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Collagen | joint pain Supplements for Neck Arthritis Back and Knee Pain

Importance of Foods Rich in CollagenCollagen is a form of protein that produced by the body and represents about 25% of the protein present in the body. Among its primary functions is the formation of collagen fibers that support and give firmness to the skin, in addition to being cartilage, tendons, ligaments. It also contributes to the strengthening of hair and nails. Moreover, it acts as joint pain supplements that help relieve arthritis pain, knee pain, and back pain. ​ From age 30, the body suffers an annual loss of 1% collagen. After 50 years, the body can only produce about 35% of... read more

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Knee Pain Causes, Knee Pain Symptoms, Treatments and Risk Factors

Knee pain or kneecap pain is one of the most dangerous things in the health life of a person. Basically, it is a pain in... read more

Best Sleeping Mattress For Back Shoulder and Neck Pain

If you cannot enjoy sound sleep and feel pain in the neck and back shoulders, the reason can be wrong sleeping posture and lack of... read more

Pain during pregnancy and How to Relieve while pregnant

It is undeniable that expecting mothers have a certain glow in their faces. Who would not have when pregnancy is considered as the most special... read more

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