Insoles for Flat Feet: Which are the best?

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People with flat feet often approach me with several questions, but there is one question that I answer more often than others, and that question is: “Can a pair of flat feet insoles relieve my discomfort?”Such is their ordeal, but if I am, to be honest, a simple “yes” or “no” will not be an adequate answer to that question. First of all, they must understand that insoles for flat feet or arch support insoles can not cure flat feet. Flat feet are responsible for some of the most painful symptoms that occur in the feet. These symptoms said to be improved by insoles for flat feet for years. Most people make wrong decisions when it comes to picking an over-the-counter flat feet insoles. Before decisions are made on the right one to pick, it is crucial that you understand what flat feet are and why there is so much pain associated with it.

What is Flat Feet?

Both children and adults are susceptible to flat feet, which often referred to as “fallen arches.” This condition can affect either or both legs and failure to support fallen arches properly can lead to other complications. The first problem with those with this condition is that they transfer the weight of the body to the other side of the feet when walking. This condition must be properly taken care of otherwise; it will degenerate to prolonged pains, discomfort, an even more severe foot, and joint problems.

insoles for flat feet - what is flat feetA good pair of shoes provides the best relief for flat feet. Running shoes, sneakers and corrective walking shoes are some of the shoes that offer the best support, but I understand that you cannot always wear this shoes because you probably have to make use of work shoes, and other shoes for your social life.

If that is the case with you, you can add inserts to any of your classy shoes, and it becomes perfect for you. Also, if you want to avoid foot pain and still look sharp, inserts are your best bet. They can be used as a supplement or as a replacement for insoles in your regular shoes. Inserts are durable, capable of lasting the duration of several shoe spans. Most of the mass produced insoles for flat feet cost about lower than $50 on the average.

We research on some model of the flat feet insoles on the market at the moment and have resulted with a list of the best ones. When compiling this list, we took factors such as effectiveness, durability, and affordability into consideration. We also looked at some of the reviews of buyers.

How Do I Pick the Best Insoles for Flat Feet?

People with flat feet are often faced with challenges whenever they go shoe shopping. It’s like it is impossible for them to find that shoe that is supportive, comfortable and well fitted. That is why most of them have resorted to finding an Over The Counter (OTC) insert to customize a shoe that can work correctly for them

Selecting insoles for flat feet that offer the right amount of stability, flexibility and structure are important. Cushioning for shock absorption should also be considered. You have to ensure that you pick one that will not compress after using it a couple of times. The padding must be supportive and springy to give the right support, and the cushion must be able to absorb shock otherwise, you will keep feeling pain in the joints and lower back.

insoles for flat feet - how to chooseSize is also a crucial factor; it ‘s hard to find an OTC insole that will perfectly suit your leg as well as various types of shoes which you wear. You must also know when to buy the next size and how to trim them correctly.

Even when it perfectly fits, your brand new flat feet insoles will sometimes feel a bit strange. This feeling often leads to people discarding or returning the insoles. To avoid this, take your time before choosing. After you must have bought it, give it time. Your misaligned muscles and ligament may take a while to get accustomed to correction.

This article describes in details, the best choices for insoles for flat feet. We hope you find it useful when selecting your inserts for everyday shoes. Reading and also look out for the reviews to ascertain which of the reviews has a similar problem with you.

Best Insoles for Flat Feet Reviews

Powerstep® ProTech Full Length – Men’s 3-3 1/2, Women’s 5-5 1/2

insoles for flat feet - Powerstep ProTechFeatures and Benefits

These Powerstep insoles for flat feet are one of the best sellers in the history of insoles. It is what most people need. They are comfy, simple, affordable and can suit several types of shoes. This brand has gathered some interesting followership over the years with most of its users claiming to have used it for several years and went back anytime they need replacements. They offer extra support to old kicks and hold up well over time.


