain, back or shoulder pain.

Stomach Sleeper Pillow Reviews

For a stomach sleeper, the most important thing to consider is the thickness of the pillow. A thick pillow will align your neck and will reduce pain. The material of the stomach sleeper pillow should also be considered that is memory foam, latex, and feathers. Size and firmness are very important too. A soft, not too firm pillow is good for the stomach sleepers so that the head can be closer to the mattress.

You might find the various pillow options confusing if you are a stomach sleeper. There is some pillow designed strictly for stomach sleeping, and there are some that have removable filling to adjust the thickness to your taste. There are lots of companies manufacturing pillows, and it is difficult to know which gives you the best value for your money.

Coop Home Goods - PREMIUM Adjustable Loft - Shredded Hypoallergenic CertiPUR-US Memory Foam Pillow

stomach sleeper pillow - Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic

This stomach sleeper pillow has lots of wonderful features ideal for sleepers who sleep on stomach. The inside is the memory foam, but the difference is that instead of just one solid foam, it filled with shredded foam. This allows you to fold, twist, position the pillow anyhow you feel comfortable, and you still get the bouncy support. Another excellent feature is that Coop Home produces its case with hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, breathable bamboo fabric.

The memory foam and the bamboo cover of this memory pillow have resistance to mite and have anti-bacterial and microbial attributes that ease your sleep. You can choose both king and queen sizes to suit your needs. The Coop Home shredded memory foam pillow is very thick, but the Coop Home shredded foam makes it easy for you to position it the way you want. Some other attributes are:

- 30 days money return guarantee

- Manufactured in the USA

- Superior air flow through the shredded memory foam used for the inside.

Shredded memory foam has lots of benefits for a stomach sleeper although it can be uneven and might need additional fluffing to increase comfort. You can decrease or increase it's fluffiness as you want and whenever you change position at night, it shifts with you.

The Pancake Pillow by Pancake Pillow

stomach sleeper pillow - The Pancake Pillow - Adjustable Layer Pillow

The pancake stomach sleeper pillow is the best for the stomach sleeper who wants to attain the perfect fit and also customize it for friends and family who also use the pillow. Its inside is made of six fluffy microfibers instead of the regular instead of the regular single pad. You can remove or add to these inner sections to suit you. Other special features of the pancake stomach sleeper are:

- It comes with storage back to keep interior layers that are not used.

- It is machine washable because its outside material is completely cotton.

- Hypo-allergenic microfiber material that breathes in air, therefore, keeping the temperature perfect.

The only setback of this stomach sleeper pillow is that it does not have memory foam pad in all its layer although the microfiber gives good support and also makes it cool. The pillow can also be used by other family members.

Slim Sleeper - Natural Latex Foam Pillow, Thin, Ventilated, Low Profile

stomach sleeper pillow - Slim Sleeper - Natural Latex Foam Pillow

This stomach sleeper pillow is particularly made for stomach sleepers. According to its manufacturers, it is also ideal for the back and side sleepers too. It is made of natural latex that has resistance to fungi, microbes, mildew, and fungi. One of its special features is the pinhole design that aids in the flow of air to reduce heat even during summer.

This stomach sleeper pillow is medium firm and 2.75-inch thickness. So whether on your front or wherever, you won't suffer sore neck, and you'll have considerable distance from the mattress. The good thing about the pillow is that the pillow is hard but not too hard according to its users.

However, some people are of the opinion that the pillow is a bit harder than the ones they are used to but they adapted to it real fast. So to enjoy it very well, you need to "break the pillow."

Extra Soft Down Pillow by Exceptional Sheets

stomach sleeper pillow - Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Extra soft down pillow is specially made for stomach sleepers. It has various sizes, travel inclusive. The material is hypoallergenic. It is fluffy and very comfortable as the other down pillows that give wonderful night rest as it is very comfortable. It is light, so it is ideal for different sleeping positions.

As mentioned by the reviewers, this stomach sleeper pillow is fluffy and comfortable. Other people commented that it is perfectly soft, lessened their neck pain and it is adjustable in the sense that they can fluff it up when they want.

Others claim that it is cool and reduces heat and it is the thing that you almost do not need to lift your head off the mattress. It may seem too thin with the description, but that is the normal thickness recommended for stomach sleeper's comfort.

One disadvantage is that it takes a while before you can "break the pillow." Some reviewers claimed that it was very stiff than they had imagined at the beginning. But they still claim it's the softest pillow they have used as the stiffness leaves later.

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow

stomach sleeper pillow - Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow

This stomach sleeper pillow is designed for all forms of sleeping positions whether front, back, and side sleeping. However it is very good for stomach sleepers, it has a low profile and conforms to the shape of your head. It has soft memory foam filling, a 3 lb density that makes it curve with your neck and 75 percent cotton cover. It does not lose shape when heated because it is designed with SureTemp foam.

Many customers have reviewed this product, and most of them are glad they bought it. Many are of the opinion that it gives them a good night's sleep.

However, it has been said by some user's that it is too thin. If you are a side sleeper, it might be an issue, but it is good for stomach sleepers.

Serta Gel Memory Foam Side and Stomach Sleeper Pillow

stomach sleeper pillow - Serta Gel Memory Foam

This memory foam brand is one of the best in the mattress industry. It is specially designed for people who sleep on their sides. However, it is light and good for stomach sleepers as well. With its kind of design, it gives room for proper spinal alignment when sleeping. It removes pressure while cooling the temperature at night. You will sleep comfortably without tossing all night. Just like the first model we discussed, it also has a vented design that allows airflow.

This stomach sleeper pillow never flattens because it is made of memory foam. If you are looking for a pillow that can serve different purposes and that is thicker than the two previous models, then you can go for this.

Cool & Natural Form Fit Pillow

stomach sleeper pillow - Cool & Natural Form-Fit Pillow--Quilted Bamboo Shell

This stomach sleeper pillow has buckwheat hull and shredded filling and quilted cotton shell. It is superb for stomach sleepers, and it is comfortable. I have found the pillow very comfortable since started using it. One very great feature of this pillow is that it is adjustable and you can fill in the buckwheat hulls to your taste. If you feel too thick, you can reduce the fillings in the pillow. It has instructions on how much filling you should put into the pillow for different styles of sleeping posture.

Only you can determine the amount of filling you want in your pillow. The instruction is just an estimate. If you are a lover of a soft pillow, this one is not ideal for you. The only major complaint about this stomach sleeper pillow is that the hulls can cause a mess by flying everywhere.

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