How to Pick Best Car Seat Cushion for Back Pain

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This life is fast today. We spend most of our time at office, traveling in buses or vehicles, working at sites and other places. It is very obvious that life has become more hectic and people have no choice except working hard to earn livelihood for the family. Those who drive cars, trucks and other heavy vehicles always love to find the best car seat cushion for back pain. Is back pain common among drivers? As a matter of fact, back pain is not a common problem for the car drivers but the people who spend more than 3-4 hours driving a car a day always face this issue. The backbone and spinal area is not designed to stay in a fixed posture for longer. This is why the spinal area or backbone bears more pressure especially when a person uses office chair or car seat for longer.


Things you need to consider before buy car seat cushion

best car seat cushion for back painYes, there are numerous possibilities available for the car drivers. It is recommended to make the car seat more comfortable and flexible. It has been observed that a rigid and strict seating inside the vehicle makes extra pressure on the hip bone, backbone and spines. It is required to utilize something softer and flexible. Changing the entire seat is a preferred option but it is also possible to utilize a cushion if you can’t afford a new seat for the car. Now we have got an idea but there is another thing to remember. How to choose the best cushion for your car seat? Choosing the best car seat cushion for back pain is a complex deal. You have to be careful because it is a direct deal with your health.

Do you need market visits?

Well, it is hard to say “No” because market visits allow the people to have more information about the techniques and strategies others using to control the back pain. It is no longer a simple deal to remove the effect of back pain. It is believed that back pain automatically vanishes within a few days but persistent pain indicates immediate visit to doctors. There are various advantages of visiting an automobile market where car seats and cushions are sold. This helps the buyers to identify main products, their features and prices. They also learn about the effective strategies recommended by the car drivers and manufacturers. However, this method needs more time and effort. This is why most of the people don’t prefer this laborious and time consuming method.

What about online search?

It is a great deal to save more time, money and efficiency. Finding the best car seat cushion for back pain is very simple with the help of digital technology. It would be better if you try this exclusive method whenever present at home, office or wherever. Don’t forget to visit the well known sites such as Amazon in order to locate the best products produced by leading manufacturers. Let’s see what types of features should be checked while purchasing a seat cushion for your vehicle.

Focus on the manufacturer and dealer:

When buying the best car seat cushion for back pain it is required to have details about the manufacturers. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer or company’s name helps the buyers to identify the trust level of product it makes. Finding the feedbacks and reviews about the cushions produced by a famous manufacturer becomes easier and time saving. A good manufacturer offers reasonable prices for the high quality products. It also offers warranty after use. Free shipping is a plus point that must be considered as an advantage.

Type of seat or cushion:

Selection process continues because of the several determining factors. A seat cushion for the car has different features. Therefore, manufacturers have divided them into different categories. Mainly there are three types of cushions available for the car seats.

  1. Standard cushion.
  2. Lumbar support cushion.
  3. Two piece car seat cushion.Standard cushion for the seat has a simple structure. It sits on the car seat or office chair itself. On the other hand, the lumbar support cushion offers extra support the lumbar portion and spine while the third type of cushion is best because of two parts designed to support back and coccyx. Let’s see what types of cushions for the car seats you may find in the markets.

Simple seat cushions:

best car seat cushion for back pain - Coccyx Support for BackThese are simple and small. These seat cushions are designed with flat pads. These pads are considered more reliable in the matter of comfortable feeling. Actually, these pads remove extra pressure present on buttocks and offer considerable support to the coccyx. The simple but technical structure of these pads makes this type of seat cushion more effective for the people who have the problem of sciatica. Those who have faced the tailbone pain can also use this seat cushion for instant relief. Because of the relatively small size, these cushions are portable. It is easy to adjust them with the office chairs or car seats. Users can easily pick them to use inside the car after using at office. Amazing design and structure make it suitable for different types of environments especially in the airplane.