  • These insoles for flat feet are universal which means they go well with almost all kinds of shoes and can be used by both genders.
  • Several old users reviewed that they are very durable. Several of them attested that they use a pair for several years before replacing them.
  • A sturdy anti-microbial fabric is used to make the top layer of cushioning. Those who review stated clearly that it helped to resist odor and can stay compact without fraying.
  • There are two layers of foam which medically sculpt from a foot bed under the fabric. It is this foam that offers heel cupping, support, and correction for pronation. Some reviewers stated that the extra flat foot support helped their heel pains.
  • From the reviews we read, we can say that most users see it as a straightforward and affordable solution to foot discomfort and suffering. Some said their podiatrist recommended the Powersteps for conditions ranging from heel pain to plantar The affordable rate and durability were what attracted a lot of them to it. They see it as a cheap and effective way of correcting flat feet.
  • These flat feet insoles made in the USA.


  • Some reviewers stated that it took more space than expected in their shoes because of its thickness. They are thicker than several other inserts. Some of these inserts may be manageable with you actual size of shoes, but in most cases, you may have to go for a shoe size slightly bigger so as to accommodate the inserts. We advise that if you are to go for a bigger shoe, go for one that is a half size larger than your actual size.
  • The cushions on them aren’t that much. They don’t add much padding to your shoes; they just provide structure; that’s how they work.
  • We don’t think it is wise to return them almost immediately if you don’t feel too comfy with them because similar to other inserts, they require some wearing in and this takes some time. After a couple of uses or weeks, they should start getting comfy. Reviewers said they didn’t want to go back after getting used to one feeling.

Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

insoles for flat feet - Superfeet Black PremiumFeatures and Benefits

The Superfeet insoles for flat feet is a better option for slimmer shoes or dressier shoes. They don’t change the structure or shape of the shoe; they just provide support and the fact that they are thin means they can fit into shoes easily. People who spend most of their days putting on work shoes always use this model and still feel the need to get some extra support for their flat feet.


  • This flat feet insoles can fit into most dress and work shoes because of their slim nature. They can perfectly fit with non-removable They also made use of very light-weight foam in the cushion. Some people reviewed that although they felt very comfortable, they could barely notice that something additional to their shoes.
  • They are very supportive, even though they are thin. They give shoes with flat midsoles a better structure without altering the lower arches. It also corrects pronation thanks to its structured heel cup. It also minimizes joint and foot stress as reviewed by some buyers.
  • There is foam cushioning which covers the entire footbed. People who have used it have attested to its ability to support arch pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • There are reviews which support that there are no odors or persistent smell even after using it for a long time. This is because the material used in its production was designed to negate odor.


  • Some reviewers say it might take a week or more to break-in. Some others stated that they were perfectly okay with the support and structure, but felt they needed a little more cushion. This evident because of how thin the design is. One cannot expect it to have the same level of cushion with the Orthaheels or the Powerstep.
  • Some reviewers stated that the size patterns are quite peculiar and advised future buyers to be careful when measuring your shoes based on the online size guide. They said it was a better idea to get an actual ruler than to accept the number written inside the tongue.

Orthaheel Full Length Orthotic

insoles for flat feet - Orthaheel Full Length OrthoticFeatures and Benefits

Orthaheel is a company led by a podiatrist who dedicates to help people relief suffering from foot problems by providing them with functional and fashionable orthotic options. These insoles for flat feet are very popular and are known for their comfort from the very beginning of when you start using them. The best part is they have the capacity to improve pronation without altering your fashion looks. These inserts are perfect for people with plantar fasciitis.


