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While many people downgrade the lower back pain, the effects can sometimes be debilitating and severe. Any unnatural and painful feeling, not limited to lower back pain, is our body’s way of saying that something is not right with our body. This can range from simple pains, which can be instantly remedied, to the intermittent and dangerous ones. Regardless if it is in the lower back or to other parts of the body, one should take his or her health seriously. What started as a mild soreness might or could lead to a more severe condition. Lower back stretch machine is one another great way to relieve lower back pain.

Lower back stretch machine - manual

Speaking of lower back pain, you should understand that we all go through this at one point or another. It is a common pain. The lower back pain starts from the lumbar region, the area just beneath the rib cage. As it has been said, lower back pain gets better on its own or after some time. But there are also those, which you have to bear for a longer period than usual. So what are the symptoms of lower back pain? Symptoms of back pain can range from stabbing, difficulty in moving, inability to stand straight, and to the most severe ones like pain when trying to cough or urinate, fever, and weakness of the legs. As early as possible, one should find ways to maintain lower back health. Now you can watch over your lower back through a lower back stretch machine.


How to relieve lower back pain

To ease a pain in the lower back, there are several options. You may take medications so as to immediately alleviate the pain. For lower back pain caused by inflammation because of injury, applying ice and heat may help reduce the inflammation for temporary relief. Other specialists have also suggested acupuncture to relieve pain. In more severe conditions, doctors would recommend undergoing a surgery. When it comes to rest, many are still divided. Some health experts and physicians advise their clients to continue with their usual routine and for others with their workout to improve the flexibility of the muscle and to prevent it from getting worse.


Lower back stretch machine - ball stretch

Stretch machine to relieve lower back pain

Apart from home remedies and surgery, another great way to relieve lower back pain is through a lower back stretch machine. Aside from the relaxing and energizing yoga stretches, stretch machines also offer various relief from lower back pains. One good thing about the stretch machine is that you can find it in your gym or better yet, have one in your home.

Whether you want to open tight muscles or ease lower back pain, a stretch machine will improve flexibility and give your back a good stretch. You can work at your own place without any pressure from your instructor or workout buddies. Therapies can be costly, but now, you only get to spend a fraction for a machine you can even use every day. To find the right lower back stretch machine, it is important to get to know these devices so as to determine which works for your needs.


  • Lumbar traction

    This device is particularly beneficial if you intend to correct the alignment of your spine. You will only have to lie down on the padded surface and with the use of straps and pumps, you can start improving your lower back.

  • Portable back stretcher

    With this machine, you can correct or stretch your spine without having to position yourself upside-down. When you apply pressure on the handles, you are thereby improving flexibility and posture, while lengthening the spine.

  • Inversion table

    The most commonly used device is the inversion table. It counteracts forces of gravity on the body. To use the inversion table, you have to secure your feet. The machine will then allow you to turn upside-down into an inverted position. The spine, which rests on the backrest, unloads pressure and reforms the same. This is particularly advantageous for those suffering from a slipped disc.

Whichever lower back stretch machine you choose, it is important to seek your doctor’s advice. If you just started using the machine, it is better to ask for an expert’s help since some positions like inverted position may pose a problem to those suffering from heart problem or high blood pressure.


What is the best lower back stretch machine that you can choose?


  1. Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

When it comes to back muscles and elongating the spine, you would like to take a look into this best-selling and highly reviewed Body Champ IT8070. The first lower back stretch machine that we recommend.

Product detailsLower back stretch machine - Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

  • Dimension- TheBody Champ IT1870 measures 55 ½ inches in length, 29 ½ inches in width, and 57 7/8 inches in height. When folded, it measures 13”L by 29”W by 75”H.
  • Weight- It weighs about 50 pounds.
  • Construction- The machine is built with stainless steel and foam cushion.
  • Capacity- It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and suitable for individuals with the height range of 7’6” to 6’8”.


  • Safe
    The primary objective of getting a stretch machine is to ease back pain; thus, it is important that your device is safe to avoid further injury. Good thing that this Body Champ inversion table is equipped with safety mechanisms to protect you from falling or making the situation worse. This inversion table features spring-loaded pull pin to adjust the ankle quickly. It ensures your safety while stretching through its safety straps and safety lock that keeps the table stable and secure. The device is likewise designed with U-shaped handrails, so you are steady and safe while on it.
  • Easy to use
    When people hear of the word machine, they readily perceive something to be confusing use. But isn’t it that machines are supposedly constructed to make our lives easier? Yes! Do not be intimated by the fact that it looks like any equipment at the gym. This one is very easy to use. Once you had set-up the entire machine and secured your feet, just raise your arms over your head, and the table will move and start to invert.