Back support cushions:best car seat cushion for back pain - back Support

These are very comfortable and effective for the lower back pain. It has been observed that structure of these cushions make them reliable and effective because they can stick with the bottom of office chairs as well as car seats. A specialized convex pad is present to produce extra support for the spine. Ability to stick with bottom and maintaining the spine make it a best car seat cushion for back pain. It offers a natural spine positioning to the drivers. Usually, these cushions come with straps or Velcro. The purpose of attaching Velcro or straps with these cushions is to make them adjustable with all types of seats and chairs. Always pick the perfect size. Yes, these cushions are available in different sizes. This is why users must consider the waist or back size in order to get desired level of back pain relief. A perfectly fit cushion keeps you away from the sudden jerks, slouching and spine displacement. With the help these features, the users feel alert and active for longer period of time.

Full seat cushions:best car seat cushion for back pain - full seat cushion

As a matter of fact, these cushions come with seats. In order to have a car seat with full seat cushion, you will need to have a genuine car seat from the market. You will also require replacing it with the original seat installed by the manufacturer. These seat cushions are more reliable and comfortable because of the full lumbar support. These cushions also offer extra coccyx support to the users. These seats are designed in bulky and heavy structure. It keeps the car driver in a tight position so the body posture will stay maintained and tuned. Using this type of car seat cushion allows the users to avoid sudden slipping, jerks and slouching.


Important considerations for the buyers:

Do you have your own car? People who have a car at home don’t mind to make it more comfortable. Buying the right piece of seat cushion would be an effective strategy in order to secure the driving. Basically, you are focusing on the ways and products to avoid the back pain while driving. It is recommended to focus on the given considerations in order to make a right deal.

Secure the seat cushion:

While choosing a best car seat cushion for back pain it is necessary to focus on the full covering. As mentioned above, there are car seat cushions available in the markets with full covering facility. Buying a full covering or capturing seat cushion allows the users to get maximum protection from the elements responsible for the development of back pain. For example, a driver sitting with a seat cushion that doesn’t leave any space always gets extra lumbar support, coccyx support and comfort. Most of the permanent drivers such as truck drivers prefer to have a seat cushion containing massage beads. These cushions are permanently joined with the seats in order to offer more support. This type of seat cushion has been recommended to avoid Thrombosis by the orthopedics and chiropractors.

Cleaning should be easy:

Second most important factor to be observed in a seat cushion is the cleaning easiness. A eat cushion should be easy to clean. The seat cushions covered with the simple Faux Leather are better for the drivers. In fact, this type of covering materials can be cleaned easily with the help of a simple wipe. The cushions having removable fabrics are also good. However, the cushions having fixed fabric materials as cover are difficult to clean. If you normally drive in the areas where temperature is high then you will leave extra sweat on the fabric and it will become dirty. Therefore it is recommended to pick a best car seat cushion for back pain that is easier to clean.

Size and shape:

best car seat cushion for back pain - choose car seatYou can’t ignore this point. Size and shape of the seat cushions should be checked as a primary factor. In fact, you are buying an additional support product in order to avoid the back pain and elements causing back pain. It would be better to focus on your waist, shoulder and back size. This will help to select a seat cushion that fits with your body perfectly. Why we give more preference to a perfectly fit cushion? Actually, there are two basic reasons behind this matter. A perfectly fit cushion presents two major benefits including the ergonomics and portability.
Cushion having extra height will put pressure on your thighs and it will make sitting uncomfortable. On the other hand, a cushion having extra curve will disturb the natural alignment of the back. Using this type of cushion gives no pleasure and comfort. Always be careful about the sizing options. It would be better to test the cushion by placing it inside the car because this is the only method to identify a best car seat cushion for back pain. Remember, you are going to make a big investment that’s why it is very important to check the size and shape. It is required to measure the seat cushion size twice. Trying the seat cushion with the car seat always enables the buyers to identify suitability level. On the other hand, it also tells them whether the cushion will offer comfort or not.

