Five Recommended Pregnancy Back Pain Relief Product During Sleep

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Nature of Pain during Pregnancy

Your body experiences many changes when the new life starts growing inside the body. In addition to the weight, body size increases to accommodate the baby. Though these changes are necessary, but cause some discomfort and pain as well. Each and every day, the size of uterus increases, so the ligaments and muscles supporting the uterus stretch out this brings uneasiness and pain. As the baby grows, the uterus gains weight and gets heavier. Front of the body experiences an increase in weight thus; the body bends onward. To maintain the balance of the body, the pregnant lady leans backward; this makes the back muscles harder. Due to pull on back muscles, you feel severe pregnancy back pain.
Pregnancy Back Pain - Nature

During pregnancy, a specific hormone is released which makes the ligaments more relaxed than ever. Consequently, the joints become elastic to prepare the birth canal passage for the baby. Women have to face back pain from the beginning of pregnancy; however, it becomes severe in later months. Among 60% expected women, the back pain starts from the 5th month, which makes it difficult to change the position, especially at night. Discomforts in shoulders, ribcage, lower back and upper back cause problems to a pregnant woman if she stands or sits for a long time in one position. Side by side, leg cramps affects more than 45% women, particularly during the last three months. Due to the ligament relaxing process, the connective tissues in the hips and pelvis get loose thus a pregnant lady cannot enjoy sound sleep at night. In order to avoid pain in parts of the body and restless nights, many pain relief mattress are available in the market. If you are interested to use reliable products, here are the five ways to ease back pain:


Pregnancy Miracle


Recommended Back Pain Relief Pregnancy Product During Sleep


Use Body Pillow to Sleep Comfortably

Total Body Pillow Leachco SnooglePregnancy Back Pain - Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Snoogle total body pillow is ideal for pregnant ladies as it gives maximum support to tummy, neck, hips and the back area. Unlike other pillows, it is specially designed to give support to weak areas, to maintain the temperature between knees and keeps the head in prop up position to breathe easily.

The comfort pillow is offered to lessen pregnancy back pain and to support the body from tip to toe. Besides sleeping, the pillow can be used for relaxing as well. Washable cover, horseshoe form of the pillow and comfortable material are just the right choice for women. The curved end is inserted closely between the knees to keep you cool and relaxed all the night. For expected moms, there is no other solution as reliable and safe than the snoogle pillow. Its shape helps in preventing lower and upper back pain, heartburn and many other pitfalls. Gone are the days when expected moms used to get exhausted early in the morning. Use polyester made soft pillow to wake up invigorated and energized.


Leacho Body Pillow Back & Belly Contoured

Pregnancy Back Pain - Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

This body pillow gives as much support as you need during pregnancy. It is just the thing which helps in removing pregnancy back pain and adjusting the growing belly appropriately. As the name shows, it gives support to the tummy as well as the back. There is no need to reposition the pillow. What you need is just turn your side and get perfect sleep the whole night.

The Back N Belly Body Pillow has an hourglass shape which assists in aligning the hips perfectly. It is the most economical and guaranteed solution that works against congestion, carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatica, fibromyalgia and gastric reflux.

It does not matter what is your posture while sleeping or taking rest as the inner contours follow the curved body shape. Custom fit body pillow elevates the hips in order to ease the pain and strain on joints. Pregnant women get uneasy when they cannot find a single position, comfortable enough to take some rest because sleeping in the same position for a few hours means to have aches in the body. To tackle with this problem, the U-shaped pillow is offered to sleep while elevating the head, keeping the Back N Belly between the knees or sleeping on your back. Warm polyester back N belly comfortable pillow has custom cover which is easy to remove and wash. Whatever is your weight or height, it will carry out all your demands.