  • Right out of the pack, these insoles for flat feet are comfortable. There is no need to endure some discomfort for a while before they break in. Unlike other inserts, they are extremely flexible, which makes it easier for users to decide if they have found what they need or if they have to keep searching. This is a standout feature from other inserts because; for those, you have to use them for about a week to allow adjustments but this one needs no such time.
  • The reviewers made it clear that they appreciate it supple and its flexibility. Several users who were using custom orthotics say that the Orthaheels’ mass-market model gave them the same support; however, it was more comfortable, less stiff and less restrictive. In the end, they gave up their podiatrist inserts for the Orthaheels inserts.
  • They are well structured despite their supple and flexible nature. They offer moderate support for the arch, full foot cushion, and heel coping with their sculpted EVA footbed. Some reviewers say the arch can place perfectly in the shoes and its cushion makes it very comfortable.
  • There are reviewers say the support provided is enough to correct pronation, even in regular shoes. Another also say that they no longer need specialist shoes because their stress joint pains have reduced drastically. And some others say that they were able to get their leg to align properly. From the reviews, we can say that hip pain, knee pain, and foot issues benefit a lot from this insert.


  • A reviewer stated that these insoles for flat feet are no good for people like her with high arches. They didn’t provide the required support for her and was only good for people with flat feet or normal feet.
  • Of all inserts on this list, they are the bulkiest. Some reviewers said it made their shoes too small while some others stated that they could only use it when they removed the original insole of the shoe.

Superfeet Insoles – Green Premium

insoles for flat feet - Superfeet Insoles – Green PremiumFeatures and Benefits

Superfeet Green Premium insoles for flat feet are extremely beneficial to the general well-being and offers support while at it. It’s biomechanical shape, and exceptional stability makes its design one of the best. They help the legs and feet; protect them from plantar fasciitis, knee stress, ankle pain and heel pain. The stress on the ligaments and muscles are reduced when the foot is properly aligned. Some people don’t understand that wearing footwear that doesn’t have the right arch support could cause foot complications a leg fatigue for them. Superfeet offers a broad range of insoles, each meeting different biochemical and shoe needs. Green Premium Insoles remains one of the most popular and one of the best-selling insoles for Superfeet.

These insoles for flat feet have designs suitable for footwear of higher volume with wider heel counter and removable insole. They recommend for people in need of maximum support and decent shock absorption.


The Superfeet Green flat feet insoles also provide that little extra something like all other Superfeet insoles. Here are some features to look out for in Superfeet Green Insoles. Controlling the mechanics of the foot and properly aligning them to your body are the major purposes of the Superfeet Premium Insoles. They go the extra mile to reduce the risk of feet injury provide balance and improved stride. It helps people with feet problems to last longer when standing.

The Encapsulating Stabilizer System peculiar to Superfeet is capable of molding the feet and improving the shape of the shoe bottom. They are known to fit into different shoes easily, to give support and prevent pain and discomfort. The designers of this insert took into consideration the fact that it is the heel that gets the first contact with the ground and as such, added a deep heel cup to absorb shock. They also added cushion to aid the stability of the whole foot. It also can reduce smell and prevent blisters through its Eco-fabric Agion antimicrobial top cover made out of very low friction materials

People with back and feet problems have often had Superfeet flat feet insoles recommended for them by their doctors or occupational therapists. Superfeet Green Premium can connect the best materials with the unique shape as well as maintain the best foot functioning position through its design making it one of the major advantages of the Superfeet Green Premium Insoles. Superfeet stands out from its competitor’s. Thanks to a perfect blend of patented shape and a great price.


Looking at the disadvantages of these insoles for flat feet, one can say that the most common negative review is its inability to provide support for people with high arches and their failure to suit into tight shoes. It has a thickness of about 3.75mm with a minimum posterior of 8mm, so if your shoe was already tight, you might just have to get a new shoe if you wish to use these inserts. A Superfeet black may be the ideal choice for you if you need a thinner insole. The best part is, they can easily fit into any type of shoes that the foot bed isn’t detachable.


Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length

insoles for flat feet - Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full LengthThese orthotic insoles for flat feet have exclusive designs on the heels which enables it to provide a platform for comfort and support. Its EVA made cushioning foam enhances comfort and stability for the shoe in use. Its top layer is made with an antimicrobial to make it firmer, reduce heat and friction. These insoles for flat feet is widely recommended to help alleviate pains, pronation, plantar fasciitis, and any other uncomfortable conditions on foot. Powerstep is one of the best insoles and often recommended by professionals in the medical world.

Features and Benefits

Pinnacle Maxx is a brand popularly known for stability. The design has a firmer arch, which supports stability like no other. The quality of this brand has made it stand out, and they have not reduced this quality ever since.

The slightly angled exterior heel platform is designed to assist extreme pronators. It offers that extra control to its users when needed, thus giving them great movement. They are also very comfortable as well.

The base of these insoles for flat feet are made from EVA foam, giving it that extra cushioning in the sole to make it extremely comfortable while making its user feel totally in control. The top of these flat feet insoles are made of anti-microbial to ensure dry, comfortable feet even when there is supposed to be heated. The anti-microbial also stops friction of any kind that usually accompanies insoles.

It is designed to seamlessly fit into shoes of different kinds, not requiring any further adjustment. This brand can undoubtedly refer to as one of the best insoles for flat feet and foot pain prevention.


  • It guarantees the stability of the foot with its firm arch support and gives lots of comforts while using it.
  • It enhances movement control, thanks to its angled heels that increases comfort.
  • Designed with the EVA foam durable base so that we can be sure of its extra cushion. This prevents injuries to the foot.
  • The foot is comfortable because of to its top anti-microbial material. The antimicrobial also helps to reduce friction and heat all day.
  • It is designed to fit into different shoes without any need for modifications easily. The arch support can be moved easily from one pair to another, so you don’t have to worry about getting another pair of insoles. They come in handy.


  • They are durable and long lasting; however, they are a slightly more expensive brand.

Orthotics Insoles for Flat Feet by Samurai

insoles for flat feet - Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai InsolesSamurai insoles for flat feet are quite popular amongst individuals who are in need of support for their flat feet, treatment of excessive pronation, plantar fasciitis and heel pain. These flat feet insoles were first a personal design of a podiatrist but the amazing results it had prompted the podiatrist to create a big business out of it. They are not as good looking and fancy as most of the other insoles, but one thing is sure, they get the job done.

Features and Benefits

Samurai insoles for flat feet provide support and longitudinal cushion. It wonders on feet that are prone to injuries, and its forefoot extension prevents a movement of the inserts needed during sports. Leg pains, forefoot arch, heel pain and pronation are the conditions which these revolutionary insoles can help make better.

Your feet benefits both across the arch and lengthwise from its contoured shape, thus enabling a decrease in pain and fatigue. Fatigue reduction support by the comfortable arch and proton heel cushion.

Pros and Cons

They offer better stability and reduce pronation while offering maximum support. Runners in need of arch support can benefit a lot from this, and its ability to prevent sports injuries, flat feet, heel pain, excessive pronation, a ball of the foot pain, etc. make it a sort after brand.

They design in such a way that they can be fitted easily into work boots and shoes. They are automatically engineered and have the capacity to correct over pronation and provide relief for people who tend to stand a lot, perhaps, for work sake. Fatigue and shock absorption are some of the benefits of the proton heel cushion.

Poor foot alignment is a common cause of foot pain and or injuries in sports. These insoles for flat feet correct foot pain, sports injuries, excessive pronation, heel pain, flat feet and so on.

In summary, you can call it the proper insole to offer support, correct bad mechanics, and posture. It is designed to help alleviate pronation and at the same time, avoid foot strain or foot injury. Its unique structure of a full length and prescription like arch supports it treat foot pain. Using these insoles for flat feet for a while, you are expected to gain better control of the feet and a proper alignment of the whole body. It also has a unique fabric cover that helps keep out heat and slippage.

