Top metatarsal pads reviews for metatarsalgia pain relief

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Metatarsal pads are devices that aid shoe correction and can alleviate pressure from the ball of foot pain, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma.

Metatarsal pads help in spreading the arch at the back of the foot that runs across the width of the foot known as the transverse arch. They assist in returning the toes that are over extended to their natural position as well as help to return the fore foot pad to a place that supports metatarsal heads. Simply put, metatarsal pads enhance the alignment of the fat pad underneath and the metatarsal head. Consequentially, there is a straightening of the toes, particularly when there is a metatarsal pad used along with a toe-spacing product like Correct Toes. This is how it helps alleviate pain.Metatarsal pads -Metatarsalgia

Based on the peculiarity of your condition, i.e. the shoes you wear, your foot size and suffering condition, you may have to fiddle around a little shimmy ascertain the finest position for your situation.

While some people trim the metatarsal pads a little bit to get a better fit, others make use of medical tape to wrap the foot tightly to bind the pad. Some have to buy and try quite a number of these pads before getting the one that fits perfectly.

Therefore, do not be discouraged if the pad you bought doesn’t fit you may have to buy more before finding the perfect one or better yet. You can modify the one you bought – if you know how – to the get the perfect fit.


Metatarsal pads Placement

First, we advise you to remove the insole in the shoe before inserting the Metatarsal pads. It enables it to fit in properly. Several people assume that because the pain is at the ball of the foot, that is where the metatarsal pad should stay. This is not correct and should not continue. It is best that you press on the ball of your foot, which is the full area just beneath your toes when using the metatarsal pad.

Metatarsal pads have been proven to be effective the alleviation of pain and the prevention of feet conditions like Morton’s neuroma, Ball of foot pain and metatarsalgia. They prevent the toes from excessive extension while spreading the transverse arch. Placing the pads just behind the point that connects the toes and the feet is crucial. Putting it in other positions, for example, areas far forward under your toes can lead to an uncomfortable feeling which could be detrimental to an already existing foot condition.

Before inserting the metatarsal pads, it is advised you take out the insole of the shoes to give you a better placement for the metatarsal pads. Placing your whole feet on the insole should be the next step, after which you should use your fingers to feel for the exact point where your foot connects to the joint of the last toe. Mark the spot with a pencil; it is your metatarsal head.

Next, place the metatarsal pads directly beneath this area, and then you should put the metatarsal pads just underneath this area and glide you insoles back in. If this is properly done, your toes ought to fall while walking. For the initial period, you may feel a little out of place or awkward, but after a while, you get accustomed to walking elevated.

Metatarsal Pads Buying Guide

There are a wide variety of metatarsal pads. You need to know and understand the differences of each pad to make better decisions. Below are some analyses of the different pads.Metatarsal pads -Metatarsal Pads Buying Guide

Pressure Relief:
The comfort is one of if not the most important feature of metatarsal pads. The ideal pad is one that is very comfortable on the feet even while providing adequate pressure relief. They are factors that often go hand in hand; however, they are not always coexisting. For instance, a pad may be able to relieve foot pain but may not be so comfortable and on the other hand, metatarsal pads may be very comfortable but may not offer the necessary pain relieving feature. Perfect metatarsal pads shouldn’t lack any. The pressure relief and comfort associated with a particular pad is mostly influenced by the material used in its manufacture. While some are foamy, some others come in gel form. When searching, you should settle for a pad that has a material that is soft but not too soft, so you get the needed support as well.

Size and Fit:

Metatarsal pads have different shapes and sizes. You need to ensure that whichever one you pick covers your entire fore foot. Some pads are designed to hook onto your toe so that you are guaranteed a perfect fit. As long as it fits in perfectly, don’t bother if you don’t feel so comfortable at the beginning; it is only a matter of time before you get accustomed to them. You should check the dimension of the product before you buy any metatarsal pads. If your foot is an extra wide foot, ensure the pads you buy are also extra long.