  • Comfortable
    When you stretch, it is likewise important to give your back and the rest of the body enough support for comfort. Body Champ 1870 comes with a foam cushion on the backrest so to make sure that your back is relaxed while doing the stretch. It likewise has foam rollers to make your ankle comfortable especially in an upside-down position.
  • Space-saver
    For those living with their families, it is important to have a compact machine that does not take much space in their homes. When assembled, the machine occupies only a limited floor area. More so, this machine is foldable, so after you have performed your stretch, you can fold it and store. Plus, with its size and weight, it is also easier to transport the same.


As to the disadvantages of this stretch machine, the first thing you will notice is that it has limited weight capacity and so suitable only for average users. Second, it does not have angle control to suit your preference when the inversion process begins.


  1. Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Chronic Back Pain Stretcher Device

Lower back pain is a symptom that something is wrong in your body. If not fully attended to, the mild pain may get worse. Skip the medication and stay injury-free with this Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Stretcher.Lower back stretch machine - Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Chronic Back Pain Stretcher Device


Product details

  • Dimension- Spinal Labs PT Stretcher Device measures 30 cm X 8.9 cm X 29 cm.
  • Weight- This lower back stretch machine weighs about a pound.
  • Materials- The bottom or base is constructed of rubber while the arch or the main part is made with density foam.


  • No assembly needed
    Unlike other stretch machines, this one comes will arrive at your door requiring nothing more than opening the package. No more assembly needed as this comes exactly as shown in the picture. That simple!
  • Easy to use
    Apart from the fact that it does not need any assembly, it is also easy to use. Just put the stretcher device onto the floor and lay on top of it to give your back a good stretch through its curve or arch. I don’t think you will need instruction or manual to do that. Busy or not, this device works well for everyone. You will need only ten minutes of your every day.

  • Efficient
    Many of you might be asking how a product this small and straightforward can relieve back pain. As it has been said over and over again, do not judge a book by its cover. This machine delivers. Spinal Labs stretcher has arched design that is filled with nodes to massage or loosen the muscle tissues and improve circulation. Moreover, it comes with spinal exercises that are developed and approved by physicians. Thus, you get to do more than what you thought.
  • Portable
    While most stretch machines claim to be compact and space-saving, this one right here takes the stretch machine to another level. With its lightweight feature and compact design, this is extremely portable. Your bag may even be heavier and bulkier than this one. You can place it under the bed or even in the closet.


Given the excellent features of this product, it is now time to learn about its cons. Your first try on this product might be a little comfortable and will take days, so you get used to it. For some, the stretch machine may produce more pressure than what you need or what your back can bear.


  1. Stamina In Line Back Stretch Bench

If you find inversion table uncomfortable and unsafe depending on your condition, then you might want to try this Stamina InLine Back Stretch Bench.Lower back stretch machine - Stamina In Line Back Stretch Bench


Product Details

  • Dimension- Stamina InLine Stretcher measures 72 inches in length, 25 inches in width, and 11 inches in height.
  • Weight- This stretch machine weighs 20.25 pounds.
  • Construction- The foundation is made of steel frame and chrome height adjustment bar while the bench is a vinyl upholstered seat.
  • Capacity- This is recommended for individuals up to 250 pounds.


  • Sturdy
    In investing in any stretch machine, it is highly important to consider its sturdiness. This lower back stretch machine is built with a steel frame to ensure a sturdy and durable foundation that can accommodate any user.
  • Comfortable – height and foam
    Considering that this machine is intended for daily use, it is important to make each session with this machine is just as comfortable as it has always been. The vinyl upholstered bench is padded so your back may relax while laying on top of it. It also has foam ankle and arm support for optimum comfort. It effectively gives your back and even the shoulders and hips a good stretch, while reducing pressure on the back muscles. Moreover, it is perfect for home or office use, the height of which can be easily adjusted.

  • Convenient
    Apart from the fact that you get to save a fraction of what you could probably spend if you have to do it outside, having one in your space can be very convenient. This is particularly true since it is compact and you can store it under your bed. This is an excellent alternative to an inversion table because it requires less space and assembly.
  • Effective
    What makes this Stamina InLine Back Stretch Bench a must-have is the fact that it does only strengthens and gives the back a good stretch. It likewise yields same stretch and relaxation to the knees, hips, shoulders, and ankles.


As to the demerits associated with this product, it is important to remember that this machine prescribes a 150-pound weight capacity limit for the users. Second, while it is a convenient device, a little assembly is needed to use it.


The health of our lower back is just as important as other parts of the body. This is especially true since our backs cover the spine and important muscles and nerves that once injured could affect our day-to-day activities. Nobody wants to lose his or her job because of a simple back pain. However, what most people do not realize is that sometimes the worst back conditions start from a simple or mild pain. Thus, the benefits of these lower back stretch machine. Nevertheless, as it has always been said, it is a prerequisite that we seek our doctor’s opinion before undergoing any procedure. Even with the use of the back stretch machine, you have first to determine which among the different types and features best suits you according to your needs.

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