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Pregnancy, without a doubt, is among, if not the most exciting phase of a woman’s life. For women who have always dreamt of having their own family celebrates pregnancy with so much love and joy.  There are a certain glow and glee to expecting mothers during their pregnancy. While this stage of motherhood can bring so much excitement and happiness to the soon-to-be moms and dads, there are also complications that come with pregnancy including the infamous sciatic nerven pain during pregnancy. The changes that come about during pregnancy impose a risk to the mother’s health. Pregnant women are more likely to experience some ache or pain in their body. While most of them are necessarily part of pregnancy, one should be more cautious and not turn a blind eye on any body ache or pain to prevent any condition from getting worse. One of the most common grievances by expecting mothers is sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. This article emphasizes the importance of tackling health issues pertaining to pregnancy. To simply ignore this pain would result in permanent injury or damage to your health.


What is sciatic nerve pain?Sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy - mom

Before we head on to the details of sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy, it is important to learn and understand what is sciatic nerve pain. Sciatic nerve pain or commonly called as Sciatica is an umbrella term that refers to any pain in the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve can be traced from the lower back down through the legs to the feet. This nerve is the largest nerve in the body, which provides the sensory and motor functions to the lower extremities of the body. This painful sensation is more of a symptom rather than a problem itself, which means that a sciatic nerve pain can be an indication of an underlying cause.

One should not ignore a sciatic nerve pain because as mentioned it is only a symptom of a more serious condition. Sciatica arises when the sciatic nerve is compressed by reason of slipped or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and even arthritis. Another reason why it is important to have the pain checked by the doctor is to prevent any permanent damage to your body. Sciatica can be debilitating, which may hamper your everyday routine.

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Products pregnant women need in overcoming Sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy

Having learned what is sciatica and the importance of dealing with the same immediately and effectively, here are products that are intended to provide relief to pregnant women in managing sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy.

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt (Medium Support), X-Large, Beige 

It is highly important to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle, especially during pregnancy. Maternity support belt helps relieve pain and supports your bump. If you are working or if you are experiencing hip and pelvic pain, lower back pain or sciatica, be sure you get the right belt for the perfect fit and support for you. This Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt is a highly recommended maternity belt for you to minimize sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy.

Product details:

• Size/ Dimension- This maternity support belt is available in sizes from small to triple extra-large, which is 6-inch wide in the back.
• Colors- It comes in three different colors: beige, black, and white.
• Support- Gabrialla support belt offers medium support.


Easy to adjust

As you gain weight and your bump grows, it becomes more difficult to move. This is the reason why an easy to adjust support belt would be ideal. It has multiple adjustments and with easy adjustability, you will surely get a right fit for adequate support. If you have no one else at home to help you with your belt, an easy to adjust belt like the Gabrialla support belt would be perfect for you.


You may be wearing this belt for an hour or all day long, that we do not know, but what we know is that you can count on the comfort this belt gives. It does not make your skin itch, but rather gentle and comfortable against the skin. Moreover, it comforts to the body and is not visible as an undergarment. There is no reason to compensate comfort for support because with this belt you can have the benefit of both.

Provides excellent support

Maternity belt is basically made to provide adequate support to help you maintain an active lifestyle while improving the back condition and posture. This Gabrialla support belt does the job as it adds compression to stabilize the hips. During pregnancy, your ligaments become loose because of the expansion in your pelvic area. This compression likewise increases abdominal and lower back support. It does not use tummy strap to prevent straining of your growing bump. With this, you are secured that your bump gets an optimum support.



This Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt has impressed lots of its users. However, there are cons that you need to note before heading on the big purchase. First, while this belt is truly comfortable, it can make you sweat in hot condition or during summer. Another thing is getting the right size. Be sure to do proper measuring because you might not get the full benefits of a maternity support belt.


Love Home Memory Foam 3d Ventilative Mesh Lumbar Support Cushion Back Cushion

Whether it is a long drive, an afternoon in the garden, or a good read at night, it is important to equip yourself with a good back support. It effectively reduces pressure on your back while ensuring proper posture. The additional pressure on the sciatic nerve and the spine causes sciatica. While sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy cannot be avoided, there are ways to manage the condition and relieve the pain. This Love Home Lumbar Support is what you need to overcome this phase.

Product details:

• Dimension- This lumbar support measures 13 inches in length, 13 inches in height, and 4 inches in thickness.
• Material- It is made with memory foam and mesh cover with zipper and elasticized belt.



Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this Love Home Lumbar Support is made with comfort in mind. Whatever you do, day or night, you can rely on this breathable support so you do not sweat even in long sitting. Moreover, the ventilated mesh cover boosts the comfort level you can experience with this lumbar support.

Improves posture and relieves back pain

Another advantage of this seat cushion for those suffering from sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy is the fact that it helps correct posture. When you are pregnant, your posture is affected by reason of weight gain. You can use this on the base of the seat to ensure correct position and posture. At the same time, it reduces stress on the back and effectively alleviates lower back pain.


What makes this lumbar support a must-have for pregnant women is its versatility and portability. You can attach it to an office or computer chair or use it in the car especially during a long drive. You can do this with its integrated strapping system so you can easily fix it to any chair or seat.


After going through the advantages of this lumbar support, it is time to note its disadvantage. The strapping system of the chair may not fit the size or dimension of the chair. In this case, you can securely and with stability fix the strap around it so it does not move when you get off the chair and back.


Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White

Whether it is for sleeping or just relaxing, expecting mothers need an additional pillow that supports the tummy. This way, your muscles are relaxed to ease the sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. Find the right pillow according to type, size, and material that caters to your preferences and specific needs.

Product details:

• Dimension- Leachco Snoogle measures 60 inches in length, 24.8 inches in width, and 7.2 inches in height.
• Weight- This body pillow weighs about five (5) pounds.
• Material- The Original and Basic Snoogle pillow is made with polyester and cotton blend while the Chic variety is made with 100% cotton.



Get a good night sleep minus the discomfort of sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy with this comfortable Leachco Snoogle. Here comes the mother of all pregnancy pillows, which features full body support. This pillow comes with a slightly curved end that you can tuck in between your knees so you feel comfortable all night long. Furthermore, the comfort of this watch does not entail heat and so you feel cozy throughout the night.


Making your life more convenient, this pillow is long and you can adjust or position it according to your height or preference. Apart from that, it has a washable and removable cover so you can continuously enjoy the comfort and support from this trusted pillow.


For pregnant women, it is important to surround yourself with only safe items. Good thing that this cotton or polyester and cotton blend pillow are BPA free, latex free, lead-free, and phthalate free. You are, therefore, assured of your and your body’s health and safety.

Provides support

When you are the type of person who cannot sleep without multiple pillows, now you can with this one. It can take the place of multiple pillows while ensuring alignment of your neck, hips and back as well as support to your tummy.


This Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow has also some disadvantages. First, this pillow can be expensive. For its material, this pillow costs more than an ordinary pillow. Second, the cover of the Snoogle is a little difficult to put on and take off.


Elevating Leg Rest FW 4020 Hermell Product

Relieve body discomfort and lower back pain during pregnancy with this relaxing Hermell Elevating Leg Rest. Sciatic nerve pain is felt from the lower back through the legs and down to the feet. If you have been on your feet all day, this elevating leg rest will help you relax your legs and feet to further ease the pain in the lower back.

Product details:

• Dimension- This leg rest measures 26 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 8 inches high.
• Material- The elevating leg rest is made with foam and poly/cotton cover.


Washable cover

Spend more time on the things that matter. Making your day extra-convenient is the washable cover of this elevating leg rest. Considering that this is used for the legs and feet, it is just important that the leg rest is easy to maintain and clean.


This leg rest is made with foam and thus relaxes the legs and feet from pressure. It also allows the circulation of the blood, which is another relaxing factor of the leg rest. If you are a back sleeper, the elevation that this leg rest yields can bring so much relief.

Reduces lower back pain

For pregnant women suffering from sciatica, this leg rest will give you the relief you need. It effectively reduces lower back pain by reason of its zero gravity spinal alignment. With just the right height and density, your leg and lower back muscles will feel relaxed so you do not experience any discomfort and pain at night.



Given the merits of this elevating leg rest, it also has some disadvantages that probable users would like to consider. First, this product can be a little overpriced. Second, sleeping on the sides with this one can be a little odd but other users have got used to it. Lastly, this is a firm leg rest so for those who are used to plush mattress or leg rest, then you might feel uncomfortable in the beginning.


Penetrex – Pain Relief Cream, 2 Oz

In times when we are outside the comfort of our homes and sciatica triggers or attacks, it is very convenient to have a pain relief cream like Penetrex on hand. It relieves several ailments like hip pain, neck pain, and sciatica. For pregnant women, however, it is very important and a prerequisite to consult first your doctor before using or applying any pain relief cream to make sure you get the safest product for sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy.

Product details:

• The Penetrex pain relief cream has active ingredients that include pyridoxine (vitamin B6), Methylsulfonylmethane, Cetyl Myristoleate, Bilineurine Bitartrate, Arnica, and Boswellia Serrata.
• The product is for adult use only.



Pain relief cream comes handy in case of need for a quick relief from inflammation. But what most people do not like about cream is the fact that most come as greasy and sticky. If you are among them then you will like this Penetrex pain relief cream because of its greaseless and smooth consistency. The scent also quickly vanishes so it does not overpower the other products you use especially when you are out of your house.

Easy to use

As mentioned above, this anti-inflammatory cream comes handy. You can just slide it inside your bag and carry it with you wherever you go. Plus, it is easy to use. You can directly apply it to the affected area and massage until absorbed by the skin. This is ideal since sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy may occur anytime.


This Penetrex pain relief cream is a globally acclaimed anti-inflammatory cream and is a best seller of its kind. It effectively reduces inflammation in the affected area from the skin down to the muscles and nerves. It gives relief to the sciatic nerve during pregnancy especially those brought by inflamed discs. The effect of the cream is definitely quick and long-lasting.



Given the advantages and benefits of Pentrex anti-inflammatory relief cream, let us move to its disadvantages. First, this is not absolutely recommended for pregnant women. You still have to see your doctor before using it for yourself. While this cream claims that there was no reported side effect on its use, there is a significant number of reviewers who maintained that it did not work for them as expected.


The joy and excitement that pregnancy brings is only one phase of the entire process. Pregnant women undergo episodes of discomfort and pain, which are unbearable at times. Sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy should not be ignored or taken too lightly. Sciatic nerve pain imposes a risk to the health of the mother, which may affect the health and safety of the baby. It is important to seek professional or medical intervention in cases of sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. Remember that more than the painful sensation sciatica is a symptom of an underlying cause, which could worsen if not immediately and properly attended to.

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