Cause of back pain during pregnancy

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Temporary back pain during pregnancy is a major issue for the women. Mattresses are main options to reduce or avoid the back pain. In this discussion, we are going to cover the information about back pain and its causes. We will also discuss some products helpful to reduce the pain while increasing the comfortable sleep during night.

back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a considered a happy period in the lift of a man and woman. No doubt it brings happiness in life but it also needs sacrifice. Every woman accepts the troubles and problems in order to save the new life progressing in her womb. Pregnancy is a period of natural changes in woman’s body. It gives origin to a new life inside the womb. Most of the women don’t feel comfortable when they are pregnant. When talking about back pain, it is necessary to see what factors are contributing to the back pain during pregnancy. Normally, they face major as well as minor health issues related to the pregnancy. Normal hormonal changes and growth in uterus is considered a main cause of aching back. Several studies are available to explain the back pain in the period of pregnancy. Let’s see how medical sciences explain the matter.


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Identifying the causes:

Expansion in the uterus normally moves the center of gravity while stretching out and abating the muscles in abdomen. This changes the body structure and put extra pressure on the back. The same situation may also create nerve stress especially if it is pressing a nerve. On the other hand, your body weight is growing. It is not the overall weight of fetus growing in your womb but it is the structural facilities related to the growth and nutrition of a new life inside the womb. Carrying more weight in the body means your muscles are required to do more work. This will increase the stress and fatigue that’s why the joints in the back feel worse and pain starts at the end.

Hormonal changes are also considered important in this matter. According to the studies published by American Gynecologist Association, three quarters of the patients (pregnant women) experience the aching back. In most of the cases, the aching back appears in late months and it increases as the pregnancy progresses. This pain could be stable even after the birth of baby. However, the women facing Postpartum Back Pain normally get freedom after a few weeks or months. Don’t worry about the aching back because there is no relationship between the pregnancy result and back pain.

Causes behind the back pain in this crucial period are numerous. We have discussed some common medical reasons above but it is also necessary to focus on physical properties. Let’s have a quick view.

Weight gain

It happens after 2 months of pregnancy. When the pregnant woman gains weight, it ultimately increases pressure on the backbone. Spine has a major role to support the increasing weight. Weight of the fetus and uterus are also important.

Posture change

The center of gravity changes so the body posture also receives changes. However it happens gradually that’s why it is considered as a supporting agent in the development of back pain.

Hormone changes

The body of a pregnant woman continuously produces different types of hormones. For example, it produces the Relaxin which permits the ligaments present in pelvic region to show flexibility. It also promotes process of joint loosing.

Muscle separation

Your muscles are also getting changes. They are expanding. For example the uterus is receiving gradual expansion. Muscle separation is a main cause of stress and anxiety.

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