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balance ball chairAfter using the balance ball chair (or Yoga ball chair) for little over a week, I couldn’t tell if it were helping to improve my core strength, as I was hoping it would, but it just felt like I was sitting and walking a lot taller than I normally would and could also sit for longer hours. If the only thing the ball can do for you makes you more aware of your posture then as far as I’m concerned, it’s doing a great job. Added to that, I also gain an extra outlet to let out some creative nervous energy, (probably burning some extra calories in the process) and my buttocks no longer hurt — so I think I’m very much okay with it.

This is our reviews of some of the best balance ball chair you can find in the market today.There are a good number of products for sale in the market. However, we successfully manage to pick out our top 5, and we have our reasons. We think they are the best quality and benefits the user stands to gain when compared to others.

Review of the balance ball chair

Gaiam Custom Fit

balance ball chair - Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair The Gaiam Custom Fit is surely top on our list. Firstly, we think it’s the best looking balance ball chair in the market, and the Gaiam brand is the manufacture of awesome yoga products with the best quality, including blocks, mats, and a host of other items. When this product release in the market, we had high expectations of it, and we dare to say that the product has exceeded all of those expectations.

Made of polyurethane which is an extremely comfortable, robust and durable material, this patented yoga balance ball produced by Gaiam represents the Gaiam Custom Fit’s seat. This yoga ball chair locks very perfectly into the steel frame, and it can be easily removed for a brief lunchtime workout. You will find a free DVD included with the product which contains some quick and effective workout exercises.

To get the best ergonomic positioning, you can either lower or raise the seat height so that it is in sync with your keyboard, monitor, and desk. Another feature which we find really cool is the lumbar back support. Because of its very gentle feel, you are not tempted to return to your unhealthy sitting positions. You just get the feeling like “It’s got your back.”

When compared with the other rival products, the Gaiam Custom Fit has a very reasonable price for the amount of value it offers. It was really fun testing out this product. You can also see some of the users’ testimonials on Amazon and find that a lot of people love it too. We think this is the best option, especially for first-time users.


balance ball chair - Isokinetics Adjustable Fitness Ball ChairThe Isokineticsis balance ball chair indeed an awesome product. It’s very similar to our number one choice product, the Gaiam Custom Fit, but with only a couple differences.

This yoga ball chair is a great stability ball chair for performing quick exercises because it’s removable. Another great feature is its adjustable height lumbar backrest. You can also raise its base in 5 increments to adjust the height while you can adjust another brand only four increments. One other advantage this product has its variety of colors like; black, white, red, yellow and purple.

The Isokinetic doesn’t come with a fitness DVD. However, you get to find a measuring tape inside which you can use to figure out exactly by how much it should be inflated. A pump included in the package.

Original Gaiam

balance ball chair - Gaiam Balance Ball ChairsOf the five products we will be ranking here, this is the least expensive balance ball chair. But this does not decrease the quality of the product.

The original Gaiam is the first of its kind that was introduced to the market. Produced by Gaiam, which is a confirmation of its top quality, this product has always been on our list of top 5 products. It remained on the number one spot until Gaiam introduced her Custom Fit product.

Dr. Randy Weinzoff, a renowned chiropractor, helped with the design this awesome product. Gaiam’s aim was to design a product that would combine the ergonomic benefits associated with using a yoga with the basic functionality that a traditional chair that is wheeled base offers.

If you are now searching for a product that has always gotten the job done and is also affordable, then the Original Gaiam is a perfect choice. It also comes with a pump.

 The Cando Adjustable with Arm Rests

Yoga ball chair - CanDo Metal Ball ChairFor first time users, this balance ball chair is the perfect pick. Looking for a yoga chair with nearly all the characteristics of a regular chair, then a Cando Adjustable chair with armrests is the right choice for you. It’s even designed like a regular 4-legged seat but comes with a lumber rest instead of a full rise backrest. The only thing it supports is your lower lumbar spine. This helps you maintain proper body posture without any additional support and also helps to build your core muscles in the process.

Another excellent feature this product offers is its armrests. You can either raise or lower them to ensure that your forearms are properly aligned i.e. parallel to the ground. This way, your wrists can sit gently on the same level with your keyboard, and this reduces the risk of issues like carpal tunnel

The Cando balance ball chair is a bit more costly than its rival products. For first timers, we think this is still the best option. It also comes with its pump.

 Sivan Adjustable Back Balance Chair

Yoga ball chair - Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Adjustable Fit ChairWe would recommend this balance ball chair product mostly for teens and college students.

If you are a teenager that is finding it hard to sit up straight, then you should try out this product. It turns out that this product is the favorite amongst teens. It has a sleek, black design and will fit quite perfectly with nearly any college dorm room or teenager’s bedroom.

You can adjust its lower back rest for both depth and height. You can also lock in its four-wheel base in order to prevent any unwanted movement. It also comes with its own pump.

Use this stability ball chair product to prevent your kids from developing spinal cord or back pain problems sometime in the future.

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