Scent control:

Metatarsal pads that doesn’t absorb much dirt and or smell are ideal. The Design of the pads should be in such a way that they maintain a neutral smell for a long time. It should even be a very long time because I will assume you will almost always wear socks over them, so they should give out any offensive small anytime soon. Getting pads that are machine washable is an added advantage, so all you have to do is throw them into the laundry washer and get it out clean and fresh – ready to be used again.

Ease of Use:

You should easily wear and remove the metatarsal pads. For this purpose, the best pads have methods of easy placement. They should be able to hold place without sliding much. Remember, foot blisters come from friction that arises as a result of sliding.


This should be an obvious thought to be considered when selecting metatarsal pads. Go for one that won’t break after a few times of using it. They should be able to serve you for at least a year.



Top best-selling metatarsal pads

These are the best selling pads on the market today and how they compare with each other.

Dr. Frederick’s Original Metatarsal Pads Review

Metatarsal pads -Dr. Frederick’s Original Metatarsal Pads

Dr. Fredrick provides The metatarsal pads and very comfortable. They are suitable for hikers, walkers, and runners. People who have used it are happy with its pain alleviating capacities but have reservations about it because it slides. The dimensions of this pad are 5” x 7” x 1” and they provide fantastic cushioning thanks to its stretchy gel-like material. With its weight of 7 ounces, the gel stretches and spreads to cater to feet that are excessively broad.

It is always better to wear snug fitting socks and shoes over these pads. People with metatarsalgia, calluses, and blisters find this pad extremely beneficial.

The overall perception towards Dr. Fredrick’s metatarsal pads is positive. People are happy with its practicality and efficiency. A reviewer stated that the pad offers just the right amount of cushioning despite its thin looks. The reviewer went on to state that since he started using the pads, he has been able to wear shoes for longer periods. Another reviewer commented on its ability to alleviate pain in the ball of the foot and gave the go-ahead to any intending user. Another user stated just how comfortable she felt while using the pad and admitted that the pad exceeded her expectations.

Note worthy is the fact that not all users are satisfied with these pads. Some say it has brought no form of relief whatsoever while others made a point about how they feel uncomfortable using the pads while using the pads. Some others complained about the pain they felt while using it.

The HappyFeet Metatarsal Cushion Review

Metatarsal pads -The HappyFeet Metatarsal Cushion

The Happy Feet Ball of Foot Pads or metatarsal pads is quite popular for its ultimate comfort. Because they are very versatile makes them more desirable. The suction in the cushions makes them self-sticking. This makes for easy placement, and you don’t have to worry about stickiness or pulling. The gels are soft and thick, which makes it very comfortable and the shape of the unit does not need any latching onto something.

There is no reason to wear anything over your feet. It has no strap or clicks on to prevent a slip or move out of position. It offers a lot of comforts. Therefore, there is a compromise. If you need a pad that sticks easily with no need to lock them in place, then this might be the right pad for you. They are highly durable and are easily washable.

They do not attract dirt or bacteria, so you need not worry about bad smells with these metatarsal pads. The best part is the 100% guarantee that comes with it, such that you can always return and get a full refund if they do not meet your expectations. The fact that they are self-sticking makes them desirable. You don’t have to make use of glue, adhesives or worry that they will slide all over the place when walking. The fact that suction doesn’t need to be replaced like glue makes the self-sticking mechanism sufficient for a long time. If you are looking for metatarsal pads that are thick, you may have to take your search somewhere else because these pads are quite thin.

We got the opinions of users of the Happy Feet Ball of foot cushion, and while some were happy, others weren’t. Based on the general perception, we were able to glean that the Happy Feet metatarsal pads offers great comfort and is not so noticeable on the feet like other pads that you have to wrap around your foot. The most noted disadvantage as stated by users is that it sometimes pulls off even though they easily stick back when realigned. When we tested them, we didn’t have this issue, so I guess you may have to find out for yourself.