Maternity Support Belt to Relieve the Body Weight

Bracoo Maternity Breathable Back Support Abdominal Binder

Pregnancy Back Pain - Bracoo Breathable Abdominal Binder and Maternity Back Support

Bracoo is recognized for its matchless materials and innovative quality to design sporting equipment. The products are designed with quality craftsmanship to maintain the standard in the market. People all over the world, rely on these products to get maximum support for ultimate protection and to improve performance. No doubt, for a lady it is one of the priceless moments to go through the pregnancy time period. Increase in body size and baby weight cause strain, fatigue and lower back pain. Using a breathable belt is one of the best ways to get rid of pregnancy back pain.

This belt is particularly designed to maintain the right posture and work without pain. To give comfort and fit to size support, two flexible belts are used. It is easy to wear the belt the whole day and stand properly without feeling pain in spine, pelvis or abdomen or lower back. No need to restrict your movement as abdominal binder is offered to get ultimate protection.

The belt generally raises the abdominal area and alleviates the pressure on the back. Use of pregnancy belt relieves the pelvic pain, muscle soreness, fatigue, spinal pressure and uterine prolapsed. It reduces the spinal pressure, which is caused due to the unbalanced weight of the baby. What is more interesting is use of the breathable belt during and after pregnancy to correct the pelvis posture. After pregnancy, the belt is used for slimming purpose as well. There are different colors and sizes; however one size can be adjusted for 46 inch hip area.


Gabrilla Maternity Adjustable Support Belt (Medium)

Pregnancy Back Pain - Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

It is one of the most recommended flexible belts that have become the first choice of pregnant ladies. It is made up of 20% Lycra and 80% Polyester. For uterus support and pregnancy back pain, nothing is as reliable as Gabrilla support belt.

A pocket is attached to give cold or hot therapy. The back area of the belt is six inches wide that promotes the desired posture. Women use many creams to get rid of stretch marks, but results are usually unsatisfactory. The maternity belt keeps the body in perfect posture to avoid stretch marks.

The adjustable belt has the capability to fit even if size increases. It is quite easy to use this belt because it is light in material and remains invisible under the clothes. The medium support belt keeps you healthy during pregnancy. It is available in a diversity of sizes and colors.

Maternity support belt improves firmness in order to make the hip area stabilized. The additional compression offers matchless lower back and abdominal support, reduces the pain and gives warmth to improve therapeutic healing as well.


Relieve from Pregnancy Back Pain by Changing the Position of Feet

There are various precautionary measures that are used during pregnancy as a treatment to reduce back pain. You are carrying above 20 pounds of extra weight and body is undergoing a lot of physical and internal changes. In such condition, it is dangerous for the health of baby to take pain relief medicines on a regular basis. You have better and more economical option to ease the pain. Elevating leg rest products are best to deal with issues such as back pain, swelling in feet, pain in ankles and knees.


Elevating Leg Rest FW 4020 Hermell Product

Pregnancy Back Pain - Hermell Products FW4020 Elevating Leg Rest


It maintains the curvature of the coccyx and lower spine by elevating the position of the feet. When you lie down, it becomes terrible to breathe as some kind of pressure is experienced in the heart area. While keeping the feet and ankles 8 inches above the level of the heart, you can eliminate pregnancy back pain and sleep well even in back posture. The cotton cover is removable which can be washed even in the machine. The product gives surety of better blood circulation, ease from pain in varicose veins. It has zero gravity, which supports the pelvic tilt.


Ortho InteVision High Quality Bed Wedge

Pregnancy Back Pain - InteVision Ortho Bed Wedge with High Quality

The size of Ortho Bed Wedge is 8” x 21” x 24”. High quality product has two layers of foams, named as Firm Foam and Memory Foam. To give comfort to expected moms, memory foam layer is used over the firm foam base. Its basic purpose is to regulate the blood circulation. When feet are positioned on an elevated bed, the posture helps the spinal cord to get some rest and get relief from severe pregnancy back pain.

It is one of the safest and economical products that can be used regularly from first trimester till delivery. The wedge pillow is manufactured with high quality base foam of furniture graded. It has a layer of memory foam over base foam. Use of two layers makes it certain that the product is durable and comfortable as well. The presence of unique profile helps the leg area to lift up to a bit higher position. As a result, maximum mitigation is observed in the back area.