Superfeet CARBON Full-Length Insoles

insoles for flat feet - Superfeet CARBON Full-Length InsolesEveryone just wants a copy of this for themselves. These insoles are very durable, made of synthetic and very affordable. The insoles have a stabilizer cup helps make the feet more comfortable and are effective in reducing pains that associate with flat feet. It fits into different kinds of shoes comfortably. Moreover, It doesn’t cause any irritation to the feet thanks to its increased density foam. This product also has an odor controlling coat to ensure you don’t get any offensive smell from it.

Features and Benefits

These insoles for flat feet have features that can keep away pressure from the foot while providing stability. It has increased density anti-irritation foam although; they are among the lightest in weight. Hygiene is one of the top priority, and that is why it designs with an odor controlling system that helps prevent irritation. For the features it has, it can be considered very cheap. They are also very durable and made from synthetic materials.


  • It made from synthetic materials, so it is highly durable.
  • Odor controlling coating that maintains
  • Can easily be moved from one shoe to another.
  • Stability and comfort are guaranteed thanks to its cushioning.


  • Reviewers said it makes a certain noise when you walk in them.

Full-Length Performance of Sole Air Insoles

insoles for flat feet - Full-Length Performance of Sole Air InsolesThese insoles for flat feet enhance stability and movement control as well as give sports people the support they need with low arches. As expected, the offer stability. It gives you the confidence to do what any activity because it supports from beneath by providing shock absorbers, thus preventing injuries while you carry out your sporting activities. They are also easy to insert in different shoes, and they will fit in perfectly.

Features and Benefits

These flat feet insoles are made from nylon and are extremely durable. You can use this insole for a long time before they begin to wear. When buying this, rest assured that you are buying something that will last for a long time.

They are extremely comfortable on any terrain because it has an arch of 3.3cm high. It is perfect for just about any activity be it work, walk, running, anything. It offers extra support heel and arch which makes it quite useful for athletes of that run, hike, cycle, jump, etc.

For athletes, this insole might be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Absorption impact by the heel and arch of the sole inside which has bubbles from Skydex. It also has an anti-moisture fabric from cool max to ensure coolness and dryness at the feet.


  • They are perfectly okay for strenuous activities because of its great support system.
  • It is highly durable because of the nylon material.
  • It offers excellent shock absorption and great in preventing injuries, thanks to its bubble heel and arch.
  • Comfort guarantee on these insoles for flat feet, and with its arch height, you are certainly always to get the needed support whenever needed.


  • People with excess weight might not find it comfortable.

Original Spenco Total Support Insole

insoles for flat feet - Original Spenco Total Support InsoleSpenco insoles for flat feet do a good job like most other insoles, just that they are not so well known. This flat feet insoles take care of your feet and your pocket. They are quite comfortable, have great support and are quite affordable. They have a top cloth made of antimicrobial which takes care of all odor issues, offering less friction and more support for the arch, via its metatarsal offloading pressure from your ball that is on foot.

Features and Benefits

They enhance comfort, and the fitting is fantastic. Thus further injuries to the foot are avoided. This extra support it offers is as a result of the TPR gel pods that place on the forefoot as well as air grids.

It also improves stability thanks to its half flexible orthotic arch support. They can be easily fitted to different shoes to guarantee comfort when carrying out any activity.

It is popular with a design which offers excellent stability, making you feel like you are floating, and incredible cushioning which has a three-pod system for its support.

With all these features in mind, one can say the price is cheap. The antimicrobial cloth makes it free from bad smell, improve traction in the shoes and reduce friction.

If you put your sentiments aside, you will find out that this insole is perfect for athletes in need of both comfort and affordability.


  • This insole is the insole for the athletes who are money cautious, yet want a good insole.
  • Its arch support orthotic that is flexible makes it able to deliver stability.
  • With its TPR gel pods along with its air grid, they are one of the most comfortable insoles.
  • Improved traction, reduce friction, and eliminate the Thanks to its odor control antimicrobial cloth on the top.


  • Several other insoles have the advantage over this when it comes to durability.



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