The Happy Feet pad isn’t so popular amongst podiatrists, and when we asked, we found out that they are not so comfortable with the concept of a self-sticking pad and weren’t so sure it would be good enough to treat Morton’s neuroma and blisters to callous pain. A particular podiatrist tried it and stated that he impressed the pad. He may start recommending them to patients later.

If you need a pad capable of preventing chronic foot pain and offering comfort, this metatarsal pads is the one for you. The user can wear with all kinds of shoes and are easily washable. They are extremely durable, and for people who need metatarsal pads, we recommend them without delay. The pad is tested and trusted.

The Dr. Jill Felt Metatarsal Pads Review

Metatarsal pads -The Dr. Jill Felt Metatarsal Pads

We believe that the Jill Felt Metatarsal pads (or ball of foot cushion) offer a perfect balance of usability, price, effectiveness, and ease of application. They are about 1.4 inches thick, weigh about 1.6 ounces and are 2.25” x 2.75” in dimension. This product is popular for its durability, and when compared to other metatarsal pads, we can say this product can is lightweight. When we touch and feel the texture of this pad, we can tell that it’s not cheap material. It does not easily tear when pulled apart or stretched makes it very durable.

The base of this pad is wide. Therefore, the pressure around the Ball of the foot is alleviated. The metatarsal pads are prevented from the slide when worn because of its self-adhesive feature. The fact that they come in a 20 pack implies that if you need an affordable, yet durable metatarsal pads, this is for you.

You are free to trim the pads a little to ensure proper fitting. Or You can stick the pads beneath your insoles or in your socks; whichever one fits better. These pads are somewhat thicker but useful in the ball of foot pain relief. The problem that users have mostly observed is its inability to stick after using for a couple of times, especially after wash as well. The sticky surface is its major disadvantage, but if you think about it, you have 19 more to turn to when one stops sticking so whenever you feel one has served its purpose, you are free to toss it out.

We got mixed reactions when we interviewed people who have been using this ball of foot cushion for a while now. Some are extremely pleased with them while some others feel they are not indispensable. The best reviews we got this ball of foot cushion on the average was that they had a good feel and with the 20 pack, they can pretty much use it as a disposable pad. Some others were so happy with it because of the price and the fact that they did not have to wash them after use. All they had to do was dispose them after a couple of uses and get fresh ones. If you are among those that feel they are too busy or would rather not want to clean metatarsal pads, this is your best bet.

The not too impressed users said that the pad could be a little bit too sticky and could rub off on their socks or shoes. They said that while they were okay with the fact that they didn’t have to clean pads after use. The customers were not happy that they had to wash or scrub beneath their foot to get off the residue of the pad that stuck to their feet. However, most of the complaint users also said this pad was the first and only pad they had tried. Looking from that perspective, we can say that the fact that they are willing to overlook the rubbing off of Dr. Jill Metatarsal pads, it was good enough in every other aspect and that is why they have decided to ignore that issue and stick with this metatarsal pads.

The NatraCure Gel Metatarsal Pads Sleeve Review

Metatarsal pads -The NatraCure Gel Metatarsal PadsWe love the Natra Cure Gel Metatarsal Pads Sleeve and honestly believe they are one the best metatarsal pads around today.  If for nothing, the fact that this pad doesn’t have issues with slipping thanks to its sleeve like wrap which comes with the feet to give a perfect fit. This material is stretchy and soft and can easily hook into your big toe. This implies that with this metatarsal pads, there is no need for any other adhesive. The fact that they are caught on your big toe makes them fit perfectly.

We are also impressed with its cushioning. They can easily be washed, even with a washer and can use multiple times. For long runs and walks, we believe this pad serves perfectly. The soft gel can absorb shock from the long runs and walks as well as any other form of stress on your feet. You will love this pad; the fabric used on it is so comfy that you may not even notice anything is there. They easily fit into feet of all sizes, and even with those abnormally shaped toes, so basically, anyone and everyone can use them.