Vacuum based cushions:

Nowadays, vacuum based car seat cushions are present in the markets. These cushions are being more and more famous because of the great tendency to maintain the buttock region. Normally, these cushions are preferred by the people who suffer lower back pain and hip pain. According to the chiropractors and orthopedics, the vacuum based cushions are efficient in the matter of balancing the seat as well as hips. As compared with the foam based cushions, the vacuum cushions offer more resistivity after long use. The foam becomes pressed and shows rigidity. On the other hand, vacuum cushions always remain soft and comfortable because they regain their original shape after some time.

Compare the prices:

Definitely, you have to pay for the best car seat cushion for back pain. Nowadays there are various types of cushions present in the online markets. It is no longer difficult to compare the features and prices. However, you are suggested to check the reviews of products in order to learn about the prices. Quality is a major concern but price is the most important factor. You can compromise with the quality by purchasing a medium quality cushion having good rating but purchasing an expensive product out of your budget is nearly impossible.
According to some experts, both price and quality should be considered when buying the car seat cushions. It is recommended to check the list of medium quality products. Find the prices of various products having similar features. In this case, you should pick the cheapest car seat cushion offering brilliant features.

Our suggestion for Best Car Seat Cushion for Back Pain

Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion for Lower Back, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief

This car seat cushion has been recognized as one of the most efficient options for regular drivers. The product has a simple structure with a perfect sitting place. This cushion allows the drivers to feel comfortable while driving cars and trucks. On the other hand, the Aylio Coccyx car seat cushion offers portability function. It is easy to pick because of its light weight. You can pick it from the office chair or car seat to be used anywhere. This type of car seat cushion is best for the traveling purposes and can be used for airplane seats.

TravelMate Large Medium-FIRM Wellness Seat Cushion (Size: 17 x 13 x 3 inches. Color: Black)

The next cushion on our list is another memory foam product, which is proving to be a popular choice when it comes to car seat cushions. That’s no surprise considering memory foam seat cushions remember the shape of your body and adapt to provide the best level of support you can find. This Large medium firm wellness seat cushion is no exception and it’s the best car seat cushion to absorb shock.

It’s pretty basic in design but is incredibly affordable and does the job very well. It uses layers of memory foam and furniture grade foam to create the optimum comfort to provide support for your lower back and surrounding area. What’s more, its flexible design will easily fit the shape of most car seats and it features a zippered cover that you can easily take off and chuck into the washing machine to clean. When it comes to car seat cushions, this is one of the most flexible choices you’ll find.


TravelMate Coccyx Orthopedic Gel-enhanced (Medium-Firm) Comfort Foam Seat Cushion (Gray)

The TravelMate Coccyx Orthopedic Gel-enhanced Comfort Foam Seat Cushion provides great support and comfort to reduce pain. Use it at the office, in your car, wheelchairs and on airplanes. It’s made of a gel/memory foam combo, where the gel is molded on top of the memory foam. It has a rear cutout section to help eliminate back pain by reducing pressure on the tailbone. It help keep your spine in alignment, which helps you maintain correct posture. That takes pressure off of your neck, back, coccyx and hip bones.  Its velour cover is zippered, so it removes easily for washing. It has a built in handle for easy carrying. Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 3 inches.

Extra-Large TravelMate Seat Cushion (Size: 19 x 17 x 3 inches. Color Black)

We’re approaching the end of our top 10 list of the best car seat cushions you can find, so it’s probably a good point to put in one of the best all round seat cushions you can find. This is another one from TravelMate offering high density memory foam that provides a comfort level unparalleled with many competing problems. Arguable, this is one of the best car seat cushion for long trips and holds up pretty well even after long time use.

This cushion is widely acclaimed because of its ability to dissipate pressure effectively whilst also conforming to the body’s shape. It all sounds pretty scientific, but in brief, this is a great quality cushion that provides both comfort and pain relief.

It’s worth noting though that the cushion will need a break-in time in order to be fully effective in providing comfort and pain relief.

