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A back support or lumbar support pillow is not for people with back issues alone, but it is also useful for people who do office work or sit for long during the day. Research shows that back problems occur mainly among many people most especially people who do not move around too much during the day doing office or desk work all day. This means that best Lumbar Support for Car is necessary to prevent back pain problem.

Back pain is stubborn and can prevent you from engaging in some tasks majorly those that involve moving from one place to the other. There is a perfect solution to back issues by using Lumbar Support for Car pillows. When you have been confirmed to have back pain, a doctor will possibly recommend a back support pillow. Back support pillows do not have contraindications like most drugs. Back support pillows are useful in many places such as offices, homes or while traveling. In the ten best back support pillow discussed below, we mention some leading quality products.

Top ten best lumbar support for car review​

lumbar support for car - Duro-Med Industries Relax-a-bac

This is the first best lumbar support for car that we recommend. This product has supportive foam and also comes with a strap that can be fixed to your car seat or chair whether office or home. It soothes your lower back pain with this adjustable pillow. Also, it has a variety of 8 colors to blend with your chair or sofa. It is in gray, black, black stripe, black/tan stripe, burgundy, gray stripe, navy and tan stripe colors.

It has a therapeutic curve towards your lower back that clings you and keeps your back straight. The inserted board can be detached if you desire improved back support. A Cover can be removed and washed gently, and the foam is top quality and will maintain its shape. You will be impressed with the 20-inch latex strap with hook to hold the cushion firmly. The pillow won't move about while you seat on it. In size, it is 13 inches tall, 14 inches wide, 5 inches thick in the middle and the total weight is 1 pound.

Bone specialists advise patients to use lumbar support cushions to lessen the lower back pain that affects the legs too, called SCIATICA. The lower back bones burden with almost all the load of the upper body. We do not have information on its warranty period, but most producers have a kind of guarantee

best lumbar support for car - Premium Aroma Remedial lumbar support

Protect yourself from back pain by using desk jockey car seat back support pillow. Cushion manufacture design with carefully, this product gives back support system that takes the back pain away by aligning the hips, ears, shoulders while keeping The natural inward curve of the lower spine in place.

This best lumbar support for car product also has aromatherapy feature that relaxes your nerves when the need arises. A well-placed scent pack spreads a lavender scent from your Lumbar Support for Car pillow that lifts the body, mind, and soul. These scents packs can be microwaved for 15seconds to get the desired heat therapy to your loin area. This product has the money back guarantee just like other Jockey product.

ComfiLife memory foam Lumbar Support for Car pillow

lumbar support for car - ComfiLife memory foam car lumbar support

This product is one of the best lumbar support for car with memory foam is in cool gray color and has 3D features covering your back area for making you cool. It has a strap to fix to your chair or car seat.

Bone specialists and therapists advise their patients to use these pillows to soothe lower back pain when sitting or driving for a long period. Most office comfort chairs are not designed to give support to your back. Use this pillow for your vehicles, office chairs, wheelchairs, etc.

The foam adjusts to your lower back region, so that body's natural curve is still intact. It is produced from high-quality foam and a mesh cover that can be removed and washed. This pillow is good for people suffering from back pain, herniated discs, compressed discs or sciatica. In size, it is 15 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide, 4.7 inches thick and weighs 1 pound. This product has the full guarantee, and if you are not impressed, your money will be paid back. Keep your label, receipts and packaging to ease filing of the claim.

This best lumbar support for car does not have the chemical odor, it is good for a long or short journey, and it gives a wonderful feeling even when resting in your chair. The USA encourages upcoming businesses like desk jockey situated in Central Florida; a growing family owned business providing job opportunities to the locals and buyers on

Guard your back; pain indicates that something is wrong. This Lumbar Support for Car cushion give you relief when you feel pain in your lower back. It gives a good result. The pillow adjusts to the curvature of your lower back so that there will be no need for drugs. Many bone specialists highly recommend it. Attached to it are two-sided handles, and it's color is light blue.

It's therapeutic effect will impress you because it is comfortable and safe on your back clinging you softly. It has an adjustable elastic strap that can fit a chair or a car seat. The pillow can never flatten no matter for how long you use it. It has a zipper that can be detached for cleaning.

In size, it is 12 inches high, 14 inches wide and 4 inches thick with a weight of 12.8 ounces. You should give it a trial. It has the money back guarantee, and if you are not impressed, your money will refund. Make sure to buy an original desk jockey product. Do not be defrauded by third party sellers, purchase the original product on

​PERFECT POSTURE Car Lumbar Support Cushion

best lumbar support for car - PERFECT POSTURE Car Lumbar Support Cushion

Perfect posture offers a beautiful velvet colored car back support cushion that has a detachable and washable mesh cover. Doctors and chiropractors almost always recommend lumbar support for patients who suffer from back pain, disc problems, stiff muscles, sciatica, piriformis, and any other medical condition that requires soothing relief.

This best lumbar support for car can be used on office chairs, car seats and in public transportation such as buses, trains, boats, and planes. They are also suitable to use at sporting areas where there are wooden or hard concrete seats. Always sit up, walk straight and do things comfortably with support. Visit your doctor if you are pregnant.