The major issue associated with this metatarsal pads is that when used with socks, they seem a bit bulky. If they regular use with the socks, you may have to use with half a size bigger shoes than your actual size to accommodate the extra thickness. If you are okay with this, you shouldn’t have any other problem with this metatarsal pads. They will never slip out of your feet, and after a while, you get so used to them that you don’t even notice that you have them on.

We asked old users about what they feel about the pad. We ensured we got honest answers because we even paid to make sure that. These users loved the pad majorly because of all the pads they had used; it was the best fitting metatarsal pads. They stated that it took them quite a while, even longer than expected to get used to the pad but that after that, they loved every bit of using the pad. The pad was able to solve the problem which almost all other pad had, and that was the problem of slipping. This help running and walking become more comfortable.

However, all we got were not all good reviews; there were also some not-so-good reviews. Some users were not happy with how hard it was for the pad to fit and how long they had to feel uncomfortable before adjusting to the tight nature of the pad on their feet. They also complained that despite the fact that they were washable, they gathered dust and dirt quickly. After each wash and dry cycle, they were not happy that the pad would shrink and take many hours to get them back into a regular fit. From what we were able to get from the survey, we understand that for anyone in need of metatarsal pads and are willing to overlook the bulkiness and comfort issue that comes with it at the early stages of usage; you will love this metatarsal pads because it fits perfectly and offers slip resistance.

The Pedag Drop Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsal pads -The Pedag Drop Metatarsal Pads

The Pedag metatarsal pads are known for its efficient, comfortable and firm design as well as its ability to alleviate pain. The size and price make it desirable. However, some users aren’t too happy with the fact that there are no instructions on how and where to place the pads.

They only weigh about 0.3 ounces and have a dimension of 8” x 4” x 0.2”. These products material is vegetable tanned leather and skin tested latex. They have the capacity to relieve stinging and burning. They do not slide easily, thanks to its self-adhesive feature and these pads are made in Germany. Feet with spreading metatarsal arches have a lot to benefit from this pad.

On the average, users are quite impressed with the thickness and effectiveness of the pad. A particular reviewer stated that if the pad can place correctly, the benefits are immense at it has helped him in dealing ball of the foot pains.

Another reviewer was happy with the fact that he could place them easily under the insoles of his shoes. Another reviewer stated that it has been helpful in dealing with his Morton’s neuroma and on the average. Users were quite pleased with the pad’s ease of use and durability.

A user also stated that both pads could be utilized on the same foot. Not all the reviews we got were positive. Some users say that the Pedag pad was not so comfortable because they were too high for her. Some other users were not happy that it only takes a couple of weeks to become completely flat.

Dr. Frederick’s Half Toe Sleeve Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsal pads -Dr. Frederick’s Half Toe Sleeve Metatarsal PadsIf you are in need of metatarsal pads that offer excellent pain relief, good comfort, great fit and extended durability, then the Dr. Frederick’s Half Toe Sleeve might just be the best pad for you. Whether you wear with socks or not, they fit snugly and have a high value for the dollar.

If you regularly feel pain around the head of your feet or generally on foot, metatarsal pads might be all you need. Metatarsal pads, which is a short form for metatarsal pad are just foot pads that are placed on the head of the metatarsal to help relieve pressure. The reason the metatarsal needs this much attention and care is that it takes on most of the pressure when a person is walking or running. If you effectively get the right metatarsal pad, you can help redistribute the pressure, thus making it easier for the feet to support the whole body without pain.

Simply put, the work of the metatarsal pads is to help transfer stress from high concentration to lower concentration areas on foot. A well-known condition called Morton’s neuroma Toe, which is when the bone of the second foot is longer than that of the first, and it results in an imbalance in how victims walk. Metatarsal pads have recently become popular although they have been around since the 1900s and this is the reason for improved designs, comfort, materials, and durability.


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