Egyptian high quality cotton is used for pillowcases. Net weight of wedge pillow is just 3.2 lbs so it is quite easy to change its positions. Though removable and easy to wash cover is provided with wedge pillow, but for the convenience of expected mothers additional pillowcases are offered at low rates.


Memory Foam Comfortable Knee Pillow

When pregnancy discomfort is mentioned, usually people relate it with back pain and swollen ankles. Knee pain during pregnancy is hardly a surprising factor. Everyone knows that knee pain begins when the body keeps excessive weight. During pregnancy, a woman carries almost 25 pounds additional weight, which causes pressure on the weight tolerating joint, thus severe pain is felt in the knee area.

Besides weight, hormonal changes play a great role in causing knee pain. Certain hormones are released in the third trimester to loosen up the tendons and ligaments in the pelvic area. These hormones do not only trigger the flexibility, but also affect on other tendons, especially around the knee area. To get relief from knee pain, various products are launched, but the foam knee pillow is the best due to non-toxic effects.

Carex Memory Foam Best Knee Pillow

Pregnancy Back Pain - Carex Memory Foam Knee Pillow

The knee pillow has an ergonomic shape which is perfect for spinal alignment. Its design supports in overcoming hip, lower back, joint and ankle pain. The memory foam pillow improves the circulation system and reduces the pressure on the knee area. Unlike other pain relief products, it gives more comfort and instant relief from soreness.

Memory Foam Carex knee pillow can be used while sitting or sleeping to avoid pregnancy back pain. When the knee pillow is adjusted between the leg areas, it keeps the spine, hips and legs aligned and parallel. Due to use of beyond compare memory foam, it gives a feeling of relief. Polyester hypo allergic cover is used which is removable and washable.


InteVision High Quality Knee Pillow
Pregnancy Back Pain - InteVision Knee Pillow with High Quality, 400 Thread Count

InteVision Knee Pillow is made up of base foam and memory foam. The two layers of foam have changed the pillow into highly resilient and comfortable product which will never get compressed. The ergonomic design allows the legs, hips and spine to get aligned. Optimal alignment helps the expected mothers to get rid of pregnancy back pain, joint or ankle pain.

The knee pillow is designed after carefully observing the requirement of the body during pregnancy. Thus the pillow can placed around or between the legs to maintain the required circulation level. Even if the pillow is used on a routine basis, it will never change its shape. The soft and flexible foam enhances the comfort level so that you can sleep well. The Egyption cotton cover is 100% pure. Thread count up to 400 and quality zipper have made the knee pillow the most durable product.


Use of Heat Pad

Pregnancy time is full of blissful moments; however constant pain can affect on muscles and joints and cause constant pain in the lower back. Almost 60 to 70% pregnant women use some kind of heating pads to get some relief. With the help of these pads, inflammation is reduced, soreness lessens and pain in knees and back is eliminated. As compared to other pain reducing methods, use of heating pad is quite safe for the mom and the baby.

When the temperature of the body increases rapidly, it affects negatively on the development of the baby. It is the reason; heating pad is suggested as it raises the temperature of the specific body area. Feel free while using pain relief heating pads. Pregnant women need to follow some precautions while using electronic pads. Use of the heating pad is not harmful, but one should not sleep when the pad is switched on as the constant exposure may cause light or severe burning. Here is the description of the best heating pads in the market which have received a satisfactory response:

Sunbeam Extra Large Xpressheat Heating Pad

Pregnancy Back Pain - Sunbeam Xpressheat Heating Pad, Extra Large

Extra large size Xpressheat heating pad is designed by using state of the art technology. It is an instant source of heat which gives the feeling of warmness just in 30 seconds. In other words, it is the most effective way to overcome pregnancy back pain.

