Middle Back Pain Right Side and how to alleviate

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The middle portion of the back is another focal point for back pain that disrupts our system thereby affecting how we live day by day. The middle back pain has become a normal occurrence especially for people whose work involves adding pressure or motion to the back. But we cannot deny that such pain especially middle back pain right side causes discomfort to the body to the extent that it affects one’s mood and performance or completion of tasks.

The fact that some people experience mid back pain on the left side or right side more often, they think that the sensation will subside after a couple of hours. However, untreated or mistreated middle back pain such as that which can be felt on the right side of the body poses more risk to your health and result to intermittent middle back pain. Among the about 80% adults who experience back pain at one point in their lives, there are those who specifically complain about middle back pain on the right side. Hopefully, this article answers some of your questions and makes things clearer in the end.

What causes middle back pain?

There are several contributing causes why you might be suffering from pain on the middle back. In general, middle back pain is caused by irritation of the muscles or problems in the discs that support or protect the spine, the joints, and tissues. It could be that the muscles and ligaments are injured or overused. In some cases, pressure on the nerves located near the spine produces back pain. Sleeping, sitting, or standing with poor posture can likewise contribute to your pain. Apart from poor posture, other factors include trauma and lack of strength.

How about when Middle Back Pain Right Side?

Middle back pain may be concentrated only on one side, of which the more common is on the right side. This type of pain suggests possible underlying conditions, which could be any of the following:

Middle Back Pain Right Side

​Gallbladder problems

One of the underlying conditions that manifest a mid back pain on the right side is a problem in your gallbladder that could either be inflammation or gallstones. This pain comes along with other symptoms like pain in the abdominal area. It focuses in the middle back pain right side that extends upwards to the shoulder blades.

Herniated Disc

Another culprit is the herniated disc, otherwise known as slipped disc. In this case, a softer substance in the spinal disc pushes out through a crack in the exterior. As a result, it pushes or irritates nearby nerves that send offshoot to right side that causes middle back pain right side.

Urinary Tract Infection

When your bladder or urethra is infected, you are more likely to experience a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). This condition affects millions of people from around the world, the symptoms of which include back pain, fever, and chills. The infection of the urinary tract affects your urination, which may involve burning sensation and increased urge to urinate but decreased output.

Strained back muscle

Muscle strain or sprain could be the most common cause of back pain. This should not be a surprise considering the numerous activities we do that involve our back. Repetitive motions that require our back muscles to work would normally result to strained or sprained muscles. The pain may be centered to any part of the back, including the middle back on the right side, depending which muscles are affected. The time it takes to heal a strained back muscle varies as to the severity of the injury.

Poor posture

Not everyone is gifted with a good posture. Truth is, it takes consistency and training to achieve proper posture. Remember when your parents would always remind you to sir or stand straight? More than anything else, sitting straight especially if you are in an office job has a massive effect to your health. Good posture relieves pressure from the spine as it protects the internal organs. Improper or poor posture causes muscle spasm and acute back pain. So the next time you feel a pain in the right portion of your middle back, get your back straight a.s.a.p.


Appendicitis is the inflammation of your appendix. This condition causes an extreme pain in the right side of the back. The pain usually originates from the middle of the abdomen that travels to the right-hand side where it is located. Hence, the immense back pain on the right side. Walking or coughing makes pain worse and intolerable.

What are some ways to alleviate or treat middle back pain right side?

In general, middle back pain on the right side can be treated naturally or through self-help methods. While it takes specific steps to address the underlying conditions that such pain suggests, there are ways to achieve immediate relief from the back pain.

Back Pain When Breathing - heat and cold pain relief
  • · There are over-the-counter medicines or pain killers for instant relief. 
  • Application of heat and ice are also recommended. Heat application is ideal for chronic pain or injury as it relaxes spasms, stimulates blood flow, and relaxes soreness of the affected organ. Cold application, meanwhile, narrows the blood vessel and slows down the blood flow, thus controlling swelling and inflammation. It is best to use cold or ice application for acute inflammation.
  • Give yourself a break and rest. At times, back pain is an indication that we have overworked. Maybe what your body needs is a good rest. You can find best office char for lower back pain in order to help relief back pain.
  • Stretches and exercise like yoga or back stretch machine also hemp alleviate back pain. There are do-it-yourself exercises approved by experts that anyone can do at home to relieve back pain and improves strength and core.
  • De-stressing and improving posture are some of the small changes you can do with enormous benefits to overall back health

When do you know that pain is a symptom of a more serious condition?

You will know that a pain is a symptom of a more serious condition when it lasts longer than your usual middle back pain that goes away in just a couple of days or weeks. It is also an indication of a more serious condition that needs medical intervention when it comes along with fever, chills, and loss of strength.


Middle back pain on the right side can either be just a result of an overworked muscle, poor posture, or an underlying ailment. When your middle right back starts to ache, do not panic as there are natural methods you can do to alleviate the same. Addressing the back pain as soon as you recognize it will save you additional cost in the future.

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