How to Choose the Best Pillow for Back Pain?

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Human body has a certain level of pressure. All this pressure is controlled and maintained the back. best pillow for back painIn fact, the back contains backbone with spines having extraordinary potential to offer resistance against the body pressure. It is almost impossible to lift weight even the body weight on legs if you have a weak backbone or spine. Maintenance of the backbone or spine health has become one of the major concerns in United States of America. Millions of people are victim of spinal problem or backbone issues in this country as well as the world. Do you know there are best pillow for back pain?

How to choose the best pillow for back pain?

A pillow offers resistance or support to the backbone. Normally, the pillows are used at home for sleeping hours. On the other hand the pillows have different shapes, types and sizes. There is a big role of a pillow and cushion to provide extra support to your spine. Whether you are buying a pillow for rest or sleep it is necessary to consider the important factors. Let’s have a close view on the types of pillows available for the back pain. After gathering information about the types of pillows and their features it is important to consider the step by step guide to select the best pillow


Pillow stuffing

Stuffing is always important. In fact, the pillows are combination of different factors such as material, stuff, shape and design. Stuffing is given more importance in the selection process because it makes a pillow more suitable for the specific use. A pillow with 50 % feathers is more efficient to reduce the back pain. According to the chiropractors, the feathers are very important for the lumber back support. In fact, the feathers are just springs in the mattress. They provide comfortable feeling and support to the lower back.

People who can’t use the pillows with feathers just because of allergies and asthma are suggested to focus on the studies. Most of the medical studies show that high quality feather pillows are not a big risk for the allergy and asthma sensitive people. If you don’t want to take risk than choosing a pillow with synthetic feathers would be a good option. Buying the high quality pillows are always expensive but you can consider some cheap options such as polyester pillows.

Cost is not everything

It is strongly recommended to consider the quality of pillows whenever looking for the best pillow for back pain. As a matter of fact, the cost is not everything. It is not costly than the treatments of backbone pain. Therefore it is required to consider the quality whenever buying the pillow for back pain. The buyers can visit various online stores in order to search various brands offered by the manufacturers with lowest prices.

Physical checking is necessary

best pillow for back pain - choose pillowChecking the pillows physically allows the users to identify whether it is suitable or not. This can be done at store. Most of the stores offer a place to lie down. You can check the pillow there in order to find the suitability for neck, head and lower back. The neck should be properly aligned with the spine in order to avoid the lower back pain development. Ask someone to check the tilting position of your neck. Select a pillow that keeps your neck connected to the spine in a straight line.

Your sleeping style:

Yes, it is also important. No doubt, it is not related to the shape, size and structure of the pillow but you have to consider it in order to choose the best pillow for back pain. It has been noticed that sleeping style can make the high quality pillow useless for a person. Therefore, it is recommended to have information about your sleeping style. Some of the common sleeping styles are given below.

  • Sleeping on back: The people who sleep on the back are suggested to choose the thinner pillows. The thinner pillows keep the head close to the center avoiding throwing too far. There must be extra loft in the pillow so it will maintain the neck alignment.
  • Sleeping on side: This is a common sleeping style. People with this style should consider firmer pillows. In fact, the firmer pillows fill ear to shoulder distance accurately. This prevents distortion in spine.
  • Stomach sleeping style: This sleeping style is also common among the teenagers. People with this type of sleeping style need a flat pillow. Basically, stomach sleepers don’t need a pillow because they can put their head on the bed and there will be no distortion of spine. However, the stomach sleepers should place a thinner pillow (flat) under stomach to avoid risk of lower back pain.

Pillow fillers:

Several types of fillers are used to prepare a best pillow for back pain. Nowadays, the manufacturers prefer to use most common fillers such as feathers, latex or wool. The pillows with memory foam and simple density foam are also important to reduce the chances of lower back pain.

Types of pillows available for the back pain

  • Lower back pillows

best pillow for back pain - lower back pillowBasically, these pillows are Lower Back Support Pillows. These are designed with a special idea to keep backbone in a perfect alignment. It is obvious that backbone and its alignment have a major role in development of lower back pain. Most of the cases observed by the orthopedics and chiropractors reported that people with bad sleeping, sitting and traveling postures are commonly affected by the lower back pain. It is required to treat this issue with the help of specialized pillows designed for the back pain relief. It would be better to consider the best pillow for back pain relief available in the markets.

Sitting for a longer period of time always disturbs the backbone, thighs and legs. This develops more pressure on the spine in order to create a significant posture. It is necessary to avoid the muscle tension because this regulates the back pain. Pain in legs, knees and lower back is a direct cause of wrong posture with longer sitting habit.