The fabric takes in the air which makes your body cool without perspiring. The foam lasts long as it will not flatten for years. It straightens your spinal cord and increases blood flow and pinched nerves that occur when lower lumbar disc press together. The cushion adjusts to the shape of your back and also has a strap that can be adjusted to tighten securely to your work or home seats.

It is 15 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall with a thickness of 4.75 inches; it weighs 1pound. Perfect posture support cushion has absolute customer satisfaction. Be assured to get your money back without stress if you are not satisfied.

​Kings Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

lumbar support for car - Kings Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

Owned by an Australian, king comfort company focuses on curative cushions to improve your wellness and comfort. This best lumbar support for car have a strong belief that improved position can have the good impact on the spinal well-being. It needs good muscle to get you supported. This car back support pillow is made to better your posture. Stop pain relief drugs and use this pillow to cure pain with its top grade foam. It adjusts to the shape of your lower back pain.

The pillow cover is a 3D mesh panel that can be removed and washed by hand and spread to dry up and wear it back. Do not wash with bleach or iron or twist so as not to spoil it. This pillow can be washed the same way you wash a sweater by spreading it out and shaping it. The modifiable strap can be used to put the pillow in place on hard chairs and car seats.

It is 15 inches tall and 12.6 inches wide with a thickness of 4.7 inches and weighs around 1 pounds. It has a pack for easy carriage and a 60 days money back guarantee to be returned if not satisfied.

Inflatable Lumbar Support For Car​

lumbar support for car - Inflatable Lumbar Support For Car

Confirmed by FDA(Food and Drug Administration), this best lumbar support for car is safe for use. It is 47x40x9 centimeters wide and is one of the most fluffy pillows you will find in the market. Also, this pillow has adjusting ability. It can be deflated by opening the valve and rolling towards the opening.

​Sweet Relief Lumbar lumbar support for car Cushion

lumbar support for car - Sweet Relief Lumbar lumbar support for car Cushion

The sweet relief car lumbar support cushion has superior memory foam which has an elastic strap for fixing on your chairs and car seats. The strap can be extended up to 36 inches, and you can use the cushion with or without the strap. The cushion has back support. This mesh gives support and allows inflow of air through it to make you cool and comfortable. You can use both of them together or separately.

When you have been sitting for long or standing on a hard surface, you can ease yourself of the pain by using the therapeutic lumbar support cushion. You need support from compressed discs and weak muscles. It adjusts to you natural low back for pain relief from arthritis, scoliosis, sciatica, pressed discs caused by bending, heavy lifting or sitting too long at a computer. Driving for long also causes back pain irrespective of what you drive either cars, trucks or commercial buses.

Handy, light and easy to carry, it can be taken anywhere. It can be used at home or while at work or to read or watch TV or while traveling. It is fluffy and supports your lower spine to relieve your back pain. Its cover has a zip which makes it removable and washable.

Doctors and specialists who deal with the nervous system and spine advise their patients to use lumbar support for car pillow to straighten their spine and for pain relief.

The cushion is 14 inches wide, 13 inches tall and 4 inches thick. The additional mesh back support is 16 inches wide, 15 inches tall and 4 inches wide and they both 4th weigh 1.5pounds.

For this product, you get a lifetime warranty. And if this sweet relief lumbar cushion does not meet your expectation, just return it and get a refund of your money.

Fellowes Professional Series Car Seat Back Support​

lumbar support for car - Fellowes Professional Series Car Seat Back Support

This product is one of the best lumbar support for car you can get in the market with its different design gives enough support to the mid spine and lumbar region.

And with memory foam; it adjusts your back's natural shape to give you support and comfort

Triangular shaped, this cushion has a foam positioned vertically to support your mid-spine and a horizontal one for your lower spine. This offers total support to your spine and makes sure your back feel comfortable.

It has a Tri-Tachment structure that allows you adjust and attain the position that is right for you. This erases the constant readjustment everytime you get out of the chair. Peg the straps in one place.

The fabric is fumigated with the antimicrobial to clean because it's cushion cover cannot be removed.

This product is highly recommended for people who do desk work. However, the fellows professional series back support will only come in at our number 4 because it cannot be easily transported or cleaned nor is it as affordable as the other products listed.

Original Mckenzie Lumbar Roll Back Support For Car Seat​

lumbar support for car - Original Mckenzie Lumbar Roll Back Support For Car Seat

McKenzie lumbar roll is almost the same as the Relax-a-Bac cushion though their sizes and shapes differ.

Like its name implies, the original McKenzie support has the shape of a log instead of a tall cushion. It can be moved easily and has a strap that can be adjusted to fix it on any seat. It is 11 inches long with a diameter of 4.75 inches. It has fabric that sucks in moisture which keeps you cool while the foam adjusts to the shape of your back. You can remove the cover for easy wash.

The best lumbar support for car is as effective as Duro Med's Relax-a-bac but it could not be our leading choice because not everyone likes the log shape. While some people find it effective and useful, others think it gives them discomfort while sitting. The lumbar roll cushion might not be suitable for use for you if you have spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis.

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