Eight Ways on How to Prevent Bed Bugs

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Bed bug infestation is among the growing concern in many homes around the world. This insect does not discriminate between a clean and untidy home. While it prefers a protected area, this does not mean that it is exclusive to cluttered or messy spaces. They feed on the human and animal blood, which is why wherever you may be, you are at risk of bed bug bites. There are even cases when bed bug bites are acquired outside the house. The problem rests on the fact that bed bugs have entered into your home surreptitiously or without you knowing either through luggage, furniture, or clothing. It’s important to know How to Prevent Bed Bugs inside your home.

Bed bugs, while visible, are tiny insects with its nymphs in translucent color. No one will learn about the presence of bed bugs until it has bitten you and left itchy rashes to the different parts of the body. This is why the relation of humans with bed bugs is more likely about treatment rather than prevention. As they always say, prevention is better than cure. So before you find the need to deal with bed bug bites and infestation, here are some ways on how to prevent bed bugs from sneaking and actually living inside your home.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that can easily get into your luggage, clothes, or belongings without you knowing. Once they are inside your home, it will be easier for them to spread from one room to the other. This is especially so since a female bed bug lays hundreds of eggs throughout its lifetime. The only positive thing about bed bug infestation is the fact that it does not transmit disease to your family.

While it does not pose any danger or threat to human health and security, the presence of bed bugs can impair quality of life. The bed bug bites lead to itching and rashes, which when found on the more exposed parts of the body cause anxiety and reduced confidence. It can also disrupt sleep and relaxation time. Remember that bed bugs sneak into the beds, sofa and carpet, among many others. Doing the regular things with the family like watching television or the more important sleep may be affected because of the presence of bed bugs.

How will I know if there are bed bugs inside the house?

Yes, bed bugs are small but that does not mean they are not visible to the naked eye. Adult bed bugs can grow as long as five millimeter in mahogany color. As a prevention measure, the determination as to whether bed bugs have infested your home or not will require you to inspect your area especially the common hiding place for bed bugs. Any of these following instances will indicate the presence of bed bugs in your home.

  • The finding of alive or dead bugs is a strong indication that your house could be already infested with these insects.
  • They normally live in cracks and crevices of the bed or other objects. In cases of infestation, there is a greater chance of finding cream-colored eggs in these areas.
  • Since bed bugs change skin as they mature, dried skin or shells are also indication of presence of bed bugs in your house.
  • Brownish to blackish fecal matters may also be found.

How to prevent bed bugs infestation?

The size of the bed bugs and their ability to sneak into very limited spaces make it difficult to control the presence of bed bugs in your space. So why wait for your home to be infested by these insects when you can prevent them. We listed below some ways to combat and prevent bed bug infestation in your space.

how to prevent bed bugs

Treat your mattress and bed.

Bed bug bites are commonly acquired as we sleep. And as soon as bed bug bites enter your home, they will eventually find their way to the bedroom. This is why it is important to clean your mattress by vacuuming the same while making sure that you are not missing out every possible corner where bed bugs may hide. Vacuum both the mattress and box spring and then replace your encasement with a clean one. Throw out your beddings and clean them regularly by soaking and washing them in hot water so as to kill any bug or eggs found therein. Dry them out under the heat of the sun.

Use bed bug interceptors

Another preventive measure is to use interceptors that you will have to place under the feet of the bed. This will prevent the bed bugs from climbing up to the bed. There are even DIY interceptors you can do at home. It is also advised to keep the bed inches away from the wall.

Vacuum the entire home

Bed bugs may not only be in the bedroom so it is better to vacuum the spaces in your entire house. If you want to do it yourself you can buy vacumn cleaner from any trust store

Avoid bring outside furniture into home

Avoid bringing furniture or objects directly into your home from the outside. When thrift shopping, never bring purchased items from outside and directly into your home especially if what you bought includes furniture and clothes.

Sterilize your clothes.

Wash your clothes in hot water or put them through a hot wash or dry cycle. Heat effectively kills eggs or larvae and adult bed bugs.

Call an exterminator.

When you are not sure if your home is already infested with bed bugs, it is highly advised to call an exterminator. Normally, the exterminator will inspect possible hiding places like crack and cervices. They may heat up your room in order to kill bugs.

Wash your clothes immediately after trip

Inspect your hotel room and immediately wash clothes from your trip. If you love to travel, do not let bed bugs burden you especially when staying out in a hotel and as soon as you get home. Inspect the hotel bed and closet to prevent bed bug bites and to make sure you do not carry bed bugs with you when you get home.

Always pay attention to signs of bed bugs

In any of these, it is important to always pay attention to any sign or symptom of bed bugs. You can do this by regularly check up on your bed and mattress among many others.

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Now you know how to prevent bed bugs from you life. Bed bug infestation is not only a problem exclusive to household, because it is likewise considered a top domestic concern in some dormitories and hotels. But once it gets into your home, you are at a risk of being infested by such insects. Do not wait for a bed bug bite to show up, take preventive measures to minimize or completely thresh out the chance of bed bug infestation in your own personal space.


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