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An effective and less expensive way of improving your comfort as you drive in the cold season is the use of heated seat covers. The installation of heated car seats is very costly and challenging compared with auto seat cushions. Although the seat covers are more economical, both heated seat covers and heated seats can keep your back and butt warm. However, for great massaging of your back, specifically, after you have driven for long hours, heated seat covers are the best. Currently, it is hard to choose the best heated car covers, because they are many of them in the market.

Below is a review of top 10 best heated seat covers in our opinion, which are the comfort and warm to sit on for long hours. Besides. The heated seat covers are made to suit and work perfectly on and various kinds of car types. And their great designs is an advantage to owners of all car models, right from sedans to SUVs. Apart from the materials used in the manufacturing of the covers not being irritating to the skin or staining clothes even on a daily basis use, installation of the covers is easier.

See below for the best models from Amazon, to help you choose a suitable one. All models listed below give you the best performance, and they are easy to install. Nevertheless, you should analyze each of the covers to have a comparison of features, to choose a model that suits your needs.

Heated Seat Covers - Wagan IN9438

The cushion feels extremely luxurious and comfortable because it has a soft feeling velour and polyester. Also, you can fit the cushions in many vehicles, such as boats, cars, trucks and RVS. If you have some back problems, this is the best option, since they have a 0.5 thickness, acting as the greatest lumbar anchor.

Wagan IN9438 is at the top of the list has a 12 Volt system power efficiency featuring an over-heat and short circuit protection, and has a premium black velour theme. Other features include a soothing temperature of 114 degrees, an adjustable control with high, low and off options, a DC adapter of 12 Volts and a suitable plug that fits in many vehicles. The safety and stability of the cushion maximize by a robust strap and clasp system. The need for most drivers is satisfied by the suitability of the cushion in boats, everyday cars, and recreational vehicles.

Black Relaxzen 60-2910 10-Motor Massage Heated Seat Cushion

Heated Seat Covers - Black Relaxzen 60-2910

The car seat warmer is an improved version of Relaxzen 60-2926 car cushion. However, Relaxzen 60-2910 is a comfortable and wide model featuring a powerful motor system providing memorable vibration massage in your car. Apart from the cushion improving your overall well-being during winter by generating some soothing heat, it also maximizes your overall comfort in long-distance travels. Using the available backlit remote, you can regulate the speed when massaging various areas. For better comfort and support, use the foam neck rest and lumbar pads. The AC adapter available heats your office chair or sofa.

Wagan IN9438-2, a 12V Heated Seat Cushion Featuring a Lumbar Support

Heated Seat Covers - Wagan IN9438-2

Wagan IN9438-2 fits into a 12V DC outlet, and it is accompanied by a controller, which you can use in adjusting the temperature. The cushion is made using entirely soft velour and a comfortable feeling polyester. The cushion on your seat is secured by some easy to utilize hooks and fit straps. Also, the cushion has lumbar support, making it great when you are driving for long distance driving.

3-Way Temperature Controller Amazon Basic Car Seat Warmer

Heated Seat Covers - 3-Way Temperature Controller

This heated car seats covers has an attractive design and can perfectly fit cars of different sizes because it comes with hooks and straps that enable it secured on the seat with ease. To avoid the draining of your battery, you should unplug the hooks and straps when you are not using them. Other impressive features that come with the cushion include carbon fiber wiring, ensure even, fast and consistent heating, and temperature control that allows you to regulate the temperature by either shutting it off or setting it low or high.

AUDEW Universal Heated Car Seat Covers Cushion with Into Cigarette Lighter

Heated Seat Covers - AUDEW Universal Heated Car Seat

During winter, when the weather is freezing cold but you have to travel. This is the best heated seat covers option. The cover is unique because it accompanies a set of features. The features are a carbon fiber wiring to offer consistent heating, the temperature regulator and straps that are easy to fix, thus securing the cushion on the seat of your car is perfect.

The car cushion is perfect for utilization during winter, because the cushion is durable, has a lightweight and a safely heated surface, thus cradling your body well as you drive. Also, the cushion comes power cable that is 1.2M long, thus convenient in plugging into lighter sockets. The cushion has a luxurious light gray body, which covers the seat and backrest, to give you a memorable experience. The temperature system regulates thermostatically, and it has a short circuit and over-heat protection.

​Black Wagan IN9738 12V Heated Seat Covers

Heated Seat Covers - Black Wagan IN9738

The heated car seat covers offer a luxurious appearance and a higher level of comfort. The design of the cushion automatically remembers the temperature at a range of 110 to 120 degrees. Also, the functioning and safety of the cushion are of professional grade. For ambient driving during winter, Black Wagan radiates heat optimally from a 12V source. If you care about your health, the cushion features a dual power system with AC and DC adapters, to offer convenience in your car and outdoor. Additionally, the cushion gets held in position in car seats of different sizes and types by secure built-in straps, and it is 1 by 17 by 36 inches in size.

Hot Head 12V Heated Seat Cushion

Heated Seat Covers - Hot Head 12V Heated Seat Cushion

Hot head car seat warmer is the best option if you are on a tight budget, but your car needs a high-quality cushion. The seat cushion equips with all features that vital in heating your car when the weather is cold. Besides, the cushion fits in many car seats to offer luxurious warmth. Besides, you can install the cushion on seats made using different materials, such as cloth and leather, and it is versatile.

Zento Deals Black Heated Car Seat Cushion

Heated Seat Covers - Zento Deals Black Heated

Zento deals cushions are ideal options to use if you intend to soothe coldness without lowering the comfort and looks of your car. The 12V heated cushions provide efficient heat irrespective of the weather. The cushion offers top-notch comfort levels. The construction material is durable, and it offers a special quilted appearance making the interior of your car beautiful.

OxGord Auto Warmer

Heated Seat Covers - OxGord Auto Warmer

The 12-Volt Heated car seats cover cushion is famous globally. And it is an improved protector during winter weather. The cushion comes with many valuable and attractive features. Some features is a padded temperature regulator and a firm, high back providing strong lumbar anchorage. The design of the cushion is universal and slip proof, making it fit for use in trucks, SUV, and similar car models. Your overall well-being and safety are not compromised by the automotive parts and materials used in the making of the cushion. OxGord auto warmer cushion is the best choice if you intend to relieve pains, aches and muscle soreness connected to traveling daily while improving your blood circulation.

Relaxzen 60-2926 6-motor Car Seat Warmer

Heated Seat Covers - Relaxzen 60-2926

Relaxzen 60-2926 is an all in one seat outmatching many seats cushions in different ways. The versatility of the seat cushion composes of six soothing massages, heat and a luxury padded body for cradling your upper back, lower back and thighs. Besides the cushion warming and massaging the sore muscles, it is easy to install in many car types. Adjusting the massage and heat modes can do easily by the handheld regulator. You can travel long distances without tired because of the thick padded design of the cushion.


Heated seat covers make the driving experience more comfortable and usually found in luxury cars for this reason. As manufacturers add more luxury features to all cars, many owners can use this excellent benefit. For those want to use this technology in their existing vehicle without buying a new car, they can purchase heated front seats from Amazon or other marketplaces. The seats usually produce by aftermarket or OEM seat company.

Consumers can choose between seats with heating and air conditioning or only heated seats. When choosing, vehicle owners should look for features that are important to them that the budget will allow, as adding features later will prove difficult. Finding heated front seats with multiple features is easy on Amazon, as they have many reliable sellers and a broad inventory of luxury car products.

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