Sunbeam Xpressheat technology has a digital heat meter that indicates the level of progress. There are six different settings to choose the required heat therapy to get some relief. Auto-off adjustable feature is offered to modify the time period of therapy for an hour, two or more. The Sunbeam heating pad is made up of soft fabric which gives the comfort to the back area.


King Size Sunbeam Heating Pad 732-500 with UltraHeat Technology

Pregnancy Back Pain - Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad with UltraHeatTechnology

To achieve the desired temperature level and maintain the level of heat, Ultraheat technology is used in king size heating pad. It is ideal for pregnant women and arthritis patients. The heating pad 732-500 has three adjustable settings. Moist heat therapy is best for intense and penetrating pregnancy back pain therefore Sunbeam ultraheat technology is provided along with absorbent sponge. This soft machine has a slide controller and large size switch. The King size heating pad is available in blue color. Its size is 12” x 24”. Just like the use, the soft machine has washable, easy to care cover. It’s time to take care of yourself to enjoy healthy and active life.


Prevent or Reduce Scars, New or Old Marks

The last thing is not pregnancy back pain relief; however, it’s crucial for women. It’s how to prevent or reduce scars, new or old marks

Body Merry Scars and Stretch Marks Cream

Pregnancy Back Pain - Body Merry Stretch Marks and Scars Cream

Merry Stretch and Marks Cream reduce the scars. It provides intense hydration. Organic cocoa butter, vitamins B3 + B5+ C + E, Shea Butter, Organic seed oil, Prim Rose oil, Sun flower Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Plants Stem Cell, Organic Jojoba Oil, Grape seed Oil, extracts of Japanese green tea leaf and Algae extracts are used to rejuvenate different skin types.

The creamy and milky moisturizer has power to penetrate to give smooth and flexible skin. It is effective for cracked and dry skin. It can be used as sun block to avoid dehydration. The affective ingredients in the cream have made it effective. You can easily spend maximum time in the sunlight. It is just perfect to use during and after pregnancy. The expected women can apply the cream on the face or abdominal area to reduce the old scars or to prevent new marks on their body; however the cream cannot help in overcoming the pregnancy back pain.


InstaNatural Scar and Strech Cream

Pregnancy Back Pain - InstaNatural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream

InstaNatural is the best ever scar and marks removal cream, which is used by men and women. The best part of this moisturizing cream is use of organic and natural ingredients that give effective results on all skin types. Vitamin C, Jojoba oil, vitamins E and Argan are some of the organic ingredients that are part of this nourishing cream. These natural nutrients give surety to men and women of all ages that the cream will give them maximum benefits and keep their skin moist and hydrated all the day.

InstaNatural works smoothly and reduce scars and stomach marks which are either caused by weight loss or pregnancy. Usually men have marks on their thighs, arms and back area when they lose weight whereas women have stretch marks around the abdominal area. Use the perfect cream anywhere on the body to get the required results.

InstaNatural cream has the capability to prevent scars and remove tiger strips by peeling off the dead skin. Moreover, it works on reddish blue scars that look terrible on the body. After pregnancy, women experience certain changes on the face and abdominal area. Keep on using InstaNatural cream to restore the natural texture and tone of your skin. The non toxic ingredients in the scar and stretch preventing cream help in revitalizing fairness. A specialized formula is used for skin nourishment and healing. Besides removing the old scars, regular use of Insta Strech cream prevents new scars to appear on the skin. The cream fades away the blemishes and avoids scars or stretch marks to form on the body. It does not matter whether you need to restore your skin type or to get rid of skin marks. InstaNatural cream has power to strengthen the skin texture. Use of natural elements makes it difficult for stretch marks to become visible on the skin, but it cannot help in relieving pregnancy back pain.


The aforementioned non-toxic therapies play an effective role in the treatment of pregnancy back pain. It is up to you to try heating pad, knee pillow, maternity support belt, body pillow and elevating leg rest product to get relaxed. Most of the expected women are reluctant to use painkillers to reduce pain, so choose the most helpful, safe and cost effective method to enjoy the moments from first trimester up to delivery.
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