EDEALYN Four Seasons General Pu Leather Bamboo Charcoal Breathable Comfortable Car Interior Seat Cushion Cover Pad Mat for Auto Car Supplies Office Ch

Most of the car seat cushions we’ve featured in this list so far have been pretty hefty in size. This product from EDEALYN is a thinner product that you’ll easily be able to transport everywhere, whilst not adding too much vertical height to your car seat.

It’s made from a completely breathable material that keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That being said, you’ll need to check that the product doesn’t interfere with your seatbelt placement before buying.

Car Seat Cushion with Strap | Driver’s Wedge with Coccyx Support for Back, Hip & Leg Pain | Orthopedic “Clever” Memory Foam with Breathable Mesh Cover

Broadly speaking, the Driver’s Clever Memory Car Cushion has been produced for the people who are regular travelers. This car seat cushion has high portability feature. It has been given a specific design making it adjustable in all types of environments. The biggest advantage of buying this car seat cushion is the portability and adjustable straps. High quality mesh covering allows the drivers to avoid deep pressing and sweat accumulation. This cushion is easy to clean and can be washed (dry clean). It is also called as Driver’s Wedge because of the considerable hip, back and leg pain relief.


Car Seat Cushion / Pillow Coccyx Wedge Memory Foam – by Dr. Tushy

For some people, standard foam car seat cushions just don’t do the job. They quickly lose their support and generally don’t work for some people. That’s the exact audience Tushy Cushy are targeting with their Auto Car Seat Cushion.

The memory foam technology used to create this Auto Car Seat Cushion is some of the best available on the market, promising to reduce pain in the lower back. If you regularly suffer from tailbone, lower back or sciatica pain, this cushion is designed to provide the relief you need. What’s more, you might just find yourself spending more time in the car because of it!

If you find that your back just isn’t getting the support it needs on long drives, this car seat cushion is undeniably going to target the root of the problem. It’s also one of the slightly cheaper memory foam products you’ll find too.

Kenley Orthopedic Gel Cushion Pillow for Car Driver Seat or Office Chair – Lower Back Lumbar Support & Perfect Sitting Posture – Sciatic Nerve, Pelvic, Sacrum, Tailbone, Coccyx, Sciatica Pain Relief

When it comes to picking a good car seat cushion, the obvious choices are between standard foam and memory foam variants. However, have you ever considered a silicone gel cushion for your car, much like this product from Kenley?This silicone gel cushion is designed to make even the hardest of car seats comfortable with its silicone gel filling.

One of the problems with foam or memory foam cushions is that they can get pretty warm during the summer. However, silicone gel cushions are very different. Because of the silicone gel used within the cushion, it’ll keep your bottom cool even during the warmest of the summer months.

The Kenlry silicone gel cushion also packs a handy little handle that allows you to carry the cushion with you, meaning you can use it with your office chair, dining room chair and generally just make every chair comfortable to sit on.

Aylio Donut Ring Comfort Foam Medical Seat Cushion

This car seat cushion is more suitable for the women. As a matter of fact, it has obtained an ideal structure and design making it more efficient in the matter of spinal and hip support. It removes the back and hip pain gradually. The product has been rated by the top chiropractors because of its excellent potential to offer relief in tailbone pain, sciatica and hemorrhoid. Its round shape enables the pregnant females to have a permanent position without any risk of slipping and jerking. Basically, it is a ring pillow with a removable covering and fine mesh fabric.

Sharper Image Multi-Use Gel Seat Cushion, Black

It is a Gel Filled cushion for the cars. This cushion is rich in back support features. The manufacturer has tried to produce a considerable shape with the help of latest pressure point technology. The lines present on this cushion help the users to avoid pressure on buttocks. It is excellent for the lumbar support, posture maintaining and pressure removing. Multi Use Gel cushion is considered a best car seat cushion for back pain because of the spandex outer or polyester cover. This covering makes it durable and more comfortable. This product is fit for all types of vehicles.


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