Experiencing Back Pain When Waking Up? Now You will Know Why

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Just when you thought you had a good night sleep and the rest you deserve, you wake up with a terrible back pain and feel Back Pain When Waking Up. Having a pain-free morning sets up the mood for the entire day and a pain in the back just stalls your happy and positive disposition and affects your productivity and worse, when a sore back becomes your morning alarm. This should not be the case. Human beings spend a third of their day sleeping, which is supposed to be painless and comfortable.

In some instances, however, sleep can be a source of back pain and other body aches. A back pain when waking up could either be a simple sore that you got from a bad sleep or it could be a recurring symptom of an underlying ailment. Either of the two, this article will lay down answers to some of the frequently asked questions and what you need to know about a morning back pain.

Is it normal to get a back pain when waking up?

A back pain that arises as you wake up is a common complaint especially for adults. This can be a manifestation of the occasional lower back pain that people get to experience. However, one misconception about morning back pain is that it normal to get a back pain when waking up. Nor is it a normal occurrence along with aging. While aging is one of the factors, the back pain you get as you wake up could be a chronic one especially so if it occurs every morning for several days or weeks already.

Why do I suffer from back pain when waking up?

There are plenty possible reasons why you are suffering from back pain when waking up. The causes may range from a wrong sleeping position to spinal stenosis or ruptured disc.

​Improper sleeping posture

Back Pain When Waking Up

Getting yourself in a still and uncomfortable or awkward position can hurt the body. The same can happen when you sleep especially if you hold an awkward position for a long period that causes compression and starvation of oxygen in the tissues. A poor sleeping position contributes to a sore back when waking up. Health experts suggest that a face-down sleeping position is the culprit for most morning back problems caused by poor sleeping position. In one study, it reveals a small improvement on the back condition of people who were told about the recommended sleeping position.

You are not using the right mattress and pillow for your body

Another contributing factor and could be the reason why you wake up to a morning back pain is that you are not using the proper mattress and pillow for your body. Considering what type of sleeper you are, the right mattress for you may vary. In choosing the proper mattress, what you should look for is that which provides plenty of support to your back giving your spine a good rest. Choose the Best Pillow for Back Pain for example placing pillows under the knees or when sleeping on the sides, between the knees, give ample support to the back.​

Inflammatory back pain.

If it is not the sleeping habits that could be bothering you, then it could be an inflammatory back pain. This means that inflammation of the back usually flares up in the morning. Generally, it co-exists with other symptoms like inflammation in other body parts like the tendons, fingers, and toes. Those who have a family history of spondyloarthritis are at risk to inflammatory back pain. In most cases, an inflammatory back pain comes severe and one that does wake you up from sleep.


Fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder characterized by muscoskeletal pain that affects sleep, memory, and mood issues. It is associated as a cause of back pain because those who suffer from this condition experiences fragmented sleep and a deprivation of deep restorative sleep. The fatigue and lack of rest aggravates the pain in the morning.​

Muscle imbalance

When the back muscles are imbalanced or lacks condition, there is a probability of getting up from bed with a back pain. In muscle imbalance, some muscles are stronger or tighter than others. This may result to improper bone positioning in the back. This is common to lower back pain when waking up as muscle imbalance leads to problems in joints, discs, and vertebrae.​

Spinal disc problems

A back pain in the morning when you wake up could be as worse as a spinal disc problem. The spine utilizes discs, which is a spongy or jelly-like substance that is present in between vertebrae to prevent friction. What happens when you sleep is that the discs rehydrate referred to as hydrostatic pressure. During this phase, the discs are swollen making you a bit uncomfortable in the morning. Hence, it is emphasized to get up in the morning using the side muscles to prevent adding pressure on the lower back.​

What are some tips for a back pain-free morning?

Morning back pain can be a result of a variety of reasons. The positive side, however, is that there also several things you can do to ease the pain and to prevent the same for back pain-free morning.

  • Get yourself the right mattress according to your body type aiming for that mattress, which will provide adequate back support. Also replace your mattress after seven to ten years. Placing a pillow in between the knees, when sleeping on the side, or underneath, when a back sleeper, gives the spine its natural curve.
  • Over-the-counter painkiller can be of help especially if it is only a muscle pain that will eventually get better throughout the day
  • Hydrate yourself to enable soft tissues to work properly.
  • Go for at least 30 minutes of cardio or aerobic exercises that do not create a lot of impact like running or cycling. Among the choices are walking, swimming, and elliptical. These exercises promote blood flow to the spinal tissues.
  • Stretches or light exercises that improve the flexibility of the hip and trunk are also ideal.
  • Heat application and massage are also recommended to address trigger muscle points in the back.
  • Pay attention on how you get out of the bed. Avoid twisting and using the back to stand. Instead, roll on to your side and use the arm to push your body up from the side-lying position and use the legs, not the back, to stand.


Sleep is supposed to be relaxing, pain-free, and energizing. We spend about a third of our day in bed, which makes it more important to pay attention to our sleeping habits. Not only will it give us adequate rest, but also to ensure that we wake up to a pain-free morning. While there are self-help methods you can do to improve back health when waking up, recurring symptoms of back pain that bothers every morning should, however, be properly checked to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

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