For this type of pillow I recommend BackGuard™ – Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion. BackGuard is an amazing lower back relief product for the patients and it is cheap. This pillow is considered a potential option to reduce the back pain just because of equal pressure technology. It is more reliable because of the confident posture development. It maintains a healthy posture in order to avoid the distortion in the spine. Durable and comfortable materials such as elastic straps and high density memory foam increase the pleasurable sitting experience. This pillow has been rated as a top opportunity by the expert orthopedics and chiropractors in the world.

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  • Body pillows

best pillow for back pain - body pillowThe body pillows are given long shape and structure. The basic purpose of designing these pillows in a long shape is to offer maximum coverage to the back. These pillows can be used for the sleeping, traveling as well as sitting. In most of the situations, the backbone starts to deteriorate when it is given tough time alignment without resting. Body pillows help the spine to stay in a correct alignment. This directly maintains the body posture.

Women having pregnancy usually find it difficult to sleep with a small pillow. The body pillows having a large surface area offer them more contact and support. Basically, the pregnant women need more abdominal support in order to avoid the backbone pain. Increasing abdominal area puts extra pressure on the spine, shoulder muscles, pelvic region, knees and legs. The body pillow will be a best pillow for back pain during pregnancy.

For Body Pillows I recommend Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow.:This full body support pillow offers maximum resistance against the body pressure. It is prepared in a scientific style that enables the structure to maintain body pressure and alignment. This pillow has special appearance to cover the entire body while sleeping. In this way, the pillow offers full protection to your back. The product is among the best selling lower back support pillows. It is considered as a best pillow for back pain because of its resilient foam, fine mesh and cottony material.  All these features make it more suitable to treat the lower back pain within a few days.


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  • Neck Support Pillows

best pillow for back pain - neck support pillowThese are also used for the back pain relief. In order to treat the lower back pain it is important to understand all the possible reasons involved. In fact, spine alignment starts from the neck portion. This portion is responsible for the allocation of pressure. On the other hand, the human neck has the edging bones from where the alignment starts. It is necessary to keep it in a proper shape in order to maintain the shoulders, mid back and lower back. The neck pillows maintain pressure between head and neck. In this way, the users get rid from the cervical spine issues. These pillows are also known as orthopedic and cervical pillows.

I want to recommend Tri-Core Cervical Pillow for neck pillowThis product has been designed to cover various portion of body. Basically, it is developed to provide support to neck and head. It is based on a soft velour fabric with a unique shape. The shape option allows the users to customize it according to the head and neck requirements. The pillow contains hypo-allergic polyester that’s why it is recommended to the people who are allergic to feather based pillows. This pillow contains an option to adjust the size. The users can adjust it according to three standards in order to feel more comfortable.

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  • Travel pillows

best pillow for back pain - travel pillowAs a matter of fact, too often traveling is one of the most important causes of back pain development. It can be controlled with the help of adjustable seats, cushions and pillows. Nowadays the manufacturers are producing pillows for lower back pain. The traveling pillows are among the best options available for the people. It would be better to consider the “U” shaped traveling pillows because these are good to maintain the body curves while traveling as well as sleeping. The traveling pillow is considered a best pillow for back pain because of the extra support it offers to the head and neck. In this way, it maintains the pressure on head and neck. This allows the body to have an equal division of pressure.

Our choice for travel pillows is The Original FLEXi 4-in-1 Convertible Travel Pillow. It is an amazing example of memory foam pillows with proper alignment option. As a matter of fact, the convertible traveling foam pillows are mostly recommended by the chiropractors to treat neck pain while traveling. The pillow has been equipped with accurate size and shape. It also has a handy approach that’s why it is portable. The pillow can grab the neck, shoulders and lower back in order to maintain the body alignment. It is also used for a comfortable sleep during travel. This pillow is suitable for the people who travel a lot for job or recreation.

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  • Donut pillows

As the name indicates, this pillow has a Donut Shaped pillow for back pain - donut pillow This structure allows the users to avoid lower back pain, hip pain and thigh pain. In fact, these pillows are placed on the table chair, office chair or car seat. A depression is created in the center so the coccyx region will not receive more pressure. Normally the longer sitting creates pressure on the coccyx region. The depression in the pillow keeps coccyx region above the surface and it doesn’t receive pressure.

For Donut pillow I want to recommend Aylio Donut Ring Comfort Foam Medical Seat. This is a best pillow for back pain for complete tailbone support package for the users. This pillow is based on modern technology that enables the users to cover the tailbone from three dimensions. It also offers lateral support in order to maintain the perfect spine posture. The biggest advantage of this product is the portability. This can be used with office chairs and car seats. It is commonly recommended for the users who feel back pain when watching TV, working at office or driving cars. It is recommended for the Perineal Pain, Anal Fissures, Pelvic Floor Pain, Pilonidal Cyst, Episiotomy, Anal Tearing and Anal Surgery.

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